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Profiting From Short Term Market Movements
In this call, Paul goes over the basics of profiting from short term market movements. From reading key indicators in the market to investor psychology, this lecture will get you starting in the world trading.
Rethinking Wealth & The Great Risk Shift
Rethinking Wealth - Creating freedom from freedom rather than debt servitude “Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.” - Jean Paul Sartre
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What are the forces driving cultures?

  • bringing up children

  • which animals to protect

  • what beauty is

Clare Graves gave his life to this topic.

  • Maslow was at the same university but that system didn’t answer Graves’s question.

Values determine who we become… it’s very different depending on DNA.

WHAT > we all think about the same things. Safety – Food – Shelter >> we think about them differently.

Thought is delivered to us in recognisable packages of thought.

Graves said we evolved to “Subsistence levels of experience”

Colours were associated with packages of thought. As the environment becomes more complicated new “thought packages.”

Curiosity drives the experience of the next package?

(Did these packages really have to evolve in this way?) Why the rotation between individual and collective?

To what degree is it useful / to what degree have you missed out on it?

You did this to me = life on auto-pilot… we are responsible for the meaning and feeling we give to things.

Gene: Biological unit of information that propagates.

Meme: Cultural information that propagates itself across the ecology of mind and produces belief systems.

Virus of the mind – Richard Brodie

Children will APE their environment. Rough and tumble shows us where the boundaries are. Empathy comes from experiences. The mirror neurons. School in a rough environment either you get tough or learn to seek approval and submit.

Rejection means withdrawing from relationships or argue / become violent.

Each level can be accepted / mastered to experience higher levels.

Rejection of an area can be from a certain way of experiencing that. Maybe only one side of it has been experienced.

Someone who’s had a healthy experience of a vMeme may be able to bring that side out in a positive way in others.

eg. Demanding better from an athlete / in a military exercises.

How does someone contemplate solving?

food, shelter, safety, reproduction etc. the answer tells you their level for that challenge.

1st Level – Subsistence vMemes – Beige (100,00) (0.15%)

Is the ability to stay alive individualistically. Food, water, shelter.

Wild untamed nature.

I, Me, My

2nd Level – Magical vMeme – Purple (50,000)

Multiple gods, safety through greater numbers. Fear from some members controls the safety.

Obedience to rituals, mystic signs, chief, elders, clan, sacred objects and events.

Mysterious and frightening world

We Us Our

3rd Level – Impulsive vMeme – Red (10,000)

Become the God, Do what I want regardless. These exist today.

Demand respect and call the shots by force.

Might is right. Live your life regardless. FU.

Toddlers go through this stage. Children who stay here are living in a threatening environment.

Gangs, ego centric groups power, executives etc. destructive.

Healthy – courage, honour etc.

Unhealthy – remorselessness,

Population increase causes conflict.

I, Me, My

4th Level – Purposeful vMeme – Blue (5,000)

Life has meaning, direction, purpose and pre-determined outcomes.

Laws, guilt shame, control, moral fibre, righteous.

One God. Safety now, rewards in the future.

Right way thinking. More violence.

Danger requires safety.

We, Us, Our

(Organised religion, police states)

5th Level – Achievest vMeme – Orange (1,000)

Play the game to win for your own self-interest.

Manipulate the resources for abundance. Optimistic, risk taking, self-reliant.

Strategy, technology (personal and) and competitiveness.

Age of science, test it all experientially.

I, me, my.

6th Level – Communitarian vMemes – Green (150)

Inner peace, sharing, caring.

Not based on authority.

Free fringe division, dogma, feelings above rationality. Spread the earth’s resources.

(Venus project, better together)

We, Us, Our

Being vMemes, Graves thought there would be 6 levels.


7th / 1st Level – Integrative vMeme (50) < Being vMEme

Live fully and responsibility, enjoy independence.

Driven by independence. Knowledge is more important than rang, power, status. Flexibility, spontaneity and functionality have the highest priority.

Dramatic changes bringing risk of chaotic collapse.

8th Level – Aqua

Seek order beneath chaos. A universal spiritual single living identity.

All previous levels are available to you. Flexibility increases as we ascend through the levels.

Enslavement to incarcerating vMemes is the source of suffering. The suffering is felt but not understood. The void is where opportunity exists for marketing,

Biologically we are designed for more.

Human nature prepares for a giant leap… it will be difficult but exciting…

Avatar demonstrates the vMemes on a universal scale.


  • You have 156 (ash) points above and below the line.
  • Not many points in an area means you have least energy in that area (not an issue / resolved)
  • You can have rejection of some parts of a vMeme and acceptance of another.
  • We can be at different levels in different aspects of life > business, relationships etc.
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