When you START you open the feedback loop for change.

When you don’t start, you speculate about what might be.

You live in regret.

You avoid learning & growth.

The man who doesn’t start is not in the arena.

He is not bloody in defeat or triumphant in victory.

A fresh START opportunity begins with a LIVE workshop on the 30th of July.

Put everything you can into the START.

Initiate MOMENTUM.

Uncommon Montenegro Village STARTed just over 12 months ago.

Men are arriving with the explicit purpose of levelling up their lives.
We’ve started.

Over 25 visitors in Montenegro so far, Vanuatu a similar number, Bali round 2 about to begin…

Uncommon PRO & Uncommon Villages have MOMENTUM.

Only when you START is it possible that you will experience MOMENTUM.

The 100 players in “The Future Expander” for August will have new thoughts & experiences.

This is your chance to get MOMENTUM.

You will learn new ways of thinking & being.

The beginnings of a new identity & new possibilities.

During this 25-day experience, you will have new Thoughts, Feelings & Actions.

New Results are the only possible outcome.

For some this start will be leaving behind toxic habits.

For some it’ll be initiating a village or app project.

For others it will be a physical transformation.

What is it that you want? (Think on that & reply if you’re inspired with clarity)


P.S. We’ve had a big response to “The Future Expander.”

Applications are open for September.

It’s $11 to lock in your place here.

DISCIPLINE Wins Freedom​


$500 FREE for the first 1000 Players

$500 FREE
for the first 1000 Players

Learn Discipline.

Become Better.

Challenges & Courses to make you Athletic, Richer & Smarter!