40 years old.

Husband and father of 2.

From Sydney, Australia.

Currently in Montenegro

Visited over 50 countries.

Lived in: North Coast NSW, Outback Australia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Mexico, France, London, North England, Sark, Montenegro

Languages: English, French, Spanish and basic German & Polish.

Current Team: Anthony Gusmao, Seb Hilton, Daniel Ndibongo, Zach, Lyndon, Ben Ruane, Eugene.

About me:

The journey to creating Uncommon Success.

My Bigger Picture

To run experiments in human development through physical locations and digital games.

To link thousands of people together who have similar values and who are willing to explore their potential.

Together we can create hundreds of villages around the world where communities of people experiment with and experience higher levels of development.

My Highest Values Are:

  1. Increasing player value in the game of life (Uncommon Success).
  2. Strength & health.
  3. Farming & food solutions.
  4. Financial abundance.
  5. Exploring different cultures, past and present.

Who I’m Looking To Partner With…

I guide athletes and coaches to leverage the discipline they’ve gained in sports to launch Uncommon Businesses that make money while making the world a better place.

Business success opens the door to Bigger Picture Solutions.


I’m Looking To Take People From Current Position:

  • Good levels of athletic development, personal development & discipline
  • Limited to no results with online products
  • Willing to work hard and invest in themselves


To Future Position:

  • 7-Figure Online Income
  • Building their bigger picture
  • Guiding other people to achieve what they have achieved

The best will do this in 12 months.

Most who persist will take 2-4 years.

Many give up on themselves or look for a magic pill that replaces having a great product and legitimate personal brand.

How Does It Work

  1. I specialise in helping players integrate the attitudes, beliefs, character and values that underpin start-up success through new physical skills.
  2. We transfer the belief from the new physical learning into learning the 5 pillars of business.
  3. We look at your past experiences to find your unique uncommon business opportunity.
  4. We launch into the Uncommon Success and your existing community.
  5. We launch to a broader audience and grow your community.

What People Must Possess To Work With Me:

  • Mission based.
  • Wanting the best for others and willing to connect with others who are doing the work.
  • Train for new athletic abilities in skills and complete strength.
  • Be willing to apply athletic work ethic to business skills (like building & selling a product, customer service etc.)
  • Ready to work whatever jobs are required to fund the development of their Uncommon Business.
  • Have a desire for in-person experiences with other Uncommon Success members & to connect with Uncom Villages.
  • Be willing to publish/ test ideas and look for constructive feedback.

Uncommon Success’ Unique Offer

  • A proven path beginner to athletic and financial success.
  • World-class results with world champion athletes (Sydney Roosters, Sonny Bill Williams, Ali Day and many more) and world champion businesses (See my honour roll of students).
  • Hundreds of members in 30+ countries to connect with and grow with.
  • A unique culture of collaboration and financial co-incentive.
  • A proven record of finding a unique uncommon business idea and model.

Uncommon Success Skills

  • Brand story & naming
  • On-Ramp offer development
  • Premium offer development
  • Mentoring / masterminding & international connections.
  • Successful player traits
  • Athletic excellence

Understand This…

When a player becomes more valuable in Uncommon Success it’s not only great for themselves but it’s great for the whole community.


When an Uncom player levels up they have:

  • More social media leverage
  • More resources to invest in Uncom Villages and other bigger picture solutions
  • More wisdom and experience to share with other players

I don’t know of another community where one person’s success can help others as much as in this community.

I am a student of extreme success.

My biggest influences have been:



  • Ben Patrick + Ido Portal
  • Jay Schroeder + Deitrich Buchenholz + Mirinovic
  • Pavel, Dan John, Bulgarian & Chinese Weightlifting


  • Paul Counsel – Money mentor
  • MJ Demarco
  • Bob Proctor / Earl Nightingale /Nomad Capitalist / Wandering Investor / Swen Lorenz
  • Alex Hormozi


  • Dominic O’brien / Eugene Schwarz / Anastasia Woolmer
  • Dan Aubin, Adam Commens
  • Paul Counsel – Education series (Multiple intelligences, JCP cracking the cosmic egg, Reading stuff

My Guiding Principles In Success

  1. Publishing and podcasting creates the feedback loop to success.
  2. Attitudes, beliefs, character & values make the skills of success inevitable.
  3. Nobody experiences their best alone, asking for help is a super-power.
  4. If your product is good enough the world will find you.
  5. Value is in universal equilibrium. Focus on the giving and the receiving will look after itself.

More About Uncommon Success Team

We are a team of 12 working mostly full-time on building this project and brining it to the world. We have members from 5 continents. Most of the team are deep in the game of Mentorship to Athletic, Richer & Smarter and have their own success stories.

I did my best with each of these organisations and individuals.

For some I may have simply been a “squeeze of lime” for others I might have had a bigger impact.

My Businesses

Real Movement Project

Launched together with Drew and Ben Slater in 2014. They decided to focus on business coaching a few months later and I was on my own to make my first business work with a young baby and new wife. At the peak Real Movement Project had around 70 members on the premium 12 months program.


More below.


I relaunched RealMVMT in 2018 which became an online only service to over 400 coaches from over 40 countries.

ATG For Coaches

In 2021 RealMVMT changed to ATG For Coaches. We have over 600 coaches in the community. This business has become a partnership with Ben Patrick.

Elite Money Club 1.0

In partnership with Paul Counsel we worked with 40 members from around the world to learn business. It turned out to be a much more profound education than any of us imagined. EMC 2.0 will run together with the accountability of UNCOM25 and the mentoring and masterminding of Uncommon Success.

Uncommon Success

Launched in 2021 Uncommon Success now has 280 members (June ‘22). My most ambitious program to create elite results like those below for only $97 / year.

Uncommon Success Villages

I’ve personally been developing the Montenegro village and supported the growth of UNCOM Vanuatu.


Online Brands

Ben Patrick – @kneesovertoesguy

We connected in 2018.

Ben Patrick grew from 50 members to going on Joe Roan and having hundreds of thousands of people invest in his product.

We spoke early in his journey about making a much bigger impact and more money as well as going on Joe Rogan. The Zero and Dense programs both came from conversations we had. Hundreds of the initial thousands of coaches and athletes came from direct referrals.


Graham Tuttle – @thebarefootsprinter

We connected in 2019.

Graham had tried online and was looking at a standard fitness mentorship in 2019 when we started working together. He had less than a couple of thousand followers at the time.

Graham completed EMC 1.0 and put that work to use to create elite content. At the end of 2021 Keegan spoke to Graham about using his barefoot sprinting ability as the core concept of his business and advised against a business partnership that may have drained his profits and credibility. The next month Graham launched Ready To Run and we worked together on streamlining the program.

Graham’s brand has grown to 250k followers and he’s been on all the major podcasts. His programs are selling well and Graham’s future is success is exponential.


Nico DePaoli – Motion Concept – @TheMotionGuy.

We connected in 2018 and Nico did some work with RealMVMT writing programs. Nico deeply explored what I was learning from ATG and deciphering from Poliquin resources. He created Motion Concept and a custom app that is getting world-class results with strength feats.

Lyndon Holzheimer – @LifestyleFastlane

Connected 2014.

Lyndon always wanted to do something in Vanuatu. In 2020 I encouraged him to build his solutions now. Soon after Lyndon travelled the country with his 4 children in a caravan and then built an off-grid home in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast without buying land.

These experiences lead us to thinking bigger and making plans for Vanuatu. The plans gradually grew to Uncom Village Vanuatu concept and plans to one day own most of the Island or another nearby.



Sonny Bill Williams

We connected in 2013.

Sonny was having potentially career ending issues with his knees and back and was returning from a pec tear at 27 when we started together.

Later that year Sonny was a star player in the 2013 grand-final win and record breaking season.

We worked 1-1 and changed many aspects of his training and lifestyle. We did 1-1 camps in 2016 and 2020 and Sonny singled me out as one of the biggest influences on his path.

Ali Day

We connected in 2013.

Ali was unable to compete or train due to chronic fatigue. We worked together on some lifestyle changes and first steps. Ali has gone on to redefine the sport of surf-lifesaving with his winning career. Pruvit ketones became a secret weapon for race day for Ali.

Catalans Dragons

2011 & 2012 Seasons.

I ran the gym, field, nutrition, evasive skill development and junior players strength when I started at the club.

Dragons came last the year before I was there.

We made the finals the first year and held first place in the league for multiple weeks in season 2.

Many of the junior french players emerged as Super League level players.

Sydney Roosters

2013 (2014)

I ran the gym, speed and nutrition as well as some specific offensive footwork coaching.

The team came 13th the season before and wasn’t expected to make the finals.

We won the minor-premiership, grand-final, club championship, world-club challenge and the all-time record for teams help to zero.


Pro Sports Coaches

Patrick Lane (’14) came to my first ever 2-day seminar. When I wanted interns I thought about the people at the seminar. Pat went from intern to the most successful strength coach in Rugby League in 20 years while still in his 20’s! Rooster won back to back premierships in 2018 and 2019. (I was a consultant for those 2 premierships.)

Fred Marcerou was going to be my assistant at the Dragons before the opportunity came up with the Roosters. We worked together for a few months. Fred later became the head of strength and conditioning with the Catalans Dragons.

Fred came and stayed with me for 2 weeks during the Sonny Bill training camp in 2016 and then launched RealMVMT France and become the Strength coach in the Top14 Rugby in France.

Adrian Obrien wanted to work in elite sports when he hosted my first European events in Ireland. He’s since worked with many of the top athletes and one of the most prestigious clubs.

Sam Kennedy (’13, ‘14) started as an intern. Sam worked full-time for the Roosters for 4 years and then went to another full-time role with the Knights.

Rohan Smith my brother was a key support on my journey as a coach. I saw how Rohan speaking at events and the connections he made through RealMVMT supported his growth as a person and as a coach. Rohan is now head coach of the Leeds Rhinos on his long journey to the top of Rugby League coaching.


Affiliate Marketing

Prüvit 2016 – I wanted to try the ketogenic diet and I saw Tim Ferris and Joe Rogan both raving about Exogenous ketones made by Joe Rogan. I didn’t think I would make any money from them but I like the product and told some friends. After I got the free car I realised that there might be a business opportunity and a way to have a secondary income. I was about to become a father of 2 at the time and the idea of making more than $1000 / month outside of my own business seemed like a great move. I worked hard for 6 months and built a business that still has momentum to this day. I joined the 7-Figure earners with Prüvit in 2021.

I still believe in this product, brand and the use of exogenous ketones.

If everyone understood the metabolic and neural implications of ketosis the world would be a much better place.

ATG Online Training– While I never made money advocating for ATG I generated millions in business for ATG and I’m very proud to have played a part in changing the way the world trains for better.

Uncommon Success is the ultimate opportunity for community driven brand growth. Partnering with great brands that are on a mission will


Top Coaches From RealMVMT

Brandon Hasick went from working at F45 as a recent Ex Sci graduate without much direction to 4 top quality gyms in the heart of Sydney. I also worked with Brando to start selling his gym systems to other gyms which he’s now doing successfully with some Uncom members and others.

Tim Frey was coaching out of a garage when we started. Tim now has a premium weightlifting and transformation gym in Perth

Luke Harvison was working in the mines when we started. Luke pioneered a Farm Gym model of training and food production on a property he doesn’t own.

Mitch Pike was working nights in security when we started. Owned a premium gym in Canberra before selling to travel the world and experience other ways of living. Mitch is currently launching a new gym in Canberra.

Troy Savage was working roadside construction when we started. Worked full-time running a gym and now works full-time online.

Patrick Searson had 50 clients and grew to 300+ in EMC 1.0 and has mentored other coaches to go online successfully.


Recent Brand Launches

Luke Carter – Video Gym, Luke has run 3 rounds of his 25 day program and made thousands in sales while getting great reviews.

Nick Davidson 5 clients in 25 days, Nick has run 1 round of his 25 day program and made thousands in sales while getting great reviews.

There are many other phenomenal success stories from the great people I’ve worked with recently and over the years.

The best is yet to come.

Products coming out of Uncommon Success are much more innovative than RealMVMT which was mostly gyms and ATG which has mostly been online coaching subscriptions.

DISCIPLINE Wins Freedom​


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$500 FREE
for the first 1000 Players

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Become Better.

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