We once lived in a world of villages.

Village life was always a test.

Here in Montenegro to marry you needed 10 olive trees or 10 goats.

You also needed the permission of the father & the grandfather of the bride.

Your record was permanent.

The family name, the village… it was everything.

Today’s actions could make centuries of impact.

To be exiled was a serious punishment!

Imagine being banished from everything & everyone you know!

The modern world is a shadow world.

Anonymous gaming name, crypto pseudonym & social accounts.

Non-Playing-Characters (NPC’s) are everywhere.

NPC’s don’t test their ideas.

NPC’s don’t test their physical abilities.

NPC’s are who the depopulation agenda consider the living dead.

Time of honest, hard working village men are lost in the west.

A new game is needed.

A new game is what we made.

In Uncommon Success you have a permanent record.

You get a score in every Match.

Match#1 – you get a score.

Match#2 – you get a score.

Your mental and physical ability is improving or it isn’t.

Your business is improving… or it isn’t.

Could you imagine that the woman who would bear your children would care…

That you’re consistent?

The you can maintain maker mode?

That you can make money?

That you have colleagues all over the world?

Would a potential investor or employer care?

Would other Uncommon Men care if they were going to…

Travel to your event?

Invest in your village?

Collaborate on a project?

Truth is the common man has had no choice other than the shadows.

Until today.

Begin the game with “The Future Expander” or remain in the shadows.


Applications are open for September.

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$500 FREE
for the first 1000 Players

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Become Better.

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