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The Problem

The common path has caused a multi-generational decline in health, performance and culture. Your innate potential lies dormant, stifled by systemic design and cultural complacency. Living Uncommon isn’t easy when everything around us is influencing us towards the common path.

The Solution

You connect with strong, confident, capable men and become one yourself. We build optimised online and physical environments to see what we are truly capable of. 

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It’s uncommon to live life on your terms

What if you upgraded yourself to join the uncommon few?

The Rich, Jacked and Uncommon Man

An Education In The World — Season 1, Episode 5:

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Uncom is for anyone who wants to be...

UNCOM Villages

Gyms are great.

We’ve seen with CrossFit that the way the world trains can be impacted by a training system.

How could that type of community be harnessed to go further?

Online training is great.

We’ve seen ATG change the way the world trains. Mass adoption in commercial gyms and elite sports are happening.

How can we take the impact further?


By joining Uncommon Success you’re voting for Villages.

Together we’re building an Uncommon Path.

We're currently building 2 Athletic Villages for UNCOM events and stays in Vanuatu and Montenegro.

We’re also connected to villages in Colombia, Bali, France, Ghana and more projects are coming.

These are custom locations for events run by UNCOM and also UNCOM Players. They are the ultimate “co-working or digital nomad” solution with all 4 elements of the M.A.R.S model optimised.

These locations also create a PLAN B for all UNCOM players. The world is changing quickly and having locations with food and personal security well managed may become priceless.

These villages will be the places of some of your most heightened human experiences and greatest connections.

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Past Students & Current Team Mates

What Players Are Saying:

Bradley Steen
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”I thought my training would be great with more time offline, but solitude bred apathy. It's insane how much UNCOM improves my life, even just having the app back gets me training harder"

”Thank you. I've had this dream for a long time. I almost gave up and settled for a common life until I found uncom I, so thank you!”
Zac Horsey
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"The villages make more sense. They are the solution to an uncertain future. Uncertainty around options. The villages give us our freedom to choose what we want in our future. Real food. Real economy. Real connection. Freedom.”
Cameron Pratto
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“My 1-on-1 call with Keegan paid for itself almost immediately. It is priceless to be inspired by those I have connected with around the world. #community”
Uncom member
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“Hey Keegan, yes definitely making more money. But what has been bigger for me is taking some of my time back. 12 hour days were destroying me mentally. Gone from 60hr weeks to 35hr weeks making about €750-€1k extra per month Launched my first online course/ promotion this month and got 8 sign ons which was an extra €1200 this month. Never would have put the tools in place to do this and go more online without Uncom"
Kevin McHugh
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“I've been doing nothing but studying S&C this year: Zatsiorsky, Siff, Cressey, you name em. This video, hands down, is the most important content I've ever learned in my career. And i have my doctorate of physical therapy and an BS in exercise science, not that degrees matter but still. You're decades ahead of the intellectual elite in our field(s). Thank you.”
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"Weighed in at 86kg this morning, when I joined uncom in September I was up to 97kgs again. 2 solid months of proper diet and now the extra training has me feeling great. Off to work today then legs this afternoon. Cheers all.”
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"I've had more connections in last two weeks than probably in 6 months”
Ethan Hill
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”No label has ever clicked with me. All I've ever known is that I just want to help people. ATG was my amazing first step in getting to do that. Now with UNCOM I get to do that with people's whole lives not just the physical aspect. I will be pushing not only this project to grow more and more but also the members within it!”
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“Becoming a member of Uncommon Success has moved me closer to my vision of being a successful business owner by helping me develop structure and accountability.”
Nick L.
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“It's been incredibly motivating. I've been trying to check each of the athletic/smarter/richer boxes each day.

Since starting I haven't missed a workout, I watch one of Paul's videos each morning and track where my discretionary income is going. I'll be acquiring physical silver by the end of this week or next. I just bought some theta and BTC. I'm selling off a bunch of items I've acquired over the years that really have no value in holding onto to fund a home gym with the intent on beginning to train people out of it.”
Stefan Cali
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“Most certainly one of the best experiences of my life so far”
Corbin Manning
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“This is been a beautiful thing that has came to my life and I see it in everyone else that's involved in it.”
Sam Breitstein
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“I connected with some awesome, like-minded genius individuals. I learned a lot from them.”
Joseph Schauder
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“I saw the most improvement in the athletic department. My body composition has changed significantly!”
Daniel Ndibongo
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“I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to connect and build relationships with people in this community. It’s incredible how much my mind is changing!”
Brett Kerr
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“Working with Keegan has changed my outlook on many things in life for the better. It has increased my dedication and motivation for life goals as well as creating new ones. Being part of uncom and working alongside other like minded people that want to achieve a healthier, smarter and richer life has been game changing. You are part of a driven community, helping one another, it gives you such confidence to stay on track to achieving greatness!”


The courses below represent only a small fraction of what’s on offer inside the Uncommon Success platform. We’re constantly adding and updating courses to ensure you have access to the best education in your journey to Uncommon Success.

Uncom courses cover a range of success topics:




Uncommon Success - UNCOM
Uncommon Success - UNCOM
Uncommon Success - UNCOM
Uncommon Success - UNCOM
Uncommon Success - UNCOM
Uncommon Success - UNCOM
Uncommon Success - UNCOM
Uncommon Success - UNCOM

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