These are two big decisions I’ve made in 2024.

  1. Become a professional in Athletic development for myself and the PRO brothers.
  2. Coach more world-champion athletes (& coaches) to better.

Charles Poliquin coached more world champions than any Strength Coach in history by adding uncommon amounts of strength & muscle to athletes.

While there is still room to improve in this area for most athletes there is much more awareness in athletics about the essential nature of strength training to win.

Areas that are yet to be maximally developed in Athletes are Impulse Method, Stretch Strength & Uncommon Skills.

These are foundational qualities that will increase any athlete’s performance by 1-10%.

In sports if you’re 1-3% better than the competition you create a dynasty.

You win big and consistently.

Only those who do something different from the competition can get different results to the competition.

Today there are specialists in many areas of athletic development.

Specialists are valuable as they go deep in one area for improvement.

Charles also set new standards because he was fluent across more areas of performance enhancement than other coaches.

This included meditation, Chinese medicine and more.

Charles was warning athletes and coaches about minimising phone time 10 years ago for performance and recovery.

Looking at the world through a straw, or a microscope is valuable but we also need those who can zoom out to see the bigger picture.

In 2024 there is a great opportunity for the athletes who see a bigger picture.

In 2024 there is a great opportunity for coaches who see a bigger picture.

Because there are so many areas to learn and so many different considerations for different sports and individuals the only way to truly push forward the athletes standards of mankind is with thousands of dedicated leaders.

These leaders must be willing to embody the message and do what others won’t.

Each should pursue their truth with passion and without fear.

Business skills are a key way to contribute to this message and those with sales and marketing skills AND athletic ability in Uncommon Success have the biggest opportunity for impact.

Growing your ideas alongside other great ideas is how a jungle of athletic success is planted.

Mono-cropping or trying to have everyone adhere to the same is and will always be sub-optimal.

I’m opening up my vault and developing it daily to support any leader who makes the decision to lead forward in any area of human potentiation.

I’ll work closely with a dozen or so coaches who decide to build networks of thousands to use their methods.

Man’s possible evolution and the levels of development are the most important thing for us to work on today.

Uncommon Athletic is a system but this philosophy can be adopted by any leader willing to do the work.

If you’d like to understand the logic for why I’m so confident that elite sports can go to new levels check this out…

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