Thinking Big Is Not A Crime

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We’re aiming so big with UNCOM that it hurts the brains of many who hear the plans.

If you’ve had a common education it almost feels criminal to say you’re planning to own a bank, an exchange, an airline, thousands of cattle, hundreds of villages etc.

To aim for all that AND building a Football ⚽ platform and impacting world sports…

Insane right?

Well that’s the aim.

All part of the picture to “Live Insanely Well!”

What’s the alternative.

We are in the age of instant solutions and yet most people’s lives have become unsolvable problems.

Common people are locked in a cycle of debt, distraction and dissociation from all that our ancestors valued.

We’re building villages.

We’re building culture.

We’re building solutions.

Grab a shovel (or keyboard) and let’s get to work!

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