How To Apply KOT Principles To Chest and Biceps

How to apply KOT principles to the chest and biceps with keegan

If you can’t GET TO a Position… 

You can’t be STRONG in that position!


More range gives you options.

Apply Knees Over Toes or ATG principles to the Chest, Shoulders & Biceps To Improve All Pulling & Curling Movements.


It’s true that weight training makes you tight and fragile but only if you neglect the LONG RANGE.

If you want to perform feats like one arm chin-ups, back levers, sefto curls and bodyweight weighted chin-ups then you’re going to need strong resilient biceps.

If you’re working on handstand push-ups and heavy presses then your chest is also going to get tight.

As you improve in the Smith Curl holds I’m about to show you you’ll be able to tolerate more weight, more training volume, more high speed work and gain more muscle size.

It sounds too good to be true but try them for just a few sessions and you’ll notice the difference.


The Strength Secret

This little known strength secret is being applied by to world-class athletes in calisthenics and powerlifitng athletes with serious results.

See your body doesn’t want to break.

If your bodies receptors signal that the connective tissues or bones are in danger it will shut down the muscles. 

By overloading the short and long range positions we can get new adaptations in the tendons, bones and other connective tissues that let us lift bigger weights with less danger.


The LONG RANGE Shoulder Solution

The shoulders and elbows are complex joints that can move in many different directions. Optimising them has many more options than working with the knees.

When he apply the same logic as knees over toes to your upper body exercises, you can enhance your performance, prevent injuries, and build MORE MUSCLE safely.

Knees Over Toes (KOT) principles can also be applied to other areas of the body, including the chest and biceps. In this article, we will explore how to apply KOT principles to chest and biceps training for optimal results.

Here is an example of how to apply this to your chest and biceps:

CHALLENGE 1 – Smith Curl Holds. uncommon-success-KOT-to-chest-and-biceps


We want to be able to hold this end range position for at least 30 secs.

This movement improves the positioning of the shoulder joint for pressing and pulling.

As these positions get stronger, then we have more movement options and more resilience to lift heavy.

Because you’re laying down new connective tissue progressively working long range movements like these will get rid of a lot of nagging pains.

✦ Long Range Strength Is Crucial!

  • Most gym goers are weak in the extreme long range
  • Long Range strength facilitates strength gains because the body knows that the connective tissues are strong.

Aim to eventually hold the position for 30 seconds with 25% bodyweight in each hand.

Try to think about your arm angle compared to your shoulders when you hold the position. The more you do this, the smaller the angle will be.

More load also makes the arms more vertical.

Treat this movement with the respect you would give a heavy bench progress.

The best time to use this challenge is AFTER chin-ups or direct bicep work when the tissues are warm and ready to stretch.



✦ The thoracic spine and chest will remodel over time.

Pec and bicep tears in athletes were very rare 20 years ago. Recently they have become very common. This movement could help prevent pec tears & bicep tears, because it’s a controlled version of a movement that could tear the muscle.

The body’s adaptation to this movement is to lay down more connective tissue. This could help prevent a tear from over stretching or from heavy load or impact. More connective tissue will serve for any extreme force.

✦ How to prepare for heavy holds…



  • The load is slightly less compared to before.
  • Getting in and out of these positions with confidence opens up more movement options.
This sequence goes deeper into the 3-D solutions for better shoulers.


In conclusion

The ATG, knees over toes principles are not only useful for improving your lower body health and performance, but they can also enhance your upper body strength and size. 

By applying these principles to your chest and biceps exercises, you can increase your range of motion, stability, and resilience of your shoulders and elbows.

More results and fewer injuries!


Test the movements and then you’ll know through experience. 
(Start light and prepare as suggested!) 

“How Knees Over Toes principles can be applied for the upper body!



Join the game.

Win your best life!


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