6 Key Lessons To Prepare Daily Like An Olympian

6 Key Lessons To Prepare Daily Like An Olympian

If you behave like an Olympic champion, you will be successful like one in life.

Here are the 6 key ways you can make that shift.

  1. You Have An Olympic Opportunity!
  2. 10X The Super Bowl
  3. Bonsai Players
  4. Your Wishes Are All Granted
  5. The Deadly Myth Of The Self-Made Champion
  6. It Matters How You Play The Game!


#1 You Have An Olympic Opportunity!

Professional athletes prepare all year, hoping they can play for the championship ring or the trophy.

It’s easy to see their financial and social incentives for living well and being better at their craft.

Most people think if they were in the position of a professional athlete, they would ALSO work tirelessly to make the most of the opportunity.

The thing is… you are in that position!

You do have that opportunity!

It’s in…

The way you take care of your body.

The way you approach learning.

The way you build your business.

All have a profound impact on how you see yourself and life.

You can behave like a participant, or like an Olympic champion.

How you show up every day will determine who you are.

Lesson #1 – Show up like an Olympian, and you will be rewarded like one.


#2 10X The Super Bowl

Most aren’t aware that they’re playing a game with higher stakes and bigger rewards than professional sports!

We who play the game of Uncommon Success will get to live our Bigger Picture.

We make a measurable impact on the challenges that matter most to us.

We have friends and places to stay all over the world.

We create a rich environment for our children and future generations to enjoy.

Winners in Uncommon Success have less fear of government decisions, economic climate, food shortages, power & water disruptions etc. because we have more options financially and more flexibility of mind.

Lesson #2 – The game is much bigger and grander than you think.

#3 Bonsai Players

Convincing people they can live a rich life isn’t always easy.

Most people are thinking so small about their futures that there is no need for them to gain new connections, take new actions, or gain new knowledge.

A bonsai is trained to be small.

Most play life in the same way.

With constantly trimmed roots, players who could have lived their bigger picture find themselves in a fragile struggle for survival.

What is your bigger picture?

Who would you have to be to be able to live in an UNCOM Village or to create your own? What would it take for you to run an elite event attended by other UNCOM players?

The UNCOM journey is mapped.

From Recruit new to the game to Owner where you live your Bigger Picture and guide others to live theirs.

Lesson #3 – Don’t hold yourself back in seeing a bigger future for yourself. The bigger the vision, the more it will force you to become a better individual to achieve it.

#4 Your Wishes Are All Granted

We solve the questions we pose for ourselves.

Have you asked yourself how you can become an Owner?

What about the next step… become a PRO by showing up for 25 days!

Who would you be if you could consistently show up for your own success?

The parameters of winning the game of life aren’t as self-evident as winning a championship is.

When we haven’t identified and labelled the game, can we win it?

Lesson #4 – Figure out and write down exactly what you want. If you don’t have clarity on where you’re going, how will you move towards it?

#5 The Deadly Myth Of The Self-Made Champion

Olympic champions train in squads.

They tend to have families who understand how challenging what they are trying to do is.

They have multiple coaches and around a dozen support staff.

On the other hand, most try to go it alone in business.

Or they pay a coach for 12 weeks and hope something changes…

Lesson #5 – Nobody achieves uncommon success alone, everybody needs a team behind them.

#6 It Matters How You Play The Game!

Once you’re in the game, it can still take months and years to really value your game.

To be a winning athlete generally takes a decade of extreme consistency or often 2!

What if you played the game of UNCOM25 every month for the next 12 months… or 12 years?

Earning the points doesn’t guarantee results.

The way you play matters.

The connections you build matter.

Playing with joy matters.

Lesson #6 – It’s not about ticking the boxes, it’s about playing to win, whatever winning means to you.

Greatness is being forged through this process.

I’m experiencing it personally and seeing it in dozens of others.

Join the game.

Win your best life!


What now?

Watch this video to learn how you can start your path to Uncommon Success.

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