A New Era In Sports?

Uncommon Success · Extreme Generalisation – Better Skills Beyond PRO LIFE ‘24 These are two big decisions I’ve made in 2024. Charles Poliquin coached more world champions than any Strength Coach in history by adding uncommon amounts of strength & muscle to athletes. While there is still room to improve in this area for most athletes there is much more awareness in athletics about the essential nature of strength training to win. Areas that are

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Multiple Ten’s Of Thousands Per Month

 I spoke to Jordan Potts this morning. He had his best month ever financially, and the month is far from over. What did he do? He built a solution. He built a three-month solution, and he built it to a specific problem. He built an offer. He put that offer out to the world, and a certain percentage of people who saw that offer said, yeah, that’s good. It’s not rocket science. We’ve made thousands

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Castles & Handstand Push-Ups

You have a place in civilisation based on your genetic line’s ability to contribute to solutions. Your quality of life is connected to the same. What do you have to contribute to the brotherhood closest to you? What can you contribute to mankind? Athletic Ability is the “buy-in.” If you’re able to get yourself into great shape athletically then consistency & discipline are present. To be able to perform handstand push-ups is a next-level badge

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The Village Revolution: How Shared Visions Shape Tomorrow

There is a beauty to the volume of people, stuff & action. The old cities are a sight to behold. We know intuitively that there is something wrong with modern city life. With 15-minute cities & the 5-minute rule coming up fast we have a decision to make. Do you want to be allowed outside? Do you want your children to play? Do you want to grow food? It’s taken 100 years 100 years for

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How to apply KOT principles to the chest and biceps with keegan

How To Apply KOT Principles To Chest and Biceps

If you can’t GET TO a Position…  You can’t be STRONG in that position!   More range gives you options. Apply Knees Over Toes or ATG principles to the Chest, Shoulders & Biceps To Improve All Pulling & Curling Movements.   It’s true that weight training makes you tight and fragile but only if you neglect the LONG RANGE. If you want to perform feats like one arm chin-ups, back levers, sefto curls and bodyweight

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learn pain-free dips by uncommon succes coach keegan smith

Pain-free Dips by the Uncommon Succes Coach

Pain-free Dips by the Uncommon Succes Coach   We could consider the pain-free dip the squat of the upper body. There’s benefits by having a deep dip ability. But just because we want it, doesn’t mean we can have it immediately. Like everything, there is a safe way of getting dips step-by-step. It’s crucial to keep your joints healthy in the process. Think regress in order to progress. Especially for the dips! Following are a

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6 Key Lessons To Prepare Daily Like An Olympian

If you behave like an Olympic champion, you will be successful like one in life. Here are the 6 key ways you can make that shift.   #1 You Have An Olympic Opportunity! Professional athletes prepare all year, hoping they can play for the championship ring or the trophy. It’s easy to see their financial and social incentives for living well and being better at their craft. Most people think if they were in the

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Imagination is everything

Imagination is the only redemptive power. It’s a joyful thing to express the abilities that you’ve been gifted with. We need to be winners to bring energy to the Uncommon Success community. Let’s do it together! DM – A.S. to https://www.instagram.com/keegan_strength/ or go to app.UNCOM.io to get started.

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What Is Your Muscle Number

Calculate your muscle number and also what change you will need to make in FAT-LOSS and MUSCLE-GAIN to achieve your optimal physique. Are you too fat or too small to look the way you want to look? A problem quantified is a problem half solved. This test is great for: 80 Muscle Number = Untrained In Muscle Building Untrained level of muscle mass or an athlete focused on endurance sport or being very light eg.

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You Are Here To Serve An Idea, Here’s How You Know…

 It is only by giving our lives that we find life. Chavez What do we give our lives to though? What makes the most sense is to give our lives to ideas, or one idea in particular, that’s grabbed a hold of us… This is your mission. This is your life. This is your purpose. In this episode of Keegan Unplugged I explore what it means to be gripped by an idea and allow your

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LifeFlex – How I Bought Back My Freedom

Freedom LIFE FLEX is our ability to change the way we think, speak, move, live… it is our ability to reinvent ourselves. In this time of rapid change, LifeFlex is THE KEY ABILITY to cultivate. The graph comes from Clare Graves’ model of human development. Today we just care about one number… the flex score in the bottom left. My mentor Paul mentions the flex score most often when talking about the chances someone has for

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Thinking Big Is Not A Crime

We’re aiming so big with UNCOM that it hurts the brains of many who hear the plans. If you’ve had a common education it almost feels criminal to say you’re planning to own a bank, an exchange, an airline, thousands of cattle, hundreds of villages etc. To aim for all that AND building a Football ⚽ platform and impacting world sports… Insane right? Well that’s the aim. All part of the picture to “Live Insanely Well!”

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Coach Apprenticeship Vs University Degree

Click the video below to watch my presentation about the value of apprenticeship. Read on for how I stumbled into an apprenticeship that launched me into elite sport. Finding the right people to apprentice to may be the most important determinant of your path in life. It has been for me. I’ve had 2 key apprenticeships. The first under Hayden Knowles set me up for a career as a Rugby League strength coach. The second

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Uncommon Success - UNCOM

Upper Body Resurrection – The Path To Strength Gymnastics

Let’s face it. Most people have a completely dormant upper body. You could even say dead. Now your legs will get some work just moving the rest of you around. Even those of us who master the art of finding the closest park at the shopping centre will still get some calf and thigh development getting around and, actually, the more body weight someone is carrying the more of a strength stimulus it is to

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Beginner Snatch – How To Snatch bodyweight

Beginners at snatch will progress fastest and most effectively with methods that are different and even contradictory to advanced weightlifting. Everyone deserves movement. The elitist culture around weightlifting has for the most part been broken by CrossFit but most CrossFitters still haven’t hit this beginner milestone of a bodyweight snatch even though they may have aspirations for local or regional competitions. Outside CrossFit weightlifting has made little penetration into mainstream gyms even though many of

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