An expanded future begins with taking action...

Build a life you look forward to living​

That’s what we all want.

For men like us that means doing things we’re proud of…

  • Building an athletic body.
  • Building meaningful solutions.
  • Building connections with other great men.

In past times the ability to hunt & fight were what was most prized.

Today the game has changed.

Building solutions is now number one.

Too many men feel trapped and alone.

There is an inbuilt compass we all possess that tells us when we’re not living well.

Depression, shame, anxiety, loneliness… they are the gifts that flash “WRONG WAY!”

I also felt trapped & alone before I started living this formula.

Even after living it for years I wasn’t exactly sure how I’d gone from broke, sick & alone to a life I loved.

It took me more than 10 years to build it.

It took me another 10 to really understand what I’d done & build the technology to share it.


Money solved my money problems.

It allowed me to work on myself & my solution full-time.

It allowed me to buy any help I needed.

It allowed me to travel.

The result is an expanded frame of reference from having been to over 50 countries.

I’ve read thousands of books.

I’m able to focus on what I always knew deep down was my purpose.

To coach men better.


What if we were all dedicated to building & living our solutions?

A giant mastermind for improvement?

Robert Kiyosaki’s mentor, Buckminster Fuller predicted that we’d all be dedicated to this task by now.

If you’re still here then you know this is what you want too.

But if you’re like I was when I started this journey you don’t have the type of money it takes.

You can’t afford to dedicate yourself to improving yourself and mankind full-time.

Or you can but you don’t really know what to do with your time.

At 22, I arrived to Latin America wanting an education in the world.

I wanted to know the real truth about mankind & find my place in it.

Even though I did well in school & sports growing up, I often felt like a “fish out of water.”


That feeling is gone for me & I’ve heard hundreds of the men I work with say the same.

Today we have both online and off-line solutions.

It won’t cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It won’t take you decades.

You can build a life of service on your own terms.


I’ve built the system so you can do what I’ve done faster and better.

If you’ll let me I will coach you to become:

  • The ultimate athlete.
  • Build a 7-figure freedom business.
  • Build an international network of brothers who you know & trust all over the world.


I’ve done it.

Many of my students & close connections have done it.

But can you?


At this time you question yourself, you question me…

And you make a decision.

Do you keep the same social circle, train the same & work on the path you’re on?

Or do you step into the possibility that you can be much better?

The results of the men I’ve worked with are documented.

Are you so different that you couldn’t get an average result?

Maybe you know you could be an Uncommon Man amongst the Uncommon.

Play the game & then we’ll know!


What does TFE involve?

The Future Expander program runs for 25 days.


The commitment is:

  1. 25 minutes per day for physical training
  2. 10-20 minute lecture/tutorial.
  3. Answer 1-3 reflections about the content
  4. Logging your mental and physical transformation

The reflective questions take you deep.

Questions you’ve never been asked find answers you never knew you needed.

You will connect with hundreds of other men who’ve also chosen expansion.

Watch the video below.

Who is it for?

The Future Expander is for men who refuse to remain in their current box.

Expand your vision for your life,
Upgrade your body,
See business in new light.

It is NOT for men who refuse responsibility.

If you are afraid to change your life don’t join.

If you avoid hard work, you’ll hate it.


What do graduates get?

  1. New ATHLETIC abilities
  2. New business ideas.
  3. Eligibility to go to Uncommon Village events.
  4. Your scores will remain for others to see / beat.
  5. Eligibility to join the PRO game.
  6. Top players will win consults with PRO players or Keegan.

You will see a bigger, better and brighter future.


WARNING: some men cannot handle this new vision for themselves and their families. It is simply too confronting to the slave programming modern society has installed in some men.


How do I get started?
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An expanded future begins with taking action…

What Current TFE Members Are Saying...

The Future Expander program begins with the decision to want more…

DISCIPLINE Wins Freedom​


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$500 FREE
for the first 1000 Players

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