πŸ’¬ Andrea's words:

Improved Martial Arts Skills: My martial arts proficiency has notably improved. I’ve managed to enhance my techniques and physical conditioning by focusing more on martial arts training while maintaining my overall training schedule.

Organizing a Self-Improvement Event: I successfully organized and held a self-improvement event, demonstrating my leadership skills and commitment to fostering personal and community growth.

"Enhancing Martial Arts Mastery and Fostering Growth Through Self-Improvement Leadership"

πŸ’¬ Alvin's words:

Mentorship and Networking: In my quest to transition out of the corporate world, I actively engaged with people already doing what I aspire to in Luxembourg. This effort led me to meet a local mentor, a significant step in my career transition.

Developing a Coaching Business: I’ve drafted my first business plan for my coaching business and made a conscious decision to control my spending. This reflects my commitment to establishing my venture and being financially prudent.

"Forging New Paths: Networking for Mentorship and Laying the Foundations for a Coaching Business"

πŸ’¬ Anthony's words:

My Extensive Travel and Networking: The last quarter was an incredible whirlwind of travel, taking me all over Europe and back to Australia, with many countries in between. This journey was more than just sightseeing; it was about forming lifelong connections, like the amazing people I met in Montenegro, and enriching training experiences with Joe Shear in Ireland and Rob Wester in Scotland. These travels expanded my world view and significantly enhanced my personal and professional network.

Overcoming Physical Challenges: Despite facing issues with my knees and a shoulder injury, I pushed through and successfully completed the 10K challenge. This was a testament to my resilience and commitment to staying fit, even when it meant adapting my workout routines to accommodate my physical limitations. Overcoming these challenges was a significant personal victory, demonstrating my ability to persevere through difficulties.

"Global Journeys and Resilience: Building Connections Across Continents and Overcoming Physical Challenges"

πŸ’¬ Mark's words:

Learning and Overcoming Limitations: Joining Uncom on November 1st was a pivotal moment for me. In just two months, I transcended many self-imposed limits, a journey that began with learning to juggle three balls. Considering my partial blindness, this achievement was not just about juggling but also about breaking through perceived barriers and realizing my potential within this supportive group.

Starting My Own Business: This quarter was significant for me as I began my own business. Discovering ways to add value to others and stepping into the entrepreneurial world has been an incredible journey. It’s been the most impactful change for me personally, marking a shift from ideation to realization.

"Breaking Boundaries and Entrepreneurial Leap: Surpassing Limits with Uncom and Launching a Business Venture"

πŸ’¬ Jacob's words:

Networking and Mastermind Connections: This quarter was significant in terms of connecting with the Uncom and French players. Realizing my desire to return to France, due to feeling isolated on Rion Island, was a pivotal moment. The sense of being part of a network of like-minded individuals and missing out on events due to geographic constraints was a strong motivator for this decision.

Business and Professional Growth: On the business front, I secured some of my first clients for a three-month physical coaching program, doubling the price due to improved services and platform quality. This development, along with my plan to attract online clients, marks a significant progression in my professional life. Furthermore, I got certified as a level one ATG coach and am close to completing level two certification.

"Expanding Networks and Professional Advancement: Strengthening Connections and Elevating Coaching Business"

πŸ’¬ Thomas' words:

Athletic Progress and Health Improvements: A major win for me was in the area of fitness and health. I successfully lost weight and gained muscle by changing my diet to primarily meat and eggs and quitting energy drinks. Despite some lower back injuries, I continued to progress with my dance training and the HG system, which has been greatly beneficial.

Career Transition and Skill Development: I made a significant career change by quitting my job in Switzerland to pursue online coaching. This decision represents a big step towards my richer life. Additionally, I challenged myself to edit and create a video daily for a year, leveraging the Uncom network, marking significant development in my video editing skills.

"Transformative Fitness Journey and Career Shift: Achieving Health Goals and Embarking on Online Coaching"

πŸ’¬ Stephen's words:

Achieving 16-inch Arms in Hypertrophy: This was a significant personal milestone in my fitness journey. Attaining 16-inch arms was a testament to my dedication and hard work in hypertrophy training. It’s a physical achievement that’s not only a measure of my strength but also a symbol of my commitment to consistent and focused training.

$3,000 Sale for a Month of Training: Financially, the biggest win was securing a $3,000 sale for a month of training. This achievement in richness was pivotal for my business, marking the largest sale I’ve made. It’s a clear indicator of the value and quality of the training I offer, and a strong motivation for continuing to grow my client base and enhance my services.

"Fitness Milestone and Business Triumph: Celebrating 16-Inch Arms and a Record $3,000 Training Sale"

πŸ’¬ Andres' words:

Athletic Gains: I made significant progress in my athletic training. Notably, I got stronger in the Knees Over Toes program, overcoming a plateau by adding more weight and advancing in my regimen. Additionally, I made considerable strides towards my handstand goal, aiming for a 5 to 10-second hold. A major milestone was achieving my first muscle-up after three months of dedicated effort, which was a significant accomplishment for me.

Professional Development as a Real Estate Agent: Despite starting at a challenging time, I’ve been successfully gaining more work as a real estate agent. This progress in my professional life is encouraging, indicating that I’m moving in the right direction and building my business effectively.

"Enhanced Athletic Performance and Real Estate Career Growth: Surpassing Fitness Goals and Advancing Professionally"

πŸ’¬ Ian's words:

Business Pivot and AI Focus: Initially, I joined Uncom with the idea of creating a fitness app, but I’ve since pivoted to focusing on AI, specifically automations for inbox messaging on Instagram and creating custom GPTs for handling queries. This shift has been a major step in my professional development.

Client Work and Company Growth: Working with my first client has been a rewarding experience. I’ve been able to apply the flows and automations I’ve developed, not just for client work but also for my company’s Instagram.

"Strategic Business Shift to AI and Client Success: Pivoting to Automation Solutions and Expanding Company Reach"

πŸ’¬ Garret's words:

Business Pivot and AI Focus: Initially, I joined Uncom with the idea of creating a fitness app, but I’ve since pivoted to focusing on AI, specifically automations for inbox messaging on Instagram and creating custom GPTs for handling queries. This shift has been a major step in my professional development.

Client Work and Company Growth: Working with my first client has been a rewarding experience. I’ve been able to apply the flows and automations I’ve developed, not just for client work but also for my company’s Instagram.

"Fitness Transformation and Agricultural Entrepreneurship: Enhancing Athletic Performance and Cultivating a Passion for Sustainable Agriculture"

πŸ’¬ Aljoscha's words:

Career Transition and Growth in Sales: The highlight of the quarter was my decision to leave my stable job in Spain, where I had worked for five years, to pursue a career in sales. This bold move was inspired by my experiences at the Future Expander event and within the Uncom community. I have since begun training to become a high-ticket closer, a path that I’m passionate about and feel confident in. This transition marks a significant step in my professional journey.

Athletic Achievements: Athletically, I’ve continued to excel. My training is consistent, and I’ve made notable progress in four-ball juggling, I’ve also achieved a 47-second freehand stand. This continued development in my physical skills is not only fulfilling but also a testament to my dedication and discipline.

"Embracing New Career in Sales and Athletic Milestones: Transitioning Professionally and Advancing in Four-Ball Juggling and Handstands"

πŸ’¬ Davi's words:

Richer and Business Expansion: In my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) school, I implemented new training ideas from the expansion method, which led to noticeable improvements. My students became more technical and efficient, extracting more value from our time on the mats. Additionally, I explored expanding my business online, launching my scale solution, which I see as a promising opportunity for future growth.

Athletic Efficiency and Fitness: Athletically, I’m in one of my best shapes yet, but more importantly, my training has become incredibly efficient. By integrating dance and range training ideas, I’ve managed to spend less time in the gym while achieving better results. This efficiency is a major win for me.

"Advancing BJJ School and Personal Fitness: Elevating Training Methods for Business Growth and Achieving Athletic Efficiency"

πŸ’¬ Luke Paul's words:

Joining Uncom and Mastermind Impact: I joined Uncom in early December, and the transformation since then has been phenomenal. My enthusiasm and zest for life have skyrocketed. Prior to joining, I had nobody to discuss topics like online business with real understanding. Since joining, the Mastermind aspect has been transformative – I’ve made more international friends in a month than in my entire life before. It’s incredible to finally have a community that gets it.

Richer Journey and Business Clarity: Before Uncom, I had some ideas for business, but joining Uncom brought clarity and excitement to these plans. Conversations with Keegan and insights into scale solutions have revolutionized my approach. The sense of accountability and the opportunity to bounce ideas around have made success feel inevitable.

"Uncom Membership Transformation and Business Breakthrough: Gaining Global Connections and Achieving Entrepreneurial Clarity"

πŸ’¬ Kevin's words:

Freedom Salt Project and Uncom Community: Our core team for the Freedom Salt electrolyte project includes six members, five from the Uncommon network. This experience has shown me the power of being part of a group like this. It has become a part of my identity, much like the idea of “What would Jesus do?” I find myself often asking, “What would an Uncommon man do?” and this has been a significant pattern breaker and source of strength.

Diploma in Blockchain and Overcoming Challenges: Pursuing my diploma in blockchain was challenging, akin to going back to school with its formalities and written assignments. However, being inspired by a project I believe in – The Uncommon project community – has made it more manageable. I’ve completed my first assessments and am on my way to obtaining my diploma.

"Building the Freedom Salt Team and Blockchain Diploma Pursuit: Embracing Uncom Community Values and Overcoming Educational Challenges"

πŸ’¬ Zac's words:

Handstand Progress and Coaching Aspirations: I’ve improved my handstand, doubling my hold time from 3-4 seconds to consistent 7-8 second holds, and am now aiming for over 10 seconds. This progress is a testament to my dedication and effort.

First Earnings from Coaching and Future Goals: A significant milestone was earning my first money ever from coaching. A huge thank you goes to my student, Jack Edwards in Perth, for being an exceptional learner. This experience has not only been rewarding but has also fueled my passion for teaching further, particularly in the realm of weapon training. I aspire to be known as the Uncom weapons guy.

"Enhancing Handstand Skills and Launching Coaching Career: Achieving Athletic Milestones and Celebrating First Coaching Earnings"

πŸ’¬ Joshua's words:

Revitalized Personal Health and Fitness: The significant transformation in my health and fitness has been a major highlight. Overcoming the challenge of being 15 kilos overweight and shifting my lifestyle to focus on healthier habits, like handstand training and regular dancing, has not only improved my physical condition but also boosted my self-esteem and mental health.

Enhanced Business Skills and Language Proficiency: Another key area of growth has been in my business acumen and language skills. The advice and insights gained from the community have greatly contributed to my development as a businessman. Additionally, dedicating more time to learning Japanese, especially aiming for business-level proficiency, is not just enhancing my daily life in Japan but also opening new professional opportunities.

"Health and Fitness Transformation Coupled with Business and Language Skill Enhancement: Overcoming Weight Challenges and Advancing Professional Competencies"

πŸ’¬ Luke's words:

Business Challenges and Insights: The journey in my physio clinic and baseball performance business didn’t go as planned, but it brought in some income and valuable lessons about brand trust and marketing. Despite lower sales for my online product, working on Google ads with Tyson offered key insights.

Networking and Resilience: My extensive networking in professional baseball, including several interviews, didn’t result in landing the dream job, but it marked progress and personal growth. This experience, while challenging, underscored my resilience and determination to turn setbacks into success in 2024.

"Overcoming Business Hurdles and Building Resilience: Gaining Valuable Insights and Strengthening Professional Networks"

πŸ’¬ Ben's words:

Athletic Achievements: Completing 10,000 squats in December and achieving a 90kg squat represent significant milestones in my fitness journey. These accomplishments not only demonstrate my physical strength and endurance but also the successful adaptation of my body to rigorous training.

Digital Content Creation and Community Engagement: Launching my YouTube channel and podcast was a major step in exploring digital content creation. Growing the subscriber base and initiating this new form of communication and expression has been rewarding, offering a platform to connect with a wider audience and share my insights and experiences.

"Remarkable Fitness Milestones and Digital Content Ventures: Mastering Squats and Engaging Audiences Through New Media Channels"

πŸ’¬ Ian's words:

Financial Milestone and Athletic Focus: Achieving the financial capability to move out for the first time ever was a major milestone. However, I chose to stay with my parents to save money and focus on my Olympic dream for squash. This decision reflects my dedication to not leaving anything to chance and my commitment to intensive training, securing sponsors, and enhancing my athletic performance.

Personal Growth and Community Impact: Joining Uncom has fundamentally changed my world, increasing my value as a person. I’ve learned to showcase my worth effectively, leading to an increased appreciation from others. While I’ve always had good relationships, my involvement in Uncom has allowed me to offer something of value, whether in squash or just sharing my journey and passion. This has not only improved my relationships but also made me a more engaging and valued member of my community.

"Securing Financial Independence and Pursuing Olympic Aspirations: Balancing Savings with Athletic Ambitions, and Elevating Personal Growth through Uncom Community Engagement"

πŸ’¬ Andre's words:

Transformation in Living Environment and Personal Growth: The transition to the founder house in Florida was a major change. Living with four other driven individuals in diverse sectors has been an incredible experience. This unique environment has allowed me to tap into a collective energy, enhancing my daily life and motivation. The sense of community and shared ambition in the house has been a crucial factor in my personal and professional growth.

Financial Breakthrough and Business Success: The most transformative aspect of Q4 was my financial and business breakthrough. From making only about $1,000 a month and heavily relying on savings, I experienced a significant turnaround. The momentum began with creating successful social media content, leading to my biggest financial day in January, making $1,300 in a single day. This success was the culmination of the hard work and effort I put in at the end of Q4. It has not only relieved my financial stress but also paved a clear path for my business’s future growth. This breakthrough has been incredibly rewarding, changing my mindset from scarcity to abundance and fueling my enthusiasm for further business development.

"Founder House Synergy and Remarkable Business Turnaround: Embracing Community Energy for Personal Evolution and Achieving Financial Success"

πŸ’¬ Chris' words:

Personal Challenges and Growth: The quarter was marked by both joyous and challenging personal experiences. The birth of my second son in September was a high point, followed by the sorrow of losing my mother in October. These events profoundly impacted me, contributing to a period of intense personal reflection and growth. Joining Uncom and starting the TFE program in November further challenged me, both physically and mentally, reshaping my perspectives on government, control, money, and freedom.

Physical Achievements and Health Focus: Physically, I made significant strides in my fitness journey. With guidance from Jorge, I improved my knee health, achieving milestones like 5D 10 body weight Amo squats and getting my split squat to the ground, despite previous cartilage damage. I also lost a couple of kilos through diet adjustments and intermittent fasting. These achievements in physical health have been incredibly positive, and I plan to continue building muscle and improving my overall fitness.

"Embracing Life's Extremes and Advancing Physical Health: Navigating Personal Joys and Sorrows, and Achieving Fitness Milestones"

πŸ’¬ Fabien's words:

Business Launch and Financial Success: Launching my new business, Neurodense, and its accompanying website was a significant achievement. Making a few sales initially boosted my confidence, marking a positive start in this new venture. The best financial month I had in November, where I earned $4,000, was particularly rewarding. This success has set a strong foundation for future growth, and I’m currently focused on building products, confident about increasing my earnings in the new year.

Remarkable Athletic Performance: On the athletic front, I significantly improved my performance. Notably, I completed a rigorous challenge involving 10,000 repetitions in one day, including 1,000 handstand push-ups, 2,000 squats with 20 kilograms, 2,000 push-ups, and 4,000 knee scissors. Though it was physically demanding and left me exhausted for weeks, it was a testament to my endurance and strength. Additionally, getting back to squats and surpassing my previous performance levels indicates a positive trajectory in my athletic journey.

"Entrepreneurial Triumph and Extreme Athletic Feats: Launching 'Neuro dense' to Financial Success and Conquering a Grueling Fitness Challenge"

πŸ’¬ Guy's words:

Personal and Spiritual Development: The quarter was significant for my spiritual growth, particularly in the realm of meditation. I reached new depths in my practice, spurred by insights from books like “The Way of the Superior Man.” Embracing the concept of mortality and finitude brought me peace and inspiration, enhancing my sense of presence and connection with the present moment.

Professional Transition and Commitment to Uncom: A major decision was to quit my job, armed with enough savings to fully commit to Uncom in the upcoming months. This decision reflects my confidence and dedication to the path I’ve chosen. It’s a leap towards realizing my potential within the Uncom community and a commitment to making significant progress in both personal and professional aspects of my life.

"Deepening Spiritual Insight and Bold Professional Leap: Cultivating Meditation Mastery and Embracing Full Commitment to Uncom"

πŸ’¬ Brandon's words:

Personal Growth and Emotional Mastery: A key focus for me has been controlling my emotional state and responding effectively to various situations. This involves understanding the space between stimulus and response, which I believe is critical for personal growth and success. This mindset has been transformative, helping me navigate both the joys and challenges of life, including family issues and injuries. It’s about pushing through adversity, not always seeking joy but finding reward in deeper levels of consciousness and effort.

Professional Developments and New Initiatives: The birth of my son in November brought incredible joy and perspective, fueling my determination to break free from mediocrity. Professionally, I’m excited about two major projects: creating ‘The Empowered Back Solution’ course, focusing on controlling the nervous system and spine for injury recovery and performance enhancement, and launching ‘The Physics of You’ podcast. This podcast aims to explore individuality, ranging from physical aspects like range of motion and postural assessment to mindset and emotional resilience. These projects represent significant steps in my career, and I’m enthusiastic about the impact they will have.

"Emotional Resilience and Career Innovation: Mastering Self-Regulation and Launching Impactful Health and Wellness Projects"

πŸ’¬ John's words:

Completing the U Squat Challenge: Achieving the goal of 10,000 squats in November stands out as a major accomplishment. This challenge not only strengthened me physically but also contributed to a sense of becoming more resilient and ‘unbreakable’. My dedication to this fitness routine highlights my commitment to personal health and physical improvement.

Navigating Personal Health and Maintaining Employment: During December, I focused on navigating personal health issues while simultaneously balancing my workouts and job responsibilities at the post office. Although I felt that the month involved some wasted time, managing my health and job simultaneously is noteworthy, especially as it laid the groundwork for future changes post-January.

"Strength in Dedication: Completing the U Squat Challenge and Navigating Personal Health"

πŸ’¬ Alex's words:

Athletic Development and Vision for Future Impact: I’ve made significant progress in my athletic training, advancing from three-ball to four-ball juggling and improving in handstands. More importantly, this physical development aligns with my growing vision for the future. I am inspired to make a meaningful impact on youth, especially in volleyball, by helping them develop strong athletic bodies and guiding them to craft a vision for a life they love. My goal of creating a $2,000 product by next year is a testament to my ambition and commitment to this vision.

Integration into the Community and Discovery of Hidden Talents: My visit to the Mexico Village and completing my ATG Level 1 certification, accelerated by the community’s support, were major achievements. The time spent there, discussing consciousness, spirituality, and business, deepened my integration into the Uncom community. Discovering my talent in writing, particularly copywriting, was an unexpected yet valuable revelation. This newfound skill not only enhances my business potential but also enables me to offer significant support to others within the community.

"Athletic Growth and Visionary Impact: Advancing Physical Skills and Fostering Youth Development Through Volleyball"

πŸ’¬ Rob's words:

Consultant Role and Business Expansion: Joining Uncom in October as a consultant was an easy decision for me, given my history with Keegan. Despite setbacks like food poisoning and a chest infection, I remained committed to the TF program, focusing on expanding my vision for my kids’ program. The shift to online programming, something I initially resisted, became a crucial step in my business growth. I’m nearing the completion of my first online program, which is part of several online ventures I’m working on. This has been a significant change in my business perspective, pushing me to think bigger and broader.

Athletic Exploration and Community Engagement: Athletically, I’ve started enjoying bodyweight exercises more, like handstands and muscle-ups, moving away from traditional weightlifting. This shift is driven by scientific insights and a desire to explore more nuanced forms of strength training. I’m excited about this new direction and the potential discoveries it holds. On the community front, participating in the Uncom Man Workshop was a great experience, allowing me to share my expertise and learn from others. I’m also looking forward to connecting with more community members, both online and in person, like Rob Wester and possibly visiting Montenegro.

"Expanding Consulting Role and Business Innovation: Embracing Online Programs and Redefining Athletic Training Approaches"

πŸ’¬ Zack's words:

Vision Discovery and Self-Realization: My Uncom journey, starting with the Future Expander, was transformative, particularly in uncovering my vision. Initially, I struggled with feeling out of place and lacking direction. However, a moment of clarity emerged when I recognized a multi-million dollar opportunity in a problem I had been pondering. This realization was a breakthrough, giving me a clear focus and transforming my view of my potential. It was a profound shift from seeing myself as underachieving to recognizing a tangible goal I could pursue.

Personal Challenges and Relationship Dynamics: Alongside this newfound vision came the realization of the issues in my relationship with my wife. This period was marked by attempts to navigate and mend our relationship, culminating in a holiday that brought underlying issues to the surface. The subsequent emotional struggle has been challenging, leaving me feeling lost and recalibrating my life without her. Despite the pain, I’m inspired by the Uncom community’s spirit of striving for the best, which motivates me to keep moving forward and focus on my project, which requires significant learning and dedication.

"Transformative Vision and Navigating Personal Trials: From Realizing Potential to Facing Relationship Challenges"

πŸ’¬ Eamon's words:

Mastermind Engagement and Athletic Challenges: Joining Luke Carter’s video marketing course was a major step in my Mastermind journey. The weekly calls with him and other Uncom members have greatly enhanced our content creation skills. Additionally, I set ambitious athletic challenges for myself and my online male clients, completing over 2,500 push-ups and 4,500 squats in a month, and accumulating 10,000 reps in the Uncommon Man app. These athletic achievements were significant milestones for me.

Financial Success and Business Growth: Richer was the most satisfying aspect of my Q4 journey. I surpassed my goal of earning $7,000 online, finishing the quarter with $7,391.16. This accomplishment, driven by gaining new clients and having existing clients renew, was a testament to my ability to generate income online. The investment in Luke Carter’s course, using my previous quarter’s earnings, was a strategic move for my business. Additionally, developing a lead magnet and funnel system has streamlined my lead generation process, enhancing my online presence across various platforms.

"Dynamic Business Growth and Athletic Milestones: Excelling in Online Marketing and Surpassing Fitness Challenges"

πŸ’¬ Rob's words:

Financial Stability and Business Shift: This quarter has been solid in terms of finances, especially in November when I experienced a notable increase in earnings. Although there was a slight drop in December due to the nature of my in-person client work, I’ve felt comfortable with the overall financial trajectory. A key business decision was closing my studio to focus more on online offerings. This shift has allowed me the flexibility to spend three weeks in Lanzarote during the Christmas period, which was a fantastic opportunity for me.

Training Progress and Upcoming Challenges: My training regimen has been going great. I’m feeling stronger and am well-prepared for an upcoming race in March. I’ve managed to log around 20-21 entries on the leaderboard, a testament to my commitment and progress in training. Currently, I’m continuing to build my strength with dips and pull-ups, maintaining a consistent workout routine. Additionally, my Silver Fox Formula project is progressing well, with new merchandise like shirts on the way, adding another exciting dimension to my professional life.

"Financial Growth and Focused Training: Achieving Business Stability and Preparing for Athletic Challenges"

πŸ’¬ Kodie's words:

Personal Milestones and Learning to Enjoy the Moment: Getting married in September was a major life event for me. Balancing work during this period was challenging, but it taught me the valuable lesson of letting go and truly appreciating the moment. Being able to spend quality time with family and immersing myself in the joy of the wedding and honeymoon was incredibly rewarding and something I’m deeply grateful for.

Professional Development and Mentoring Initiative: Launching my first online catch-pass program was a significant step in my coaching career. Despite not achieving the sales I hoped for, the experience was immensely educational, providing insights on how to improve future offerings. Following Keegan’s suggestion, I ventured into mentoring, reaching out to aspiring professional rugby players. The response was overwhelming, leading to several Zoom calls and eventually five players committing to a year-long mentoring program with me. I’ve arranged guest speakers and game reviews for them, similar to the Uncom model but tailored for rugby. This initiative is exciting, and I’m looking forward to refining and consolidating it in Q1.

"Embracing Personal Milestones and Advancing Professional Coaching: Navigating Marriage and Launching a Rugby Mentoring Program"

πŸ’¬ Kerry's words:

Mastermind and Community Engagement: Organizing the Melbourne Uncom meetup was a major highlight. Bringing together four players for a workout session that included dense training, chin-ups, dips, squats, juggling, and handstand practice, followed by a barbecue, was a fantastic way to connect with fellow Uncom members. This event not only strengthened our physical abilities but also our community bonds. Additionally, on the personal front, moving in with my girlfriend and spending quality family time during Christmas were key moments in enhancing my relationships.

Athletic Achievements and Business Growth: Athletically, reaching a 90 kg squat was a significant achievement, especially considering it’s the highest I’ve squatted in a long time, with an aim to reach 100 kg soon. Running my 17th ultramarathon, improving my rock climbing grade, and overall physical progression were other notable accomplishments. On the business side, launching the Strong Runner Challenge and seeing its impact, despite the ups and downs in participation, was a great learning experience. Planning a strength training workshop for runners in Brisbane is set to further my business and coaching credibility. Achieving my highest income in October and transitioning to a new job that allows more focus on my business were crucial steps towards my financial and professional goals.

"Community Building and Athletic Excellence: Spearheading Melbourne Uncom Meetup and Achieving Personal Fitness Milestones"

πŸ’¬ John's words:

Business Model Overhaul and Community Engagement: This quarter was pivotal for reevaluating and transforming my business approach. Inspired by Dr. Benjamin Hardy’s concept of 10x improvement, I revamped my online business, moving away from one-on-one coaching to high-ticket offers and pausing my regular content creation to focus on quality and alignment with my core message. Engaging with various members of the Uncom community, including Keegan and Andreas, helped refine my focus and ensure that my business strategies align with my personal and professional goals.

Physical Training for Creativity and Business Growth: While my primary focus has been business, I’ve also maintained a commitment to physical training, not just for fitness but as a source of creativity and mental clarity. Working with Fabs on the Neurodense program and taking on John Cannon’s squat challenge has been intense but rewarding, aiding in my personal development and contributing to business insights. This holistic approach to physical and mental well-being has been crucial in supporting my business ambitions.

"Strategic Business Transformation and Holistic Physical Training: Navigating Business Revamp and Training for Enhanced Creativity"

πŸ’¬ Lion's words:

Impactful Presence at Mexico Village and Athletic Successes: My arrival at the Mexico Village in November marked a significant accomplishment, fulfilling my year-long goal. I’ve brought considerable value through my expertise in breathwork and holistic embodiment practices, as well as strength training. Engaging in deep, immersive conversations about various aspects of life, including spirituality, training, and business, has been enriching. Athletically, achieving top leaderboard positions in hand balancing at the Village, despite a severe lower back injury, showcased my resilience and ability to quickly recover. This experience taught me valuable lessons about balancing ambition with self-care.

Business Advancements and Human Design Mastery: Professionally, I’ve made great strides in the ‘Richer’ domain. I successfully completed filming and set up to launch my 4-week program, marking a significant step in my career by trading less time for money. Additionally, achieving my goal of closing three high-value clients reflects my growing business acumen. In terms of ‘Smarter’ achievements, becoming fluent in the human design system has been a major win. Applying this knowledge to optimize interactions among the men at the Village and sharing insights for self-improvement have been fulfilling. Regular reading and self-education have also been key aspects of my growth in this area.

"Balancing Athletic Mastery and Business Growth: Achieving Top Athletic Performance and Launching a Transformative Business Program"

πŸ’¬ Niels's words:

Mastermind Growth and Business Evolution: This quarter marked my one-year anniversary with Uncom, and the growth has been substantial. My involvement in the Uncommon Man Workshop was a game-changer, providing motivation and deep insights. I’ve built strong connections, especially with fellow rugby enthusiasts like Cody and Finn, which has been very enriching. A pivotal decision was committing to the Montenegro Retreat for February, an opportunity I’m confident will elevate my business to new heights. This aligns with my choice to leave my job and focus fully on growing my online rugby coaching business. I’m excited about the potential and the freedom this path offers.

Athletic Progress and Language Learning: Athletically, this has been my strongest quarter. Since training in Montenegro this summer, I’ve been more focused on weightlifting and handstands, resulting in numerous leaderboard entries. Working with a coach has accelerated my progress, particularly in achieving a consistent 20-second handstand. Additionally, my language skills have improved significantly, particularly in Portuguese, and I’ve enjoyed helping others with their language goals. I’m now planning to start learning Persian, which presents a challenging but exciting new journey.

"Transformative Year in Masterminding and Athletic Discipline: Embracing Leadership in Rugby Coaching and Advancing Language Skills"

πŸ’¬ Γ…dne's words:

Professional and Athletic Developments: The beginning of Q4 saw me completing my second Future Expander, with a focus on football, physiotherapy study, and improving my physical fitness. Joining a new football team and securing a spot in the starting 11, coupled with actively participating in every game since, was a significant athletic achievement. Academically, I was deeply involved in my physiotherapy studies, completing my internships, writing an article on compensation during internships, and finishing my bachelor’s thesis. Additionally, growing my TikTok channel from around 100 to 2,000 followers and gaining hundreds of thousands of views each month was a major accomplishment in my digital presence.

Life-Changing Experience in Montenegro and Decision to Turn Pro: My visit to Montenegro was a turning point. Initially, I felt disappointed due to my expectations and the ongoing work there. However, the in-depth discussions with Sebastian and Yubo Movic transformed my experience. These conversations about dreams, life, and various thoughts provided me with time to reflect deeply on my habits and lifestyle back home. This introspection led me to make a crucial decision about my future – to pursue professionalism in football and expand my comfort zone. While the exact path forward is still unfolding, the decision is a clear and exciting commitment to my goals.

"Football Focus and Physiotherapy Advancements: Athletic and Academic Progress with a Digital Leap, Culminating in a Transformational Montenegro Experience"

πŸ’¬ Patrick's words:

Overcoming Personal Struggles and Embracing Change: My journey this year started with significant personal challenges, including a struggle with drinking, partying, and a lack of direction. A series of personal setbacks, such as the end of a relationship and losing my job, led to a period of depression. However, this phase became a catalyst for change. I started to engage more earnestly with Uncom, adopting healthier habits and routines like journaling, meditation, and exercise, which gradually steered me towards recovery and self-improvement.

New Career Path and Personal Growth: Making the bold decision to work in the mines, although it was out of my comfort zone, marked a crucial step in my journey towards personal growth. This experience, combined with my commitment to Uncom’s principles, helped me gain clarity and sparked the idea for a new business venture. Presenting this business idea for the first time, despite being a nerve-wracking experience, was a significant milestone for me. It reflected not only my growing professional confidence but also a newfound sense of purpose and direction in life.

"Journey of Transformation: From Personal Struggles to Professional Breakthrough and Purpose Discovery"

πŸ’¬ George's words:

Expansion of In-Person Training Facility and Online Coaching Launch: My in-person training facility, launched over a year ago, has seen exponential growth with numerous new leads and referrals, enhancing my reputation for quality coaching and service. This success led to the addition of two new coaches in January, allowing me to step into a mentoring role. Additionally, the launch of a three-month online training service in October marked a significant step in my coaching career. The positive response and the lessons learned from this experience have inspired me to enhance my online offerings further, including community building and additional value through weekly coaching calls, articles, and newsletters.

Montenegro Village Experience and Personal Development: Attending Montenegro, my first Village experience, was unforgettable and highly impactful. The skills and knowledge gained from masters in breathwork and training have become invaluable tools in my personal and professional life. This experience has also motivated me to build an online business that facilitates travel and potentially create my own village in the future. Additionally, completing my first 3-day water fast before Christmas and maintaining consistent, disciplined training has significantly improved my physical shape and business productivity.

"Dynamic Growth in Coaching Business and Personal Transformation: Expanding Training Facility and Embracing Transformative Experiences"

πŸ’¬ Michael's words:

Significant Progress in Social Media Presence and Physical Fitness: Starting from scratch with no social media presence or content, I achieved remarkable progress by completing Luke Carter’s challenge, where I successfully posted 10 times within 21 days. Joining the Uncom X community, I became highly active, contributing regularly. My dedication to fitness was evident in my transformation from 195 lbs and 15% body fat to 186 lbs and 12.3% body fat. This physical change is a testament to my commitment and discipline, marking a significant achievement in my personal health journey.

Mastermind Involvement, Athletic Improvement, and Financial Goals: My involvement in Mastermind significantly ramped up in December, a month I initially thought would be challenging but turned out to be incredibly productive. I not only accomplished my October and November goals in the early part of December but also found purpose and clarity through Uncom workshops. Athletically, I made substantial gains in handstands, desk work, and juggling, with notable consistency in both foot and hand juggling, alongside an increase in strength as my body weight and fat decreased. In terms of financial aspirations, I set a bold goal of $20,000 a month in income within the next two years. On the intellectual front, completing multiple books, especially ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’, and delving into introspective work with Max Hernandez, has broadened my understanding of myself and the world around me.

"Social Media Breakthrough and Holistic Development: Charting New Paths in Fitness, Mastermind Engagement, and Financial Ambitions"

πŸ’¬ Alex's words:

Overcoming Lyme Disease with a Dry Fast in Montenegro: My battle with Lyme Disease took a turning point this quarter. I underwent a rigorous 10-day and night dry fast under Dr. Filinov’s guidance in Montenegro, abstaining from both food and water. This challenging experience led to a remarkable outcome – the cessation of all Lyme disease symptoms. Although it was physically taxing, resulting in a loss of about 15 kilos, the positive results have been profound. I’m planning to get a medical test soon, but the signs are very encouraging.

Adapting Training and Making Strides in Social Media: Given my health conditions, including an inguinal hernia, I adapted my training regimen. I delved into the world of Sandow and his light dumbbell routine, achieving a notable physical transformation with just 3-pound dumbbells. Additionally, I’ve been engaging in calisthenics, celebrating my first L-sit on the flat. On the social media front, I made significant progress by creating and posting 11 videos on Instagram, documenting my dry fast journey and other unique challenges, such as a 20-hour palming session and a one-hour long swing for vision improvement. Hosting my first group vision class was another milestone in sharing my learning and experiences.

"Recovery from Lyme Disease Through Extreme Dry Fasting: Training Adaptations and Social Media Breakthroughs"

πŸ’¬ Chris's words:

Celebrating Sobriety and Personal Growth: As I approach a year of sobriety, I’ve found immense value in this journey. This New Year’s Eve marks the first in 30 years that I’ve stayed sober, a milestone that fills me with pride. The clarity and growth I’ve experienced from my sobriety have been transformative. My trip to Montenegro was a mix of highs and challenges, but it reinforced my belief in failing forward and testing limits. These experiences have strengthened my resolve and optimism in all aspects of life, whether it’s my fitness, business, or health journey.

Building Relationships and Expanding Horizons: This quarter has also been significant in terms of the relationships I’ve forged within the group. Connecting with motivated and intelligent men has not only made me smarter but also reignited my passion for taking initiative. One such instance was meeting an individual working in Instacart on New Year’s Eve, whose hustle and dedication impressed me. This encounter could potentially lead to a new member joining our community, someone who embodies the commitment we value. Additionally, the deep, genuine care I feel for my fellow group members, even those I haven’t met, underscores the powerful bond we share. Athletically, I’ve seen great progress in regaining strength and involving my family in my activities. A significant personal joy has been the news of expecting our third child, a beautiful catalyst motivating me to strive for success and share it with those around me.

"Sobriety Milestone and Relationship Building: Embracing Growth and Expanding Horizons"

πŸ’¬ Chris's words:

Navigating Business Challenges with Renewed Vision: It’s been a tough quarter for our company, with a significant decline in year-over-year monthly revenue, reaching a concerning 45% drop in December. Despite these daunting numbers, this period has been crucial in clarifying my vision for the company and understanding the necessary pivots we need to take. This process of transformation and adaptation is largely inspired by the support and insights from this network and Keegan’s vision.

Embracing Social Media and Personal Growth: As someone who had never been active on social media, this quarter marked a significant change. Thanks to Luke Carter’s Challenge and the encouragement from many in the group, I made my first Instagram post. This seemingly small step has been incredibly empowering, fueling my belief that despite our company’s current struggles, there’s a bright path ahead. My commitment to Andre’s 25-day posting program in January signifies a leap into a new direction, both for my personal growth and the company’s future. The plan is to vigorously promote both my personal brand and our new agency venture on social media.

"Pivoting Through Business Challenges and Embracing Social Media for Growth"

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