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Profiting From Short Term Market Movements
In this call, Paul goes over the basics of profiting from short term market movements. From reading key indicators in the market to investor psychology, this lecture will get you starting in the world trading.
Rethinking Wealth & The Great Risk Shift
Rethinking Wealth - Creating freedom from freedom rather than debt servitude “Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.” - Jean Paul Sartre
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Day 1 Part 1

A New Perspective On Human Behaviour And Results

Why do some people struggle for money, while others enjoy financial freedom?

Why do some people struggle with time, while others enjoy time abundance?

Why do some people enjoy meaningful relationships, while others don’t?

Why do individuals, cultures and countries experience different levels of human existence?

This lecture answers these questions. It is based on the seminal work of Clare Graves and his cyclical theory of adult human development.

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