Activity index: 485 | Total calls: 86 | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D1 Deadlift 120kg (13th)

💬 Chris’s words:

I was a couple weeks late into Q3 but you won’t be able to tell.

• Bodyweight Before –  205 lbs
• Bodyweight After –  178 lbs
• Dexa Body Fat Before – 27% 
• Dexa Body Fat After – 20%

Biggest change was in belly fat and cut my visceral fat in half.

Smoked weed 3-10x a day. Today 0 for 3 weeks.

Energy drinks 1-2 a day. Today 1 a week maybe.

Before I Wasted life on the internet and was scrolling was 3-6 hours a day (maybe a half hour in incognito mode).

Today I spend 3-6 hours a day connecting with men from around the world reigniting my passion for PT sales and have helped an uncommon brother start closing after 2 30 min calls. Scrolling is down to about 5 mins before I pull myself out.

Before I had pain in my knee and shoulder that prevented me challenging myself.

Today I can do loaded loaded pull up singles with 30kg, hit my 10D10 push-ups and will be able to complete ATG level 1 pain free with in a few weeks.

I used to be afraid of the changing world and how it may affect my family. Today I don’t have those fears. I understand and fully believe I can change my mindset and adapt to whatever the world throws at me and my family.

I have begun meditation and breath work by investing with uncommon brothers to ascend to a healthy masculine roll model for my wife and children.

Lastly since we are here for money at the end of the day…I increased my take home pay an additional 6k with $0 expenses against it.

What’s next?

Aside from whatever I want because I know how to take my dreams and pull them out of my head and bring them to life…

1) Focus on strength and accountability by making a big splash on the leaderboard submissions since I haven’t even started that part of this PROgram. I will also finish muscle club on New Year’s Eve to absolutely dominate 2024.

2) Go to Montenegro for 2.5 weeks to bond and grow with some elite men in this group and beyond. I haven’t left the states since I was 19 and will prove to myself I am not the man I was 3 months ago.

3) I will drive hard to take at least one uncommon brother and have them able to quit their day job and go full time into the fitness industry.

4) Crack into 30k a month and be set to maintain that for 2024

Thank you to all of you for being part of this journey and by being examples at every level to help me see who and what I am capable of. I humbly look forward to learning from each of you and teaching whatever I can to rise all of our boats with this uncommon tide together. Let’s f’ing go Q4!

Top outcomes

Activity index: 244 | Total calls: 31 | Top Leaderboard Score: Single arm hang: 64 sec (4th)

💬 Richard's words:

Where were you before Q3?

Q3 was my second quarter with UNCOM and had finished the first learning phase…of what this game was all about. The first quarter was all about ATHLETIC and RICHER through muscle club, climbing the leaderboard and taking a deep dive into crypto and understanding wealth but most importantly my relationship with money.

A frustrating injury kept me out of developing myself athletically, what I love about this game is there is always something to work on.

while the gym took a bit of a backseat, I had a great opportunity to open myself up-to connecting with as many players as possible.

This took a lot of focus to connect and organize on SMARTER and had to take a conscious step out from being a spectator to actually taking part and becoming open to the notion of masterminding and connecting.

The last month has been amazing to connect and learn from so many players in the UNCOM game and have appreciated all the support for eachother, is a beautiful thing

Business wise, since the beginning of the year, we have seen our revenues grow 25% consistently for 3 consecutive months and have now started publishing daily to my clients to foster stronger connections and work that content creation muscle

What changed for you?

The connections, knowing that no matter what challenge your facing we all have UNCOMMON brothers around the world to have our backs and support us in our mission to MARS!

What’s next?

Continuing to connect and serve my UNCOM community with more calls. Improving my reach and getting back on the athletic leaderboard slowly and surely.

Top outcomes

Activity index: 553 | Total calls: 80 | Top Leaderboard Score: 5-ball (10s): 20 throws (7th)

💬 Zack's words:

Q3 reflection My biggest takeaway from this quarter was committing to move across the country to be around people like @maxhernandez99 , @andrestrains , @worldwideruben , and more IN-PERSON. There is nothing tying me down here in Seattle and I took the next step in order to propel my future, to change my social environment to grow further (thank you @ndibongo for the push 🙏🏼) Everything else mentioned in this video was a nice cherry on top to that. Can’t wait to get to Florida on October 10th🔥 UNCOM has changed my life. No way in hell would I be making a cross country move, or any substantial moves without being exposed to this community. Thank you everyone, I feel blessed to have made so many great connections from in here. Let’s crush the rest of 2023

Top outcomes

Activity index: 302 | Total calls: 27 | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D1 back squat: 102.5kg (76th)

💬 Eamon's words:

Where was I before Q3?

Before Q3 – No online clients but wanting to grow my online business. Struggling to pay the bills some weeks. Body composition was average and I didn’t have a specific training goal( just random training)

What’s Changed – I can pay the bills comfortably-sold 3 $1k online programs and multiple lower ticket shorter online programs. Created a online aspect to my face to face training that allows me to earn more each month. Iv helped multiple male clients shift their health and become leaner and more confident. Iv become more confident in myself in camera and my body composition is at an all time best due to the LCD diet plus my training goals are simple now. Improve on as many leaderboard scores as possible. I reached 2nd In overall strength during Q-3.

What’s next – continue this path but with new lenses. Double What iv done in Q-3 with business. $5k a month online by the end of the year. Sub 10%BF in Q4. Refine the product, keep sharing, connect more and grow. It’s been a great Q-3. Let’s go men!

Top outcomes

Activity index: 379 | Total calls: 58 | Top Leaderboard Score: Longest dry fasting: 108 hours (2nd)

💬 Alex's words:

My Quarterly review and my story telling assignment from @santanavega ‘s course

I’m so grateful to the Uncom community 🙏 This has been life changing, and I’m only 2 months in 😁

It was many months after kamikazeing my career. Writing a company-wide e-mail in opposition to mandatory vaccinations for employees wasn’t going to be found in any self help manual. I needed to leave this company but to what?

Teacher, plumber, farmer. I had written many pros and cons lists over the last 5 years but nothing inspired me. This current job was ok and paid well enough, but I was seeing my time slip away from me, invested in a profession I didn’t value. Thousands of hours of YouTube videos hadn’t provided any answers but this was different. It sounded simple: create businesses, earn money, internationalise, then you can live life on your own terms. What I was lacking was being around men who are aiming for the same goal. I needed mentors, team mates and students. No man succeeds alone.

The future expander! I could do that. A programme to give me self belief, a better body and entrepreneurial ideas. I signed up in a heartbeat.

Now I wasn’t your prime candidate for athletic excellence. An inguinal hernia, early stage lyme disease, dry fasting to cure the lyme and myopia weren’t helping. First we take a baseline. Juggling – I get 4 throws after 30 attempts. foot juggling the same. I managed a mere 3 seconds in a frog stand. 9 rounds pushups and squats before collapsing on the floor. Well at least I have room to grow!

In just in just 25 minutes a day of training and I’m getting better. But the biggest gains aren’t athletic, their mental. Daily videos and reflection questions, gave me what I was searching for! The hernia, the lyme, vaccines, I rejected them all because I believe we have the power to heal without the intervention of drugs and surgery. These questions were helping me uncover my values, and I knew finally what my career would be, in natural healing – specifically vision improvement.

I had already improved my vision to the point where I had reduced my glasses from -5 to -3.5 diopters. I knew I could make further improvements and I wanted to help others do the same and get rid of their glasses. Now that I finally had a business idea (which had been 15 years in the making), I joined Uncom pro. It’s been 2 months now, and I’ve grown in more ways than I can imagine:

⁃ 55 calls. I am so grateful for the wisdom, encouragement and love I have felt from players ⁃ Brimming with new ideas. Discovered new techniques to improve my vision and I’m currently writing an essay on Spiral development ⁃ I have so much more self confidence and self belief now ⁃ My vision has been improving faster. Can now read the 70 line from 10 ft and am using glasses another 1D weaker. ⁃ I have a plan to heal my hernia thanks to the advice of the players here ⁃ Completed meditation course by Tyson ⁃ Started a breath course by Ben ⁃ Started communication course by Santana ⁃ 67 DAB blocks completed, but unlogged must be at least tripple that ⁃ 70% of vision course written ⁃ 2 non-paying vision students and I’ve given my first consultaton ⁃ Completed a 108 hour dry fast ⁃ Finished 4 books with detailed notes related to vision and health ⁃ I can 3 ball juggle doing 18 throws in 10s and have started to do tricks like outside throws ⁃ I can do 14 alternating kicks with a hacky sack. 12 consecutive right foot and 8 on the left ⁃ I finally hit 10 rounds of the beginner ramping test

  • I can hold a frog stand for a minute ⁃ 70 Spanish lessons completed
  • Next month I’ll be doing a 9 day dry fast to cure the lyme
  • After that I’ll be following a program inspired by the players here to heal my hernia
  • I’ll be working on my vision so I no longer need glasses
  • I’ll be taking on more vision students so that I can become a master at my craft
  • I’ll be creating social media content to get the message out there, that you don’t need glasses and you can heal your eyes.

I’ve got a long way to go still but I’m unrecognisable from when I started.

Top outcomes

Activity index: 322 | Total calls: 38 | Top Leaderboard Score: 5-ball (1 min): 57 throws (1st)

💬 Sebastian's words:

Where were you before Q3?

  • Just finished high school
  • Injured
  • Diciplined with diet training, but not really doing anything
  • Feeling alone

What changed?

  • Biggest takeaway is probably change in outlook for my future.
  • Lots of valuable experiences from travelling. One month in Montenegro village. 10 days in Spain. Another stay in Montenegro ongoing.
  • Lots of great connections, both in-person and from calls.
  • Started working for Uncom (on trial basis)
  • From no juggling to 57 throw 5-ball juggling
  • Low back and knee pain gone
  • Good progress in spanish learning

What’s next?

  • Trial with Uncom could turn into more
  • Athletic is a big priority moving forward. Lots of work to do physique-wise
  • Put myself in a position where I can travel the world
  • Connections is a big focus also

Top outcomes

Activity index: 530 | Total calls: 48 | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D1 chin-up: 40 kg (5th)

💬 Nick's words:

Q3 Review This video is a rough draft of a proper Q3 review I’d actually like to put on video. I haven’t had a lot of time to do this the way I want to and won’t for the next week but I wanted to participate in this really badly. Hope I’m not too late.

M: I can confidently say I made great mentors, teammates, and students through 3 months of masterminding with other players. Almost every single person has impacted my mental in certain way and helped me grow in some aspect. List of some players in each of those categories in the video. I left out @pulgacosta7 on accident but another great connection I’ve made. We are going to go far together.

A: went from juggling 3 balls to 5 balls. Crushing juggling leaderboards. Hitting high on foot juggling leaderboards. A genuinely uncountable amount of PR’s with my chin-ups and dips… thank you dense. Thank you leaderboards. Thank you competition. Placed 5th in the Kendama World Championships this year. Working on handstands now. Still training daily.

R: Very close to releasing an offer with my brother @zack_gallagher . Never had this mindset before UNCOM and I probably never would have. I was in a box and my self limiting beliefs are still disappearing daily. It’s a great feeling. I also have been more active on my socials which was something I fell off of a bit in May.

S: Japanese studies, reading listening and speaking. Been consistent and it feels great, still getting better everyday.

My biggest change this quarter was an identity shift. I have been playing kendama for close to 12 years and have practically only used Instagram for kendama ever since I made an account. I have been the kendama guy for forever. Not regretting that, I’ve made it to the highest level in kendama but I used to think that if I didn’t have kendama, I wasn’t special. I would just be some boring normal dude.

Not anymore. I have so much to offer and want to help people live better lives, just like UNCOM has helped me. My social media, my personal brand, has been changing slowly. This month I make my beliefs and other interests known, showing the world more of who I really am. I’m really excited to start being more real online and simply just preaching publicly about what I truly believe in. I’m breaking out of that box I put myself in, the comfort zone I sat in for a decade. I’m excited. Bring on Q4!

Top outcomes

Activity index: 453 | Total calls: 79 | Top Leaderboard Score: Fasting: 72hrs (37th)

💬 Ben's words:

Thriving into Q4

Here is my Q3 review

Keen to keep connecting with more UnCom Pro players

Excited to be in a Growing Environment 🌎

Top outcomes

Activity index: 451 | Total calls: 88 | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D1 bench press: 124 kg (6th)

Top outcomes

Activity index: 424 | Total calls: 23 | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D1 bench press: 88kg (31st)

💬 Chris’s words:

Q3 coincides with my first 3 months in UNCOM. Can’t express enough my gratitude for finding this network. Thanks @Keegan for this amazing gift to us, the continuing innovation is inspiring. So much has happened in 3 months and looking forward to meeting more of you in the coming months. I’m sorry this is longer than I wanted it to be but not doing a second take! Part of my training myself to stop worrying about perfection, or how it will be received, and just get stuff done!

Top outcomes

Activity index: 124 | Total calls: 10 | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D1 Back squat: 120kg (41st)

💬 Luke's words:

Q3 Recap and a few pics of the things achieved

Top outcomes

Activity index: 47 | Total calls: 11 | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D1 standing press: 60kg (49th)

💬 Jorge's words:

There’s a few more things but looking back it’s been surprisingly transformative.

Top outcomes

Activity index: 139 | Total calls: 15 | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D1 chin-up: 30 kg (13th)

💬 Kenny's words:

Looking forward to masterminding with more of you in Q4 🙏

Top outcomes

Activity index: 268 | Total calls: 31 | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D1 dips: 55kg (3rd)

💬 Kevin's words:

Q3 review, Montenegro,12 people I’ve met in person from Uncom, PB’s alot of dense PB’s not mentioned proud of a bw ohp for a 1rm, applying range training, athletic feats,wealth of richer mind, scoops of knowledge with every call and interaction had with Uncom players 🧠 many thanks to you great minds

Special thanks to @keegancoach & @Range_Training_Man for helping me with my hip flexor issue of 5/6 years…trulyyy thank you guys for helping me get back to a long lost path & love of mine sprinting then onto sports is next..

From a cautious 10D106m 17-18seconds to as of recent Current 10D106m is 14-15seconds odd time of 13.50+ or so gradually increasing intensity + short range blood flow + the suggested Bulgarian split squat variation all seems to be doing the works before Uncom and this athletic technology i didn’t have any luck but you’s have changed my life!!

Thank you’s soo!! much honestly!!especially as a person whose life was sport and didn’t think it could be a possibility to reawaken that reality

Top outcomes

Activity index: 220 | Total calls: 18 | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D1 deadlift: 110kg (15th)

💬 Andrew's words:

Where were you before Q3? I joined towards the end of Q3 after taking part in TFE in August, being inspired and using it to make big habit changes. Before I joined Uncom I wasn’t holding myself accountable in many areas of my life. I had fallen into many bad habits and I was using these things as a form of escapism instead of actually working to improve my life. Honestly, I was at a pretty low point and feeling very lost and lacking direction, even in my training.

What changed for you? I realised that nothing would change if I didn’t take serious ACTION. I had spent many years studying and becoming more knowledgable in many areas but not putting any of this knowledge to any real use. I’m not exagerrating when I say I have read extensively on the subjects of strength, fitness, mindset, injury, to name a few. If I could tally the number of hours of study and practice that has gone into these subjects I know that it would be a very significant amount of time. But I didn’t have much to show for it or any real understanding of how to utilize what I’d learnt to help myself or others effectively.

Therefore, it was a no-brainer for me when I completed TFE to follow the Uncommon path and join a network of men all working to do the same and become more successful, get stronger and smarter. I stopped drinking on the weekends, stopped smoking weed, watching TV, I sold my xbox console, I stopped eating junk. I started holding myself accountable, respecting myself and I started working on becoming the kind of person I could be proud of, instead of the person who always felt like a dissapointment to himself and those close to him.

Thanks to mentorship from @Valuedactionman I was able to focus and become much more productive with my time, I set up a second brain in Notion and started using it daily to plan out my time and get stuff done. Now I have built it up as a resource with weekly and monthly to-do lists, in-depth notes on the courses I’ve studied so far (Dense Strength, Range Training, Fitness Sales Mastery, The Motion Handbook), a reading list with all the courses books I will read/study next, a long page of research and ideas from studying Charles Poliquin material. I wrote a 6-week program in Notion and Google sheets, filmed movement demos for it, wrote a nutrition guide and a “my story” page, and got 10 people signed up to trial it. I’ve also started building a basic website in wordpress.

Compared to what many of you in this group do and have achieved, this seems pretty insignificant, but for me these are huge wins and it’s the most action I have taken in years. I’t amazing what can be accomplished when you don’t waste your time on distractions. Baring in mind I also did all this whilst working a full-time job with a 50 minute commute. I turned the commute into an oppertinity to learn and listened to Unscripted on my journey to an from work. Again a simple shift that allowed me to get more done and waste less time.

Alongside this, I started training with more focus and direction, I set myself goals (including handstand push-up and getting back to doing muscle-ups and other calisthenic movements), I decided to start working on my weaknesses and turn them into stengths. I went from being able to do 0 bodyweight dips without a band and very few chin-ups to 10D4 dips and 10D5 chin-ups. I went from 1 second handstand hold on average to 10 second holds on average. I lost 3kg’s of fat and dropped from 11.2% to 9.4% Body fat. I know I have a long way to go but for the first time in a long time I can see a path and I have the tools and the support system needed to reach my goals.

I also had some great conversations/ calls with other players @ndibongo @pulgacosta7 @visionrevived @georgebirch @PeteWright93 to name a few… Each connection inspired me in different ways. Hearing the success stories of other players is amazing and it really motivates me to keep moving forward. I want to become someone who offers value to others in the group and I have a long way to go but I am committed to the path.

What’s next? My main focus moving forward will be to leverage the above and start taking even more action. My main area that is lacking is richer so my focus for October will be to get 5 online paying clients and to keep improving my offer. I plan to start posting consistently in IG so I will work on this as it isn’t a strength of mine. I also would like to get on more calls with other players and find players to have more regular calls with as I do believe this is key to staying on track and supporting each other. I’d love to get on a call with any of you… I’m keen to find out more players stories and share ideas and expereinces. This is something that I truly believe helps us all and I’ve always been more introverted so I know the connections help me massively to not feel alone. Thanks for the continued motivation and support from everyone! I truly do feel blessed to be part of Uncom and I will strive to be a valuable member of this group.

Top outcomes

Activity index: 181 | Total calls: 35

💬 Øistein's words:

Thank you all for contributing to this community. Share your thoughts and ideas, meet with others, grow together.

Big changes, more to come.

Top outcomes

Activity index: 280 | Total calls: 54 | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D1 Deadlift 120kg (13th)

💬 Toby's words:

Quarter review!

Overdue but I gave it time to mediate and contemplate over it.

Quick recap:

1. Where were you before Q3? -A state of chaos not conducive for life as a whole. -Not a clear purpose/direction. -Habits not ideal or conducive for the direction I intend to do -Life view coming from a place of fear,lack,anger and negative energy.

2. What changed for you? -Life View coming from a place of courage, willingness, and acceptance. -I love Bjj but I love public speaking even more. -Removed things/conditions not conducive to life including processed foods,sugar,energy drinks, porn, negative news. -Building new relationships and deepening olds in Uncom -Better diet.

3. What’s next for you? -Begin cancelling out belief systems no longer serving me -Public speaking and do more of it. Speak more! That’s how to get better! -Continue the breath-work I just started with Ben Watson. -Continue building new relationship and build onto old ones. -Continue the healing & recovery process (spirituality)

Top outcomes

Activity index: 362 | Total calls: 44 | Top Leaderboard Score: Push-up: 63 reps (8th)

Top outcomes

Activity index: 141 | Total calls: 24 | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D1 Deadlift 120kg (13th)

Top outcomes

Activity index: 136 | Total calls: 20 | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D1 Chin-up: 20kg (22nd)

Top outcomes

Activity index: 460 | Total calls: 94

Top outcomes

Activity index: 244 | Total calls: 47 | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D3 deadlift: 115kg (10th)

💬 Alvin's words:

Where were you before Q3?

My mum passed away on May 20, 2023, so I began Q3 2023 as a broken man, with no energy, feeling frustrated. I was wondering whether Uncom was right for me, feeling jealous of others’ success, and judging myself for not being able to answer the question, “For what? What is the purpose?” I pondered thinking about the “Unbearable Lightness of Being”…

What changed for you?

I decided to give myself some time to go through the pain and learn to live with it. I realized that I could honor my mum’s spirit through my daily actions by being vulnerable. I spoke with @Valuedactionman , who suggested I connect with @tysonven , @DandePao , and @ndibongo . Each of them provided the space I needed to express my pain and vulnerability.

I accepted to confront the pain and underwent deep guided meditation with a mentor outside Uncom to bid farewell to my mum. I also took some time off with my daughters, remembering that the father I am today is because my mum taught me to love and, more importantly, to be tenacious—to never give up while being at peace with who we are.

So, I embarked on a journey, both internally and externally. I went on holidays with my daughters and realized that Uncom was the opportunity, but I needed to make it my own experience. I created a smaller group to work on our vision, mentored by @Eddievandongen . In short, the work I did with @michael_melvin , @pontuswallin @chris_makes helped me understand my vision and led to the creation of a product needed by men who had forgotten their ability to dream and understand themselves. This product became my project to thrive.

After a MARS call with @Keegan and a glider flight, I realized it was time to show up and expose myself. I now have two free clients going through my program, providing feedback, and building my experience as a mindset coach, with another 2-3 clients waiting to rediscover their “mojo.”

Significant breakthrough calls with @charlespennant , @showupdaily , and @danielgarbett

Also linked up with all the French guys (aka Peaceful Warriors) in the network @fabien_loaec the Beast, @SifuSimon Jacob etc

What’s next?

Gain more coaching experience inside and outside Uncom. I also want to learn more about tools and techniques through studying for a certificate I will soon start. Expand my understanding of what a successful coaching business looks like and keep connecting with my friends and brothers at Uncom.

Thank you for being part of the journey.

I will finish off with the following “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” — Winston S. Churchill.

The roaring Tiger.

Top outcomes

Activity index: 79 | Total calls: 10 | Top Leaderboard Score: One-arm chin-up: 1 rep (6th)

💬 Luke's words:

Where were you before Q3? ⁃ I was in a dark place! Doing my best to hold it all together but I was overwhelmed and had some major issues; internal and external. ⁃ I’ve been battling gut issues, heavy metal poisoning, multiple concussions, PTSD, injuries, etc. for many years and this summer was rough. I’m glad it was rough. It gave me more challenge to level up my motivation! ⁃ At the peak of the insanity I was selling my house, moving, managing way too many clients, doing energy work on people, and I turned to cannabis to help… IT DIDN’T!!! Really sent me into a dark place and most of Q2 & Q3 has been like this. Ever since I got back from the humanitarian work in Lebanon I’ve been on a rollercoaster of emotions, setbacks and peaks.

What changed for you? ⁃ I’m coming out of the fog. I’ve been wading through the flood and found my footing. I went strict on carnivore for the first time in 2 years and quit all caffeine sources and went cold turkey on cannabis. At the same time I began some zeolite heavy metal detox! ⁃ This has radically transformed my outlook and ability to get up and GO. Nobody wants to hear someone bitch about their problems so it’s time to fix them! ⁃ My girlfriend is coming out of her fog as well; going carnivore, planning things out better, making things work on our terms not anyone else’s, etc. ⁃ We are whole again and better than ever! This hardship brought us so much closer and I’m stoked for what the future brings.

What’s next? ⁃ We have travels booked to teach in Cali, she’s taking a training in Spain, and I’m grinding on my daily tasks.

⁃ Retreats around the corner, event center in SW Michigan breaking ground already, teaching more workshops, getting back into making music…life is great! ⁃ Collaborating with a former MARSOC Special Forces brother in the area on a new gym / fighting center. I’ll head up the training side of things and he’s an expert in MMA, BJJ, close quarter combat, etc.

Worked with some dog trainers contracted with SPECWAR and SWAT teams last weekend!

Top outcomes

Activity index: 208 | Total calls: 34 | Top Leaderboard Score: Non-dominant foot juggling (1min): 190 kicks (2nd)

💬 Julian's words:

At the start of my journey with UNCOM, I was ticking off MARS boxes to feel a sense of accomplishment. It took time, but I eventually realized I never dug deep and truly leveraged the system to catapult my future. This surface-level interaction, subtly altered my mindset, prompting me to reevaluate my current position.

I remembered my initial motivation for joining UNCOM: to transition from work to soccer. Especially after nearly quitting my soccer dreams due to repeated injuries. Drawing from that, I devised a focused 1 year plan. Reframing my MARS, which helped on avoiding my shiny object syndrome.

MARS Q3 A: Fix my Ankle so I can play soccer

Result: Went from literally not being able to play without rolling my ankle to 2 high level soccer games a week.

R: 30K liquid cash for Aug 2024

Result: $2500/month income increase.

S: Learn German so I can play in Germany and be an asset to team and not liability.

Result: Ich habe gelernt.

Top outcomes

Activity index: 420 | Total calls: 57 | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D1 dips: 25kg (15th)

💬 Pete's words:

Q3 review.

Where was I before Q3? Lost touch with uncom, working full time in construction, smoking weed everyday.

What’s changed during Q3?

Started learning spanish with @JhonMelendrez and my spanish listening and speaking has improved alot, I feel comfortable introducing myself, asking and answering simple questions. Started taking training in the gym seriously. Never really enjoyed working out in the gym I’d always rather play basketball or work on my skills, but the leaderboards and app coming  helped me with consistency trying to build up my strength. PB’s on most of the lifts. With 10D1 Dips @ 25kg as the movement I’m most proud of. First 5s handstand. Started 4 ball juggling all be it very badly.

Started testing a strength programme for basketball players, although no money has been made I’m laying the foundation for things to come in Q4. Quit smoking weed. I’ve been smoking it daily for the past 10 years and it’s been holding me back. Thanks to @duckeranthony and the no comfort club! Once I realised I’ll be a father in decemeber I knew it was something I needed to stop. We did get some bad news though our baby will have to have surgery in the first couple of weeks of his life due to Transposition of the great arteries so even more of a motivator for me to sort my shit out. So knocking that on the head is something I’m proud to have done. My intentions are to never touch weed or alcohol again.

I wanted to connect with people face to face and met up with @duckeranthony and @themovementdojo in August for them to beat me up in a boxing session. Meeting @jbcamacho last weekend was fantastic, got a training session in, hung out for quite a few hours afterwards. Really enjoyable experience and found a friend in Jorge!

What’s next for Q4? By the end of Q4, I will have 10 online clients at a minimum. This will give me the opportunity to take time away from my full time job to spend time with my girlfriend and newborn son in december and the new year.

To connect with more uncom members from the UK @Alex_Fresco @timboniface @georgebirch and meet more frequently with the likes of @mcgeemastery and  @themovementdojo with us being in the same city.

Dunk a basketball off all 4 plants. Increase my vertical by 5 inches. 15s freestanding handstand. 10D1 OHP 60kg. 10D1 Dips 40kg. 10D1 Pull/Chin ups 30kg. Get up to 82kg BW. currently 77.9kg. Be more fluent in spanish.

Top outcomes

Activity index: 75 | Total calls: 18

💬 Felix's words:

Q3 Review

Joined UNCOM Pro on month 2 of Q3

Have gotten to connect with a ton of amazing individuals that have been nothing short of amazing people and so helpful with anything and everything towards my business.

Many aspects of my business and myself have changed for the better thanks to them. Improved my offer greatly – still developing and the improvements that are live have facilitated sales. More confidence in myself and my product, more comfort when talking to others (got used to meeting all of you and having easy going conversations) amongst other things.

I have been in groups before that have been significantly more expensive but the community value here is unrivaled.

For this past month I was looking to make sales ranging from 3-5 (This was my way to test the improvements made for the business) and I was able to make my biggest sale to date for a total of 4 new clients for the month of September!

Excited to see how we can keep this ball rolling for Q4, I can only see it getting better!

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Activity index: 398 | Total calls: 27 | Top Leaderboard Score: Row for distance (20s): 126m (5th)

💬 Michael's words:

Heres my 2 minute spiel about the last quarter. Joined in July. Forgot to mention being stretch strength leader (just need more people to enter scores), rower 20m competition, and all my leaderboard entries. Ive probably missed more but I didn’t script this video.

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Activity index: 847 | Total calls: 112 | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D? handstand push-up: 4 reps (1st)

💬 Fabien's words:

Where were you before Q3?

I started year 2023 same like every last 6 years. Making 1700€ every months with foodspring as sponsor through Instagram. I lost my contract with them 31st of march and I realised I needed to grow up. I needed to grow up, to be a man, a leader.

🌤What changed for you?

I decided to give a chance to this uncommon success network. I was first scared to join, I knew who was Keegan (a lil bit) and I decided to trust him and his will to change hundreds of men (thousands sorry !) And first of march I had a call to join uncom, that was the beginning of a new chapter of my life, actually, not even a chapter, a brand new story that I was going to write ✍🏻

Since then I’ve completely changed and mainly because of experiences I lived with players I met in person. First, I spent 10 days in Montenegro with @ndibongo kevin @Dandesaj @Andrea_dotta @benjaminlochlan & Keegan !

Then I had the chance to get invited to work for Nico at the Bali time chamber ! I met amazing people there and two guys from there joined uncom @dj2strength @Mcadierkim 🫶 I grow up a lot experienced this.

I did create a new way to train people with neurotyping and dense strength (neurodense) which is about to be launched soon 🔥 I had more than 70 calls in July to try my neuroprofile questionnaire with players ! It did worked well and I’m glad I’ve worked a lot on it !

I know I’ll be richer thanks to this project. I’ll teach men, I’ll be a leader, I’ll help people become a better version of themselves ! I wanna be a model for all like Keegan is for us 👏🏻

I also found out that I’ll be dad in February and I will be an amazing dad 😁

I know I’m on my way to accomplish everything possible to be the best version of myself 👊🏻

What’s next ? 📈 Launch of neurodense Launch of different programs for each neuroprofile ! Travel a lot Finishing the 10k HSPU before I’ll be a dad in February !

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Activity index: 1613 (1st) | Total calls: 291 (1st) | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D1 deadlift: 170kg (4th)

💬 John's words:

Where were you before Q3?

Come into Q3 with opportunities but not many concrete outcomes.

I felt frustrated that I was doing the work and not getting any new clients.

What changed for you?

Now have a steady stream of private coaching clients and my first paid workshop locked in.

Launched my private community and developing my high ticket for when the time is right.

Website is live, launched my blog and content system locked in.

DAB has been great as well, so much progress.

What’s next?

Getting efficient at lead generation and building more value in my offer.

Just wanted to share a values checklist I created as well. Anyone wanting a values report reach out for a booking in October.

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Activity index: 1087 (2nd) | Total calls: 220 (2nd) | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D? chin-ups: 7 reps (2nd)

💬 Jorge's words:

Where was I before Q3? I was going through a difficult time in my life. I was injured, and it made me sad. I was very disconnected from my spirituality. I had terrible sleep habits and was abusing coffee and caffeine products. Not being able to train started creating anxiety and depression cicle.

But it wasn’t all gloomy; I had the will and intuition not to give up, and I knew I could turn my demons and limitations around. I knew I had to find the right guidance and the right mentors; I just couldn’t give up.

I had many plans and goals in mind.

I wanted to become a top player.

I had to start the Mexico villa project.

I had to learn more about fitness to avoid further injuries.

I wanted to reconnect with God.

In my job at MACREROS, I’m always doing well, fortunately, but there’s the limitation that it’s only in Spanish.

What changed? I took action and simply did what I had to do. I found my mentors, to whom I am deeply grateful.

@tysonven taught me to meditate.

@DandePao gave me tools to combat my demons and traumas

Grace helped me understand my feelings and thoughts.

I’m doing 1-on-1 with @Range_Training_Man to learn and avoid further injuries.

I found my brothers who helped me make the Mexico villa project a reality. @ndibongo @santanavega, guys I love you so much ❤️

I started making calls in the community, and I have many friends who help each other become better.

I stopped being a victim and accepted that life isn’t easy, but with determination and God’s guidance, anything is possible.

Thanks to @bigjohncannon , who opened the doors for me to reconnect with God, and today I have God present in everything I do.

Now I’m living in the Mexico villa, and we’re making extremely rapid progress. Next month, we’ll start receiving the first players.

I already have 25 ATG clients as a Level 2 coach, and I’m the only Mexican with Level 2.

I’m happier than ever in my life.

My relationship with God is stronger than ever.

I’m in the number 2 place at UNCOM players; today I achieved over 1000 in A.I. on the UNCOM app.

I no longer have injuries 🙏🏼🙏🏼

My mental health is impressive, and my mentors witness my transformation. @tysonven @DandePao

My humility is a value I will never allow to leave me.

Thanks to @duckeranthony Antony’s group, I have no dependence on any substance, and my habits are impeccable. And every day, I seek ways to improve even more.

I behave and act like a true leader, and I know I have no limits, but I am a realistic and aware person of my abilities.

I was chosen to be part of the TRIVIUM group.

What’s next? I want to be the number 1 UNCOM player, which will be difficult because @Valuedactionman is unstoppable.

I won’t allow myself to lose my top 3 place in DABS leaderboard

I will continue reading valuable content every day to become even smarter.

I have to have more ATG clients in Spanish, taking advantage of my native language. I want to conquer Latin America and Spain with my language.

We have to achieve a top villa @ndibongo @santanavega

I will continue learning from the world’s best fitness coach for several more months @Range_Training_Man

I will gain another 6 kilograms of muscle mass; in September, I gained 2 kilograms and I’m still lean as fuck 💪🏼

I will translate my MACREROS app into English and achieve limitless success with that strategy.

I will finish my website and make it spectacular.

There’s no way I’ll go back to being dependent on caffeine for energy.

And I will continue improving my sleep habits.

I will end the year better than ever in my life.

I will end the year generating a minimum of 6,000 USD per month.

I will continue making a minimum of 60 calls per month. I will end the year making a total of 500 calls, no matter what.

And I will continue being an exemplary son, giving all my love to my parents.

And I will continue keeping Mexico’s name at the highest level 🇲🇽🇲🇽

I am here for you brothers, as I know you are for me !!

I can say with great honor and pride that I belong to the best community in the world.

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Activity index: 407 | Total calls: 36 | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D10 dips: 22kg (2nd)

💬 Michael's words:

Where were you before Q3?

My shoulder was in bad shape, I couldn’t even lift my left elbow to shoulder height and had a very hard time lifting any weight over my head with my left arm.

I was in need of assistance to undertake the necessary work to regain my body’s strength. I had just undergone my 9th surgery on my knees. As a matter of fact, I more or less joined UNCOM from the hospital bed.

What changed for you?

UNCOM has made all the difference. By being accountable, I have been able to regain much of the strength in my legs. I can now do deep squats, have regained explosiveness, and have started to wrestle again. I can now run and am actually doing pistols again, which I haven’t been able to do for the last 10 years.

Utilizing DENSE and leveraging my newly acquired knowledge, I’ve managed to incorporate some form of strength training daily, yielding impressive results. My shoulder is now so improved that I can perform standing presses and handstands, and I’m progressing with HSPUs. It’s truly astounding.

I haven’t been this strong in years.

What’s next?

I will continue on my path to achieving the best physique I possibly can.

With the knowledge I gained from my own experience and all the tools I have acquired, I truly believe I can help other men regain their physique or achieve excellent shape. I have started to assist a few people I know with programming, offering my services for free in exchange for data and their stories.

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Activity index: 128 | Total calls: 11 | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D? chin-up: 7 reps (2nd)

💬 Anthony's words:

  1. Before Q3 I was anxious about my business and my own way with struggle and shoulder pain with overtraining, 19.6% Body fat and 47.2 muscle score on SKULPT
  2. UNCOM and Carnivore Diet helped me with dense strength, connections with players and call with french friends here 🇫🇷 More confident with my business, create another ONE for online program with carnivore and dense training, 4 customers since 2 weeks 🔥
  3. Many options with more help for people with carnivore Diet and dense method, help my brother to loose Weigth with this ! Follow the Olympic plan and visit MONTENEGRO village after my first 1k€ with my online business 💪

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Activity index: 198 | Total calls: 43 | Top Leaderboard Score: Longest dry fasting: 106 hours (3rd)

💬 Areeb's words:

Where were you before Q3?

Wow it feels like a year has passed but it has been 4 months.

Doing doordash while listening to podcasts or talks etc, in order to get money to buy better quality food.

My sleep was atrocious because you get more money at night than day, so I prioritized the time efficiency at that time.

I had ideas of projects I wanted to do but could not figure out how to start or how to start building. I had advice from countless people but I just was paralyzed.

What changed was implementing a next five steps rule that I got from Patrick Bet-David.

List your next five steps you must take in order to move forward as best as you can.

Then my next 5 actions would be those steps and when I finished the cycle then I would repeat and plan the next five steps

This led me to dramatically improve my productivity and turn my creative ideas into reality.

I dropped the terrible sleep, now I doordash during midday when needed but aim to take money from other sources instead.

I dropped masturbation, porn has never been much of an issue but I really just sat down and realized how stupid this habit actually was. I am the type of person to get addicted very easily to things good or bad. Why not remove the negatives and just get addicted to exercise or something like that?

I started doing 1k reps a day of a given exercise, some days are easy random exercises. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are 1000 seconds of planks, and 1000 reps of push ups and squats respectively. This has led to me being too tired for masturbation antics and allowing me to sleep better at night + weird side effect is my allergies are effectively gone from doing this.

Perhaps the most daunting struggle has been a daily fight or argument with family, we are in the process of renovating the house and it has been eye-opening to see how unorganized things have been happening. I am not the person in charge so while I do not have direct control, I have found IMMENSE alleviation using the socratic method.

This has been a game-changer because normally any discussion or disagreement would degrade into a screaming match and insult fest.

Now, any family discussion I am a part of is night and day and my mental real estate is no longer consumed as much by these issues. I have noticed my family members are more positive and loving towards each other as well as a result of the seeds I have been planting of kindness and love.

It is beautiful to see this transformation take place outside of myself even though it has been 3 months.

I have aided my sister on her path to university this past year, she is now a founder of a dual-credit community college organization and is likely to have full scholarship to ivy-league universities in the coming year.

I have convinced my mother to implement a system for my youngest sister to restrict screentime and reward it it according to daily positive action, rather than building entitlement by receiving screentime for doing nothing. Not my ideal system, but much better than what was being done previously.

My youngest sister has been showing a myriad of positive changes while implementing this system and through various games or questions I would ask her throughout the day when I saw her.

I have encouraged my father to pick up a quest beyond money, remote work from home has been terrible for him and by extension the rest of the family. Fits of rage and threats to walk out no longer happen. He is slowly being rejuvenated and after I proved my competence in a few ways, he is much more likely to abide by my advice in certain realms.

I have learned how to be a strong son and support and love my mother as best as I can, while still holding her accountable for things that can be improved.

Overall, It has been extremely difficult to improve my family situation, but now that I have vastly improved it, my relationship with each family member is vastly improved and overall family connection is a positive uplifting instead of a defeating and worrying ordeal.

I have went from scared to talk to stranger, to comfortable no matter where I am. Befriending a wide variety of people, from people who have memorized the Quran, to governmental officials and silicon valley entrepreneurs. I look forward to building relationships and teams.

I have gone from knowing very little of social media content creation, to studying and understanding many different ideas and methods of growth.

I have further understood Islam and the historical acquision of supernatural powers. Working together with people to reintroduce the Divine into Americans lives at scale through social media is on the horizon.

I have refined and further researched ‘easy’ methods of weight loss, finding success on myself as n=1 and have acquired just under 20 trial clients. MASSIVELY undershot my goals, I must do better. The game here is trust and persuasion.

My next main mission is to effectively cure obesity, the “cure” has been known for many years and yet fat people still roam this earth. I have come to learn the missing link is either ‘regression’ or ‘distribution of information’ in most cases. Content about weight loss at an ‘easy’ level is a strong solution.

I will achieve this through tirelessly working and implementing a plan to improve my UNCOM standing, constantly planning the next five moves, and relentlessly pursuing 1k daily reps, I can sell EasySlim instead of doordashing, evergreen posts coupled with solid editing and teambuilding will lead us to conquest on social media, while turning existing clients into extremely appreciative individuals with results that hold their own.

Prioritizing health and spirituality above all has produced results far beyond the results I have gained by neglecting both. I will continue to pursue worldly matters alongside these two.

I believe this level of success was GREATLY driven by the amazing calls I had with other players that are too numerous to count AND simply reading the telegram chats have been a strong method of boosting inspiration and reframing ideas.

So I thank everybody for their incredible support whether it is directly or at the 2nd or 3rd levels from the network effect.

I look forward to seeing our futures play out and growing stronger together!

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Activity index: 208 | Total calls: 24 | Top Leaderboard Score: 10D? chin-up: 8 reps (1st)

💬 Jacob's words:

Q3 review Wouldn’t have got anyway near what I’ve done in the last 4 months since I joined if it wasn’t for uncom. It has been really powerful to have the goal setting system, accountability each month, making me take action every day, I’m in the process of creating a 2000€ product as a baseline and keep bettering it so it becomes more and more value, and get richer and richer. At the moment in the last 3 months, I have created the strength program I wanted, got it tested for free thanks to shared experience and knowledge from uncom pro’s, and got 7 clients to buy the first version of it at a discount of course but will help me improving the product and add more and more value. Also got certified level 1 Atg coach, on my way to get certified level 2 💪

I have set aside money to go meet Nico in person in Bali, he’s someone I really want to meet, he’s a huge inspiration, the plan is to do lots of deep focused work at the BTC to go even faster with the online business development than you ever could in real life with distractions and obligations (go shopping for food, make food, commute, etc) and of course meet incredible people, create great connections and come back stronger 💪

What’s next? Training is not the hard part for me, so I will focus even more on using uncom to help me expand my business and become smarter and richer. The goal is to keep making daily small steps to get closer to the end goal, which is get to financial and geographical freedom, thanks to online coaching, help more and more people get strong and healthy.

Goal is to get rich to the point that money is not even a concern anymore for me, and for my close circle as well as my future ones, it has also given me the desire to one day experience passing all these values to a child, which wasn’t something I thought I would one day feel/want…

It’s really encouraging to see what’s been possible to do in 4 months, and there’s no way that if I keep taking action the same way things won’t be great in a few years 😎

Keep putting in the work guys. All this drive and positive vibration is contagious. Great things are coming 💪

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