Castles & Handstand Push-Ups

Castles & Handstand Push-Ups Uncommon Success

You have a place in civilisation based on your genetic line’s ability to contribute to solutions.

Your quality of life is connected to the same.

What do you have to contribute to the brotherhood closest to you?

What can you contribute to mankind?

Athletic Ability is the “buy-in.”

If you’re able to get yourself into great shape athletically then consistency & discipline are present.

To be able to perform handstand push-ups is a next-level badge that brings together various abilities.

High relative strength together with consistent skill development make you a rare asset.

As a rare asset, the odds that you’ll build something like the Bali Time Chamber are dramatically higher.

Nico recently hit 100 handstand push-ups off the box in 30 minutes.

As a key influence on his training style and goals over the years, that makes me very happy.

Something like a proud older cousin.

Together we are building real solutions.


Winning philosophies.

Sharing messages to men who will become solution builders.

Build It All Together.

There are men who’ve taken this challenge.

They built canals like those of Amsterdam.

They built underground tunnels in cities like Paris.

They built castles & palaces that stand today as monuments to their vision.

I went to the Palace of Versailles on Saturday where the French Royals invited the highest achievers to visit & build.

It took consistent excellence from thousands of men for centuries to build the palace that today draws thousands of visitors every day.

What are you building that will amaze future generations?

It won’t be built alone.

The palace turned the village in the country into a beautiful town.

Can we do the same digitally?

Solution after solution.

Combining forces to speed up the journey of each player.

Mastermind to Athletic, Richer & Smarter.

A few days ago, one of the men who helped me most on my journey spoke with us again.

Mind & Money Mastery is the art Paul turned to after achieving Australia’s first PhD in pottery.

He’s been teaching Mind, Money Mastery for 30 years.

He’s the most well-read professor with practical knowledge I’ve come across.

Like the Palace of Versailles… there is none other like him.

Like the Bali Time Chamber… there will be only one.

I’m inviting you to meet him with the idea that you too have the ability to leave a great legacy.

If only you could get yourself into the environment of greatness and

focus your will & attention.

What would you create?

Who would you become?

Here is the recording of the call:

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