Quadrivium Invitation

$100M List To Change The Athletic Future Of Mankind For Better.

Deals will be done.

Families will connect & children of similar values will unite.

Your athleticism will increase.



  • Network
  • Contribution to uncommon success


  • Athletic ability


  • Net worth
  • Income


  • Hard skills
  • Soft skills
  • Champions 
  • students results
It’s rare to find men who aspire to be top 0.1% across multiple areas of life.
I know a few dozen and I’d like us to win bigger together.
I want a better personal mastermind. Maybe you’d like the same.
Men making $25k+ per month business or with $1M+ Net-worth or 100K+ following with a good business concept.
**By invite or application only.
The build ourselves into objectively top 0.1% men. 
Masterminding to Athletic, Richer & Smarter.
It’s very difficult to find men who are aiming for these standards.
We can support each other to grow faster & enjoy the journey more along the way.
What does it take?
30 minutes per week to connect 1-1 to other players sharing ideas and progress.
Paid mentoring calls – one day per month open for around 2 hours.
Present at online events & possibly on podcasts.
What do I get?
  1. Disciplined Action Brotherhood Elite (Live 24-7 Focus Group)
  2. Connect with each other < Private networking.
  3. Social & live event collaborations.
  4. Opportunities for affiliate marketing & email marketing.
Preferential access to top 10 AI solutions.
Find future staff and business partners.
Access to the Uncommon PRO app & calls.

DISCIPLINE Wins Freedom​


$500 FREE for the first 1000 Players

$500 FREE
for the first 1000 Players

Learn Discipline.

Become Better.

Challenges & Courses to make you Athletic, Richer & Smarter!