You Are Here To Serve An Idea, Here’s How You Know…

 It is only by giving our lives that we find life. Chavez What do we give our lives to though? What makes the most sense is to give our lives to ideas, or one idea in particular, that’s grabbed a hold of us… This is your mission. This is your life. This is your purpose. In this episode of Keegan Unplugged I explore what it means to be gripped by an idea and allow your

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LifeFlex – How I Bought Back My Freedom

Freedom LIFE FLEX is our ability to change the way we think, speak, move, live… it is our ability to reinvent ourselves. In this time of rapid change, LifeFlex is THE KEY ABILITY to cultivate. The graph comes from Clare Graves’ model of human development. Today we just care about one number… the flex score in the bottom left. My mentor Paul mentions the flex score most often when talking about the chances someone has for

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