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Profiting From Short Term Market Movements
In this call, Paul goes over the basics of profiting from short term market movements. From reading key indicators in the market to investor psychology, this lecture will get you starting in the world trading.
Rethinking Wealth & The Great Risk Shift
Rethinking Wealth - Creating freedom from freedom rather than debt servitude “Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.” - Jean Paul Sartre
Weekly Call Index (Notion page)
A Notion page with a weekly call index
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About Lesson

This is one of the documentaries that Paul suggested watching to have a better context around how the world works.

Minds Of Men

Deep research went into controlling the minds of men and primates decades ago.

Has the research stopped or is that how social media is designed?

Is that massive data collection to shape the minds of current and future generations?

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