Disciplined Action Blocks

BIG IDEA: Nobody does their best work alone but most can’t afford full-time coaches & assistants.

Private tutors, guilds, team practice, classrooms… they all exist for a reason.

Yes you can learn on your own time but civilisation has been built on structures.

Those who learn and product well on their own time are the few and almost always have systems like this in place.



Recently I asked staff & TFE players whether they felt skill or discipline was their biggest challenge.

The discipline answers hit me over the head like a sledge hammer.

We have a passionate team that’s building something important.

Future Expander players joined because they want BETTER in life.

Clearly we’re motivated.

But “discipline” being the primary struggle tells me that we’re wasting massive potential.

That’s the purpose of Uncommon Success.

On the other side I’ve reached out recently to PRO players asking for feedback on what they’d love to see next from Uncommon.

A theme that has been there since the start from players is “I’m overwhelmed,” “I’m unfocussed,” “I want it but I don’t know how to get it.”


And I get it.

I have these days too… messages, posts, staff, sales, product development, calls and then…

The big thing for the day didn’t get done or wasn’t even set.

The problem is clear.

The cost is high.

A solution will no doubt transform hundreds of lives & maybe millions.

I know for a fact that laser focussed blocks are what Ben Patrick has build the ATG empire with.

Hormozi talks about the same with his assistant laying out every minute of his day up until 4-5pm.

Now what can we do about it?



Pomodoros, deep work, live work calls, 1-THING for the Uncom25, 1-THING for the day…

Morning routines, creative work first etc. etc.

They all have merit.

Most of us know about them.

Most of us aren’t doing them optimally.

Then it hit me…

Village Life.



We had some of the most productive times I’ve had in a while building TFE & getting it to market.

Seb built the app and made endless upgrades in a few days to improve the experience.

I finally rediscovered the power of Email marketing & made more support videos than I’ve made in a while.

Launching “The Future Expander” was a big job and we got it done because we were in the same room solving everything.

Yes we did some 12+ hour days.

No we didn’t have the “discipline blocks” idea in play.

But we got it done despite interrupting each other all day.



So how can we combine these two ideas?

We set up our tasks for the 5 days & the day.

We commit to the number of discipline block needed to get there.

And we execute LIVE on a call with other players.

You’re never more than 10-Seconds away from productivity!

Open the browser, connect, share your focus… get to work!



At the start of each hour you have 5 minutes to explain what you’re going to do in text.

You discuss with others on the call any details, maybe your ideas improve.

Once the clock goes X:05 you’re on full discipline until X:55.

Within that time you have 2 blocks of 25 minutes.

At X:55 you review your progress until X:00 if you need toilet, snack or stretching this is the time.

If the phone must be checked… check it.

If you’re completing the next block you’re ready to start.



Research shows that our chances of showing up on time & focussed are almost infinitely higher when someone else is waiting for us.

PRO is based on the idea of emulating an elite sporting environment.

PRO’s aren’t late to practice.

Kobe chose to manipulate his schedule to get more done than other players to guarantee his place at the top.

You choose your schedule but here is your opportunity to begin your pro schedule.



With the Uncommon-PRO App we could have you booking your times in so that you’re expected to be on and disciplined.

If you miss we note it and ask you why.

That’s also noted.

Yes it’s a little like school or working at a factory but there are key differences.

You’re choosing the work.

You’re choosing the time.

It’s your brothers on the call with you who want you to win, these men are different.

What if the bricks were building your own beautiful life each month?

What if the brick accumulated over your years in the game?

What if the team bricks from your squad accumulated?

What if the whole PRO-Game was building the great pyramids with standard sized bricks?

How long would it take us?

Who would we have become as an organisation by that time?

What if our blocks were used to build above the Burj Kalifa

Silent work channel.

Mastermind channel.

Training channel.

Teaching channel.

Live Sales practice channel.

Languages channel.

We could have breakout rooms in the 10 minute gap also to increase connectivity.



How many hours should I be hitting?

100 Disciplined Bricks (50 hours) is the minimum for a PRO in an UNCOM25 period.

If you work full-time you can still get 1-2 blocks each day &

600 block is the UNCOM STAFF Base.

Does training time count?

100% BUT you have to be training on the clock & with focus.

If you have to film something, get it done & get back work, no scrolling.

How is this better than doing it on your own?

Accountability to turn up, say what you’re going to do and say if you did it is a game changer. Some will improve by 5-10% some will improve by 1000%+ compared to previous results.

Is this the same as FocusMate?

I heard of focusmate the day after I set this up. It’s a great initiative BUT brotherhood matters.

Turning up to connect with a random person is different to being on with someone you might have a call with or meet in a village.

We have common bond & high standards.


Inspired By:

  • Cal Newport – Deep Work
  • Pomodoros
  • Josh Kaufman – First 20 hours
  • Mani Vaya – Focus Blocks
  • FocusMate

DM on IG if you have any questions.

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