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Profiting From Short Term Market Movements
In this call, Paul goes over the basics of profiting from short term market movements. From reading key indicators in the market to investor psychology, this lecture will get you starting in the world trading.
Rethinking Wealth & The Great Risk Shift
Rethinking Wealth - Creating freedom from freedom rather than debt servitude “Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.” - Jean Paul Sartre
Weekly Call Index (Notion page)
A Notion page with a weekly call index
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About Lesson

Genius Type and Spiral Dynamics are the two types of psychological testing that we did before Elite Money Club 1.0

Getting a 1-1 connection with Paul and learning more about ourselves was a great foundation for the year that followed.

Psychological models play a major role in Elite Money Club and success in life.

Psychology Is Engineering

Peterson says Psychology is a branch of engineering.

Choose something to be good at.

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