The Village Revolution: How Shared Visions Shape Tomorrow

The Village Revolution How Shared Visions Shape Tomorrow

There is a beauty to the volume of people, stuff & action.

The old cities are a sight to behold.

We know intuitively that there is something wrong with modern city life.

With 15-minute cities & the 5-minute rule coming up fast we have a decision to make.

Do you want to be allowed outside?

Do you want your children to play?

Do you want to grow food?

It’s taken 100 years

100 years for Disney to win the confidence of the world.

Recently they started airing drag-queens on Disney TV & increasingly they cast LGBTQ lead characters.

100 years to remove food & housing independence.

It’s great having tap water instead of a creek and buckets, until they poison it & recycle the poisons.

It’s very convenient not to have to grow any or have a connection with the process.

Until raw milk becomes illegal, eggs are unfertilised & they publicly announce mass slaughter of our food supply.

70+ years of telling us the end is near…

All for our safety… “food shortages, “acid rain,” “global warming,” “climate change” then simply breathing & seeing each other had to be outlawed.

100 years to collapse birth rates in the most productive countries.

Was it these kinds of times that caused the expansion into the “new world” of the Tax Free America that built the most positive, productive & prosperous culture in modern times?

Doom & gloom is easy.

It’s their game.

My game is villages & a new type of social network to link great people and projects together.

We need solutions.

We can build them all.

That is well-proven.

What if only 0.1% of our best minds thought about life on Mars and the other 99.9% of our best minds focussed on Masterminding to Athletic, Richer & Smarter here on earth?

Proof that our divine intelligence and the gift of our potential has been distracted couldn’t be easier to find.

If TV (Tell-A-Vision) was known colloquially known as the “idiot box”

What are we calling the Tik-Tok generation?

This is a direct plug into the subconscious of our children to make village life indeed all real-life mundane and boring.

Sex? How could one local woman be attractive when you’ve seen all kinds of porn?

And how could a local woman embrace you when she wants an eternal Hollywood love story climax?

Better no children? Better gaming? Better watching sports?


How many would it take to create an alternative?

What would they look like?

How would the minds of those who build them & live in them be different?

For now, we have space for 10 and room to build for 100’s more.

We also have Vanuatu ready for more events soon and the first families moving there.

India, Mexico, Paraguay, France, Portugal, Australia, USA… there are more in discussion.

What will it take?

Shared values & visions.

The will of a few dozen committed individuals.

The resources we have been gifted.

Life in Montenegro village is great already.

The gap between where it is today and what it could become is divine work.

100 years took us here.

Vote with your money, life-force and attention for what comes next.



IG.com/uncommongame – live challenges coming soon.

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