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Power Player Program

Before you dive in, let’s cover your next 25 days…

The first 25 days are critical in getting off to a good start!

Do you feel like you’re destined for bigger things? That you’re capable of more? Of living better?

Of a better, more capable athletic body?

A thriving, growing and purposeful income stream?

An expertly trained mind, honed and capable of serving you?

A global network of brothers that support you, guide you, light the way and ask the same of you?

Uncommon Success was created because this is EXACTLY what I needed. It’s what all humans need to thrive and live the good life.

It took me hundreds of thousands of dollars, years of searching, trying, applying, learning and connecting with experts in all fields around the world to discover the specific formula for uncommon success.

In the same way that strength and athletic performance can be broken down into a protocol of reps, sets and session – so to can business, wealth and life success.

At first, I thought I may be an outlier. After all, I had been a student of success my whole life. Having grown up around world-class athletes and coaches I was exposed to the habits and mindset required for success. I had worked extremely hard and cracked the code of crafting winning teams and top-tier athletes. I achieved personal success in designing a life of meaning, BUT I didn’t know I could do the same for others…

I simply started sharing my knowledge, building a powerful environment with unique experiences. What also worked was connecting those who wanted to achieve more in their lives to each other. A brotherhood formed and they started to get outstanding results too. 

I soon realised that it wasn’t that I was special, I didn’t achieve what I had because I was an outlier…. It was the fact that I had applied a formula – a training program for success – and this formula can work for anyone.

The first iteration of my brand, RealMovement Project, birthed 100+ gyms in just a few short years.

Lives were changed.

How does the
Power Player
program work?

  1. First of all, we connect you to our brotherhood of men who’ve chosen to live well.
  2. We outline and define your life plan – so you feel absolute clarity and confidence moving forwards each day.
  3. We set you up with training programs and gamify your athletic journey through our leaderboards – this ensures optimal results in minimal time.
  4. We connect you to our custom app to track your progress, keep you accountable and provide access to our exclusive content and courses.
  5. We schedule monthly 1-1 accountability calls with our specialist coaches – here we work exclusively on YOU, solve your challenges and ensure you’re taking the necessary actions.
  6. We recommend the BEST and most suitable courses for you in your journey, including access to:
    1. $20k worth of courses from my personal money mentor
    2. My best athletic content and courses from the past 10 years
    3. $600 worth of courses and books from Nico “The Motion Guy” De Paoli himself (one-arm-chin guide, Handstand Pushup guide & The Motion Handbook)
    4. Hundreds of hours of content and specific courses across our 3 pillars of Athletic, Richer & Smarter
  7. You gain instant eligibility to visit and experience the villages
  8. Regular group calls, on-going education and connection
  9. Live events locally and around the world

The biggest thing we ask in return for all this is commitment to top 1% identity and actions.

While the path will be clear, it will not be easy.

This is NOT a done for you program.

If you expect to get access, login once, not engage or take action we will politely refund your money and ask you leave.

Uncom is a community of action takers committed to winning life on their terms.

We will give you the tools, you need to come willing to work.

If hard work, new knowledge and powerful identity shifts don’t scare you…

Congratulations, you’re the type of man we want to join our brotherhood.

Are you ready to get clarity on your vision for the future and assume your success identity?

The first step is connecting and making sure this program is a good fit for you.

Click the button below, book a call with me (Keegan) in the next 24-72 hours and we’ll meet, connect and have a quick chat.

DISCIPLINE Wins Freedom​


$500 FREE for the first 1000 Players

$500 FREE
for the first 1000 Players

Learn Discipline.

Become Better.

Challenges & Courses to make you Athletic, Richer & Smarter!