Multiple Ten’s Of Thousands Per Month

 I spoke to Jordan Potts this morning. He had his best month ever financially, and the month is far from over. What did he do? He built a solution. He built a three-month solution, and he built it to a specific problem. He built an offer. He put that offer out to the world, and a certain percentage of people who saw that offer said, yeah, that’s good.

It’s not rocket science. We’ve made thousands of sales from direct messages to people who are interested in things like what we do in my businesses. Send them direct messages and then we give them the opportunity to consider what it is that we do. And whether that’s a fit for their position. Now, the individual part of the journey of understanding that person happens in the inbox, in the direct communications.

And then, we understand their problem, we understand the person, and then we show them the product, if it’s appropriate, via a link. It’s not a complex process, but the idea of being of value and solving a specific problem is so foreign to the common man and to the way that we’re educated. that it seems like a massive mystery.

How would we ever do that? The vast majority of people who think they’re in business don’t have an offer. They simply do not present a solution. Hey, this is what I do. This is what I’m doing. Would you like to participate in this? Have it written down and then you can share it with someone via messages.

You can send them access to that document that has it written down or that website, or you can discuss it on a phone call. But you must build a solution. Without building a solution. What are you? What role are you playing? We’re all here to build solutions. And if we can compare solutions with each other, and how we are sharing the message of those solutions.

If we’re having conversations consistently with each other about what those solutions are, and we’re putting each other through versions of those solutions. It’s only a question of time, but you have to be on the field, you have to be in the arena, you have to be actually getting the concept in front of others.

And if you’re able to do that consistently, you will have a business. It’s just a question of ratios. It’s a question of numbers. How many people do you have to show it to before you get a sale? If you go past 100 and you haven’t made a sale yet, then you definitely need to refine. What is the message?

What is the offer? How am I having this conversation? If you go past a thousand, then it definitely didn’t work. I’m here to meet anyone who’s gone past a thousand. If you’ve introduced your idea individually to a thousand people, you will have a business, statistically. Now, the challenge of how to decrease the ratio so that a larger percentage of the people you speak to are interested or that you’re able to get your message in front of more people is important.

Most people are focused on, oh, how do I get my message in front of more people? Well, hang on. Put it in front of ten people, and if all ten say it’s rubbish, then why do you want to put it in front of a hundred or a thousand? Better not to put it in front of more people until you fix it. Right, because it’s only damaging your brand and it’s decreasing the number of people that you have to speak to.

Maybe you can go back to them in the future with a better presentation, but probably not. You probably damaged your chances of working with that person, which is fine because there are millions of people in just about every niche. If you work with stressed out, highly paid men. Who have children, there’s millions.

So it doesn’t really matter too much if you’ve burned a few bridges, but what’s the point in burning them? Why don’t you just get feedback before you go and put it out in front of hundreds of thousands of people. If you’re offering to share something into the free marketplace. Run it by some of your brothers first.

Hey, what is, how does this look to you? How does this make you feel? The more we can get this feedback loop going and be honest with each other, the faster we’ll get more people to where Jordan Potts is right now. If he’s able to continue to bring in tens of thousands of dollars every month, then Jordan will be able to build a solution.

He’ll be able to build a village. He’ll be able to build a farm. He’ll be able to buy a yacht, something. It doesn’t take many years of tens of thousands. multiple tens of thousands of income per month before you get to a higher level of freedom. Now Jordan and I have been working together since 2017. We had calls together from probably 2015.

I know for a fact that Jordan was emptying his bank account every week to be able to participate in the program. He couldn’t afford to be in the 10, 000 program. He made it. He persisted. He got his gym. He got his bigger gym. He sold his gym. He built an online offer, he built another online offer, he built another online offer, and today he’s in the position that he’s in.

Now it doesn’t have to take you as long as it’s taken, Jordan, that’s seven years. What if we have a mastermind where you can pay Jordan for a consult, you can understand exactly what he’s doing, do you think it’s going to take you a year to get to the point where you have a decent solid offer and some experience to back it up.

If you’re doing calls every day, that’s what it’s like to coach someone one to one. If you were coaching someone one to one and you’re going to do a weekly call with them. Then that is worth 500 a month. So you need 10 or 20 people to want to do that with you, and you’re away. And then when you start to get full, you say, Hey, well, now it’s 1, 000 a month.

Because I’ve built out all of this infrastructure, we’re getting all these testimonials and results. Look at the change in quality of life, physique, life experience that people are having within my program. This is not rocket science, but you need to be in the game and you need to be getting repetitions.

So the process is set out for you very clearly inside of the Freedom Business structure. One of the problems with Uncommon Success is we’ve given you too much and it’s too good for the 5, 000. It really needs to be a 25, 000 program to be in this program. And the data is coming together to suggest that as well.

If the average person who joins our program really does build an online business that makes more than a thousand bucks a month, then this is an exceptional program because the vast majority of things that people buy online, I spoke to someone yesterday who bought a 4, 000 program that was a weekend course, plus a Facebook group.

And he followed what they did, but he made no money.

We have something much, much, much more valuable than that, as you can see. But don’t just be content to have calls with brothers and pretend like you’re busy. Build your offer. Get your offer out into the world. Be practicing your solution. If you wanted to be great at basketball and you weren’t on the basketball court every day, multiple times a day, everyone would think you’re a fool.

If you want to build an online business that’s world class, and you’re not building it every day, if you’re not speaking to people every day, if you’re not marketing every day,

And I understand many of you have other commitments. You’re not full time in what you’re doing. So you need to be clear of, okay, well I need to get to this point to be full time in what I’m doing. But don’t put a lot of effort into content and branding and websites and all of these things without an offer.

Once you have an offer, practice that offer. Find someone who you can practice on. If you have to pay them, fine. If you’re good enough with sales and you’re confident enough with what you do that they’ll pay you a small amount, fine. If you’re already very confident and they’ll pay you a lot and you can make high ticket sales, fine.

It really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the court with NBA players or you’re on the court at the best local game initially. It just matters that you’re on the court and then you can ascend, you can progress from there.

You can solve this and we need you to solve this. We need to build solutions. It’s also important that you have clarity about what is the solution that you’re going to build. We’ve got a village now in Mexico that’s up and running. It’s full for the months of November and December. We have the opportunity in Vanuatu for players in the game to go and live there.

Go and build your business. Very low cost of living. Build your business. What are you waiting for? Playing it safe, playing it small. Take a month away. Men used to go away to war for months and years to give their families a future. If you’re currently… In a leveraged slave like position, consider whether you could buy yourself a month and see what you could create.

But do it with intensity. What would you do if you were really serious about building a solution? It doesn’t take that long. If it takes you more than a week to get your offer to market and put it in front of 10 people, you’re messing around. You’re wasting time. Now, the way we’ve got it structured is to make it nice and smooth, make it nice and gentle, complete the future expander, 25 day experience, expand your vision for the future, grow energy, grow confidence, the second month, Disciplined Action Brotherhood, write the terms that you’re going to live by, how many hours are you going to invest each day into your business, you can perform them on the Discord in the Disciplined Action Brotherhood live, or you can perform them on your own in concentration.

That’s Disciplined Action. But they need to be not distracted time. This is not time to watch YouTube. This is not time to be on Instagram. This is time to make sales, to build your offer. And there needs to be time to chill out as well, for sure. Time to do your training, time to be with your family, time to have a laugh.

But make no mistake, there are strong forces that are looking to take away what our ancestors have worked very hard for. It was the ones who were willing to take a risk for their values that moved to the United States. And the United States set an example for the world. That has penetrated the hearts and minds of most, most people alive today.

Dream, that vision, that way of being, it’s not about the United States. It’s about the hearts and minds of those who made that decision. They came from all over. They wanted something better and they built something better. That’s under attack. What are you going to do about it? What solution are you creating?

What options have you created? How many places do you have to go? Who’s on your team. First goal is to have 10 men who are dependent or Codependent, connected, related to you. If you’re adding value consistently to 10 people’s lives, 10 men’s lives, Then you’re exceptional. I asked people this question when I first talked to them.

Some make it up. Very few men matter to 10 other men in any meaningful way. You have the opportunity to do that within Uncommon Success and you have the opportunity to expand that understanding of okay, this adds value to the lives of others. Take that journey. Be that man.

The game continues. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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