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Profiting From Short Term Market Movements
In this call, Paul goes over the basics of profiting from short term market movements. From reading key indicators in the market to investor psychology, this lecture will get you starting in the world trading.
Rethinking Wealth & The Great Risk Shift
Rethinking Wealth - Creating freedom from freedom rather than debt servitude “Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.” - Jean Paul Sartre
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Day 1 – Part 1

Impactful Communication

The Psychology Of Buying & The Principles Of Selling

People want to buy just as much as you want to sell. What’s important is to set up the pre-conditions that your ideal customer needs to buy.

Buying has to feel good for your customer, it should make them feel smarter and increase their social status. How does your product help them do that?

In this call, Paul talks about the science of buying, how dopamine plays a key role in the entire process, how various industries manipulate dopamine to get people to buy, and how it’s all but impossible to sell anything without establishing a prior relationship of trust with the buyer.

This is followed by the principles of selling. In Paul’s words:

There are 7 principles of selling. If you can get 1 or 2 you’ll do well, if you get 3, you’ll do extremely well, if you get all 7, it’s two comma territory.”

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