This update’s gonna make it crystal clear what has changed with Uncom, where we are going, what the future looks like. And you’ll be clear by the end of this audio whether you are ready to go all in on your own success journey or if you need to go and find another path somewhere else. The uncommon path is now very clear. That is what will be clear by the end of this that you’re listening to right now. So the success system is included in the new $2,000 offer that is currently delivered through the app. Our operating system for success is the most thorough approach to success that I’ve seen anywhere with the accountability tool, with the map, with the education. There’s nothing else out there like it. The leaderboards, it’s getting better and better every day. That in itself is easily a $2,000 a year tool and program because the people that are in that thing are getting more and more valuable because the people that are joining are more valuable and more clear and those who’ve been using the system have become significantly more valuable through the time that they’ve been using it.


Okay, so the operating system, the success system is part of this new $2,000 offer. What’s also included, the $2,000 offer is a monthly acceleration call and a monthly progress acceleration call. So you’re gonna be getting on a call and discussing what happened during the last UNCOM25, what the plan is for the next UNCOM25. And with that clarity of actually speaking to someone about what you did and what you’re gonna do that is gonna make a huge difference to your focus, to your attention, to your productivity. And we’re gonna get so much more done with this system. We also have some tweaks coming to the UNCOM25. It’s gonna make it much more powerful. This is included in the $2,000 offer. What’s also included is 10 days inside of an Uncom village. So that can be the Vanuatu Village, that can be Montenegro. The deal with other villages that are coming online may not be 10 days, but for sure you have 10 days access within Montenegro and Vanuatu.


And people have already been having those experiences and it’s been very, very powerful. So it’s a very strong offer for $2,000 a year to have access to the operating system together with monthly accelerator call together with 10 days inside one of the villages. Everybody who I’m talking to this to about this is saying yes and it makes sense why they’re saying yes. There’s nothing else out there like this. There’s no way you’re getting another offer that will be anything close to the value that we’re offering here. It is going to be $12,000 a year to do this program. That is the plan, that is the destination that we are working towards. Things may change along the road, but that is the plan right now. To get to the point where this is $12,000 a year, it’s a four year program, and after the four years


You can continue to be part of the community, but the financial investment is much less. Those of you who decide to come on this journey from the $2,000 per year offer will continue to have access at the $2,000 per year. And after your four years is completed, you will have a lower cost access ongoing. And so the advantages there for those who take action now, who can see, okay, yeah, this makes sense. I can see that the villages are getting better. I can see that the audience is getting clearer. I can see that the people coming in to this game are at a higher and higher standard. What I’m also gonna tell you is who this is not for, and the people who are going to be removed from the game. And to be honest, they don’t actually need to be removed cuz they’re not actually in there anyway.


A lot of the people who’ve joined on the $97 will not make it through the next few months. And the reality is that if you are building an elite organization, the bottom people have to be removed. This is the way it works in business. This is the way it works in sporting teams, and this is the way it has to work inside of uncommon success. It’s not because the bottom 10% are bad people. It’s simply the fact that we must raise the standards. They must be aspiration. If you’re not aspiring to something better, then what are you doing? And you’re aspiring to something worse and we can’t have that. And so everyone who joins has the idea that they want something more. They want to be something more. They want to do something more. They want to have something more than what they are at the moment.


But then there’s a terror barrier. There’s a thing of, oh, I just don’t have enough time. There’s the thing of I just don’t have enough skill. There’s a thing of, oh, it’s not clear enough. Anyone can find an excuse. Anyone can find a reason why not. But some people are doing what Justin Mucci just did. You might have seen that audio from Justin Mucci. He joined the program on this new $2,000 offer. I brought him in and I said, let’s get to work. You can do this. Here’s the plan. And he went to work on it. He went to work on creating better reels. He went to work on sending his DMs and he got reels out there to 50,000 plus people. He got clear about what his message is, what his mission is on that first call. And he went out there. He got his reels to 50,000 people.


He got over 50 DMs asking for support using the simple techniques that I’m using all the time. And he got three customers within that first week. He had a bunch of other calls still to do at that point, and he simply went in and used the content in the vault with full enthusiasm, with full energy, and he jumped into calls. He’s 21, he’s a in college, he’s a Diviv one football player. He’s got plenty of reasons not to be able to do what I tasked him with, but he he’s gonna do it anyway. He had reasons to just tell you, well, I just don’t have enough money for that. But he said, well, I can just work a little bit extra. Doordash, if you can work DoorDash, if you can deliver Uber Eats and be able to have access to this program, I don’t care if you’re 30, I don’t care if you’re 50, go and deliver food to people’s doors until you can afford this program.


Go on labor, be a brick’s laborer. Do anything it takes to be able to afford to be part of this community and then use it. Use this organization in the best way that you can and your life will be transformed. Justin Mucci is going to be a multimillionaire if he continues to go down this path. If he continues to show up to his monthly accountability call and say, yeah, this is what I did. This is what I didn’t do, this is what my challenge is at the moment. He will accelerate. He will progress. And that is the purpose of the call, right? So this is exactly what I want. What Justin has done is what I want for any young man out there who’s like, yep, I need to get started. I spoke with Kyle Watts yesterday. He joined the program yesterday. We had six people say yes to the program yesterday when I offered this offer that I’m speaking about right now, these positions at the $2,000, there are only 100 of them currently.


We have around 550 people in the program after their, the first 100 positions are taken, the $2,000 program, we’re going to $4,000 and it’s at $4,000. It will still be ridiculously cheap and very, very easy to find the people who want to go on this journey. There is no one out there who has a resume like I do as a coach. I’m not saying this to brag, I’m saying this because it’s facts, because it’s metrics. I’ve coached multiple world champion athletes. I’ve coached the most successful online athletic coach in history and a number of other guys who are at the very top of the 1%. I have also worked with some of the best gym owners, some of the best gyms in Sydney, some of the best gyms in Perth, some of the best gyms around the world. I have coached the leaders of those organizations.


I’m not a magic man, I’m not perfect. But there is something about what we are doing that is very successful and that something is quantified into the success system that we now have in, in an app, in a device. And it’s taken this long 10 years to be able to actually quantify our systemize and organize this system. We’ve still got a long way to go every day. I got up this morning and I planned out the next innovations that are going into the onboarding. The onboarding is now very thorough. Some people won’t even make it through the onboarding. They’ll pay their $2,000. They won’t get through the onboarding. They’ll be refunded and they’ll be kicked out because it’s not for everybody. It’s for people who can see. There is no alternative. If you want to be very successful, you are not going to find anything like what I’m offering.


You can still be successful, you can still get money, but are you going to be in a mastermind for athletic, richer and smarter? Are you gonna be around people who are actually at a high level with that? Mastermind is a term that can be thrown around too lightly. The Mastermind requires people who have mastered their mind. It requires high level participants. Where are you going to find a mastermind for Athletic Richard? And Smarter Truth is You’re not. Truth is I was looking for a mastermind, just one. I was looking for a mentor. I was looking for a role model who had a family that was, you know, happy and healthy. They were on their first marriage, that they were athletic and that they were rich. I was looking for someone who fit those three characteristics. I could not find one. I loved working with Charles Paula Quinn.


I love working with Bob Proctor. I loved, you know, working with Mark Burris, a very successful mentor in Australia. I was actually one of his first students. I’ve had great mentors, but I couldn’t find anyone who’d done what I want to do. And so I had to create my own thing with Real Movement. Initially, all I could think about was helping people with their training ability and helping people to be great coaches because I, I, that’s what I’d experienced. But now I’ve also gone down this path of wealth. Now I’ve also found a multi-million dollar mentor in, in Paul. And that has transformed me and allowed me to have bigger conversations. And so everything that I’ve used that, everything that has made me who I am today is in the vault. Now, it’s not easy to get the most out of the vault. We’re gonna continue to make it easier and simpler, but it is gonna take some effort to get into the vault.


I can tell you it’s taken a lot of effort to get to where I am today. I’m 40 years old. I’m a multimillionaire. I have friends all around the world. I’m sitting in the Kong Village in Vanuatu. It hasn’t been easy to get, it hasn’t been easy coaching the world champions. It hasn’t been easy to snatch a hundred kilos. It hasn’t been easy to handstand for 90 seconds the other day, it wasn’t easy to learn guitar. It wasn’t easy to learn French in Spanish, but I did it. And I’m not saying this to Bragg, I’m saying this to tell you, you can have a lot more than you think you can have. And that is what this system is about. And so that is why people have to be removed from a system. It’s not in a nasty way. It’s in a way that if you are gonna build a premiership winning team, if you are gonna be at the top, if you’re gonna have a world champion squad in any sport, the bottom athletes are gonna have a significant negative effect on the top athletes.


And that’s just, that’s just facts. If someone, if you’ve got Elite Swimming Squad and you’ve got someone who’s going too slow in those lanes, everybody’s being slowed down, everybody’s being dragged back. Everybody’s constantly waiting for that person to finish. It can’t be like that. It can’t be like that. And so at the moment, this is a wake up call. This is a wake up call to every single person who is in this program. We are going to the top. We are building standards that create role results that have never been created before. People that I’ve worked with in the past, if you’re listening to this, this is a new game. You’ve never seen a game like this. There’s never been a game like this. What we are creating is men with eight figure wealth. You’re gonna build yourself into that man, the kind of person who has eight figure wealth, but you’re also gonna become athletic and smarter at the same time.


And yes, you’re gonna find time for it. You’re gonna find time for guitar or learning a language or playing chess or doing art as well as developing your athletic ability, lifting a massive weight, doing your gymnastics, whatever it is that you want to do. You choose your specialization. You don’t have to do handstands, you don’t have to do juggling, you don’t have to do any of these things. But the framework is there athletic, rich, or smarter you choose within the area. I’ve got a list laid out of 20 different specialties in each area. I want you to choose three specialties. The new profile system is live. You’re gonna choose three specialties and then you choose your interests. And so we can index you and match you against other people at a similar level of business development, a sim similar level of financial success and a similar interests.


And so that mastermind is, is going to progress much faster. Similar interest, similar specializations you choose, you choose what you’re gonna be great at. I choose that you’re gonna be great and I’m gonna hold you to that standard, or I will not associate with you. Doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, doesn’t make me me a bad person. It’s, it’s simply the decision to have a winning team. You can’t choose to have a winning team and include everyone in the journey. And so how it’s gonna work is the bottom 10% will continue to be removed from the program and new players will apply to join the program. The process for applying will continue to become stricter at the moment. It’s relatively easy to get into the program. You have to be someone who has serious ambition. You have to be someone who is trains hard and is, is willing to continue to train hard. You have to have the desire or a project that you’re building that is gonna make a positive impact on mankind. If you’ve got a project that you want to improve, if you are ready to build one, you’re willing to, then you can join the program at the moment. Not gonna lie to you about that. It’s not super difficult to get


Into uncommon success right now. What I have seen is that from the last 20 people that I’ve introduced into the program in the last 12 or 13 days on this new offer, is that they’re serious and they’re ready to play hard. And that standard is going to continue to rise. Okay? So think of yourself. You, you’re at a professional sporting team and they’ve just recruited a whole new team. There’s 20 new guys. The top 25 in this game get to work with me one to one working with me. One to one by paying at the moment is $20,000 for the year. I don’t think it’s gonna stay at that $20,000 a year. I don’t want to be paid to be a mentor. I want that to be earned. I mentored Ben Patrick for free. I worked with him for two years. We masterminded most weeks about what we’re doing.


I talked to him about becoming the leader in his field about changing the game, about getting on Joe Rogan. We spoke about equipment companies, we spoke about supplement companies. He has the ability to execute on things like very few others. He has better ability to execute on what he’s done than I have. There’s no doubt you have abilities that I don’t have. And that’s the beauty of it. That’s the beauty of this whole thing, is that everybody has special talents and abilities that others don’t have. The magic and the excitement that comes with this is when you can bring out your best. If you can bring out your best, like Ben Patrick has, we are gonna have 1000 men who are doing amazing things. How are you gonna get to eight figure wealth? I don’t know exactly. If you’d have bought certain things at certain times in recent history, you might already have eight figure wealth.


If you’ve got a mortgage that’s worth, you know, if you’ve got $500,000 worth of equity, which a lot of people in their thirties and forties and fifties who join uncommon success, they have over a half a million dollars in equity. If instead of having that equity they had have bought Bitcoin in 2015 or 2016 or 2017, they would today have $10 million. Now, I’m not saying that everybody should go and buy Bitcoin. Now I’m saying that you don’t have to be any smarter to have $10 million. You simply have to have the intention to buy something that is gonna increase in value. The other way you can go about it is like Ben Patrick, and you can go and get 25,000 clients. The other way you can go about it is like me. And you can launch a $10,000 program and launch it to, you know, 50 people each year.


And you do that for 12 years. You’ve earned more than $10 million. Of course you’re gonna have some expenses along the way, but you are also gonna have the opportunity to buy things that might increase in value. Is it possible that these villages in Vanuatu dramatically increase in value as this network improves as people want to be in the villages? Will the value of the villages increase? My guess is yes, we’ll be able to run high end hotels, elite hotels, expensive hotels on cheap land with relatively low running costs because of the culture that we create as a thousand men. We will be able to have hotels that other aspiring men can come to, to sort themselves out. People go to these flight camps in Bali and Thailand, you know, Thai boxing, things like that. Fitness tourism is very big in Australia. It’s not as big in America and Europe, but it will continue to increase if the world continues on the path that it’s on.


We can have hotels that are private only for the thousand men in the uncommon program. We can also have locations that are suited for families. We can go as a couple with children or the same location can be used for the same purposes at different times. But then we can also have public locations that we’re able to rent to aspiring men, to men who choose to go on this uncommon path but are not yet able to qualify for the 1000. It will become very competitive to get into this 1000. I have no doubt about that because of the standards that we are setting and the standards that will be achieved in this organization. Some of the physiques, some of the businesses some of the, the character that is already in this organization. If men knew about this, it would already be sold out.


I have no doubt if, if we actually ran big time advertising, if we made it very, very clear exactly what we’re offering, how it works, what results have come. In the past, we would’ve already sold out a thousand places. I’ve had 3,900 customers on this recent stripe. That’s since the year two th 2020. Before that, there were probably another something around that. Maybe maybe not 3000, maybe 1000 customers between 2014 and 2019. Trying to think with all the workshops and all those sorts of things, they get a few more numbers. But, and then, and then about mentoring around about 200 people on the $10,000 program that I used to run. So there’s already a big enough network there. There’s the 75,000 followers and 8,000 mailing list. We could fill this 1000 places just from that existing group. And I believe in the potential for our existing group to get to the top, for people to change, to change their habits, and to get to the top.


What you do today is similar to what you’re gonna do tomorrow. It’s probably similar to what you did yesterday, but you can use your prefrontal cortex, you can use your decision making to do things today that you didn’t do tomorrow. But by doing them today, they become much more likely to happen tomorrow. So everyone talks about this Newton’s third law of equal and opposite reaction. And that’s an interesting law, but there’s also this concept that what you do today, you are likely to do tomorrow. So what you that this is the idea of inertia. Inertia, that the thing will continue to do what it’s already been doing. And so you can create inertia right now. Get down, do 50 pushups, do 500 pushups. You create inertia that, oh, okay, I’m the kind of person who does pushups. One massive day of pushups changes your identity that you are, you become the kind of person who does pushups.


You can remember that story. You’ll tell that story to your grandkids, right? Nathan Gould’s about to arrive here today. Luke Harvison is about to arrive here today. They have farm gyms. They have beautiful farm gyms. Luke is the original farm. Jim Nathan’s is a private facility that he’s used for filming his bjj. Both of those men when we first spoke, or early in our mission together, said that they want to have land with animals on it where people go to transform in the country. This is a vision that tens of thousands of men have currently. They want that access to, to land and they want it to be a place where people can transform. Whether you own the land, whether you visit it, it doesn’t really matter, right? If you own your own village, if you wanna own your own village, I want to help you to fund it.


If I can, if I can crowdfund it, if I can be an investor happy days, that’s what I want. If you wanna build an app, I wanna support you to do that. I’m building a bigger team of app developers because the Uncom app is becoming something that’s very powerful and I want you to be able to have technological solutions as well. Like we have. But Nathan and Luke are gonna be here. They arrive today and we are gonna do things over the next week. Nathan’s here for two. I think they’re both here for two actually, that are gonna transform self our identity. We’re gonna do new things, we’re gonna have new ideas, we’re gonna solve problems, we’re gonna get clearer on our values. We’re gonna express things physically. Every time you do that, you get a little bit closer to who you want to be.


The question is, who do you want to be? Why did you join Uncommon Success? Everybody who invested that $97 has an idea and a vision for themself of a better future. I guarantee you there is a hundred times more value than the $97. You can go and get $97 even if you are in a third world country and you are earning $1 an hour to work, 97 hours to be able to have access to the Uncom operating system, the success system for 12 months is well worth it, well worth it. So if you are earning more than $1 an hour, it was a massive bargain for you to get access to this. What we need to do now is raise the standards. The bottom people will be removed. The leaderboards are clear. The ability to make calls and to connect with people of, of like mind are clear.


We now have an onboarding system. Okay, so you’re, you’re on the 97, you’re listening to this and you’re going, all right, okay, I get it, Keegan, I I’m ready to sort myself out. I’m ready to go to another level. I’m, I’m done with half fasting this thing. Let’s go. If that’s the decision that you’re making, I want you to go and do an onboarding call with Diego so that you fully understand how this system works and how to make the most of it. Diego decided to work with me one-to-one a few months back. I’m not offering that one-to-one anymore, but Diego’s life and future has changed. I’ve seen his identity change. I’ve seen his training change. He’s connected up with players around the world. He’s been traveling. He’s now onboarding people into this program because he believes deeply in it. He understands it. He loves helping people and he wants a better future for himself and his partner.


He will show you exactly what’s going on inside the system. Lyndon Alzheimer’s also doing an onboarding call with everybody who joins. This the, the the real game, the big game here that we’ve, we’ve set up everybody who’s playing the upgraded Uncom gets a one-to-one call with Diego. They get a one-to-one call with Lyndon and then you get a one-to-one call with me to strategize about how you’re gonna have the best year possible, how you’re gonna get to the next level. What is the next step. There’s always a clear next step. Some people refuse to take the next step. That is what it is. I’ve been talking to Tom here. Tom refused to take the next step for the first few days that we are here. I was feeding him ideas, feeding him ideas, feeding him ideas, like getting resistance, resistance resistance last night. Tom says to me, I’ve got some stuff there in notion for you.


I want you to read it at some point. The obstacle must give way. This is organized victory. That’s what’s going on here. This is organized victory. The obstacle must give way. This is the power of will. There is nothing that it will stop the process that has been set in motion here. We are going to have 1000 extremely high achieving men of the current group, the current people that are connected. Not many are gonna make it through the four years. The bottom 10% will be removed. I can tell you the standards four years from now are going to be extremely higher. I’m intimidated by the standards that we’re going to be moving towards. I’m currently first on the leaderboards. I think it’s gonna be a real struggle for me. I’m already training full speed. To be able to keep myself in the top 100. To be able to keep myself in the top 1000 is going to be a challenge within the next four years.


I can tell you that that’s how I’m looking at this. That if you can see that for training and if you can understand, well, five ball joggling is not that easy. Well, 92nd handstands are not that easy. Well, you know, the other scores on there are, are, are, are not gonna be achieved very quickly. Exactly, exactly. That’s the challenge that I’m setting to you. Like take this seriously, become an actual success story. When you’re a success story, business is easy, right? So we look, we’re talking about the physical athletic side there because that’s what’s clear and tangible and most of us come from that sporting background. But I will tell you the business side is gonna be just as hot. I’m gonna be fighting and clawing to be in the top 100 in terms of lifetime alley rate. At the moment. I’m at the top of the tree.


I don’t want to be at the top of the tree. I want to be in this game with everybody else. I’m gonna be fighting to be at the top of the tree. But I know if you start earlier in life, if you have different circumstances, I’m not gonna be better than everyone at everything. Some of you will have a rejection of competition. When I start talking about leaderboards, when I start talking about the bottom 10% being removed, you’ll be like, oh, well everybody should be allowed to play. Life just doesn’t work like that. The man who doesn’t have any money, who isn’t attractive, who isn’t able to discipline himself, who doesn’t know a bunch of stuff, they don’t get to procreate in the modern world. That man has a tough life. That man is being sold into, you know, digital intercourse as the alternative to being the kind of person who can actually get a woman, get a wife, have a family.


I’m not okay with that. You’re gonna have to be in the top 10% in athletic, richer and smarter. You’re gonna have to choose some things to specialize in. You’re gonna have to build a project and in that way you’re gonna have a great life. If you can’t keep yourself from the top thousand, it doesn’t mean you’re not gonna be able to have any contact. Doesn’t mean we’re not gonna be able to be be friends or have access to anything that you currently have access to. We will make sure that there is a possibility for those who aren’t in the top thousand you know, to be able to, to be able to continue along the, the uncommon path. They’re just not gonna be in the top thousand. And so for now, it’s the top 25 that’s competitive. The top 25 who are selected by me will be and get a one-to-one call with me, the next 25 who are purely in the top 25 by the number system


That we’ve put together, which is a combination of the leaderboards. It’s a combination of people doing calls a combination with the UNCOM25. If you are in the top 25 through the scoring system, you will also have the opportunity to do your monthly progress acceleration call with me. So instead of paying the $20,000 for mentoring, it’s just on merit. If you’re able to earn your way to that, then you get those calls. There’ll be 25 people that I select also, that I will do those calls with. The 25 people I select will be the ones that I can see that are, have the highest potential to get athletic, richer, smarter, faster. My goal is to have people who achieve what Ben Patrick has achieved and more within the community, within this organization. How am I gonna have more people do what Ben Patrick has done?


I’ve laid it out to you. Exactly. Now set those standards, get after it, have the conversations. What’s cool is that, you know, Ben Patrick got a lot of support from all of the people in real movement at that time. What’s cool is that within uncommon success, that internal support is much, much stronger. I’m gonna explain a bit more about this model because it doesn’t make sense the way we’re traditionally thought and we think about education is to sit in a classroom, someone has the knowledge and they pass that knowledge to you and then you repeat it back to them. And then that’s how education works, right? Why is it that uncommon? Success is so powerful? It’s because we work on the master apprentice model. The master apprentice model has been successful throughout the ages. The master apprentice model means learning from someone who’s done what you want to do.


The way that Michelangelo was able to get to the point of painting the way that Leonardo da Vinci was able to get to what he did, it was through the master apprentice model. The master apprentice model has been lost. And therefore we are not creating people like Michelangelo and Da Vinci anymore. We’re creating the Harrison Burger ons. If you haven’t watched the movie, Harrison Bergeron, watch it and you’ll understand what has been done to you, what is being done to your children, and you’ll be in a more informed position to move ahead overhead. The master apprentice model is what we’ve created with the connection system. So you are able to have both masters and apprentices across many areas. And when I say master, I don’t mean like slave master, I mean like someone who is able to transfer knowledge, who’s walked the path that you would like to walk and is able to transfer knowledge of what they did so that you don’t have to recreate everything if you have to.


If you had to recreate every piece of technology that you use currently, it would take you thousands of lifetimes. You’re not meant to do it your own, you’re not meant to recreate everything. You’re meant to leverage the knowledge of your ancestors. You’re meant to stand on the shoulders of giants. That is how uncommon success works. The majority of people, the common man has no leverage. They’re not standing on the shoulders of giants. They’re thinking they’re gonna do it on their own and it will take them 50 lifetimes to do even a fraction of what can be done with the master apprentice model. Nobody’s able to achieve what Da Vinci and Michelangelo were achieving in the current world because there are no stop shoulders to stand on. There are no shoulders to stand on. This is a multi-generational solution. Multi-Generational means that it’s gonna take us 3, 4, 5, 10 generations to really see the true benefit of uncommon success.


And why not create something that is gonna do that? Why not create something that could and can transform the future of humanity? Now, a thousand people is not gonna do that, but by the time we have 1000 top level players, we’re gonna be in a much stronger position. If you decide, look, I only need to do this thing for two years cuz I only want to be able to make six figures a year, you know, on a beach somewhere. And then I don’t wanna work hard after that. It’s fine. Come in, do your two years, get your freedom. We’ll still be friends. I’ll love to see that you, you’re living the life that you want. Some will decide, yep, this is for me, this is the path, this is the path that I wanted. This is what I’ve always been looking for. I’m gonna do the four years of education and I’m gonna continue to be part of this.


I’m gonna continue to be a master, be a mentor, and add as much value as possible to the lives of, of other men. This is the model that works, the model of connection, action, new knowledge. This is a success system like no other. And that’s why we get results that others can’t get. I’m gonna spell it out even more of why this is so powerful with business. This is a system of progression into entrepreneurship that is much better than getting an mba. You could go to Harvard, you could go to Oxford, you could go to Cambridge. I’ve met people who have masters in MBAs. I’ve met people who have done business degrees and studied courses and courses and courses who cannot get themselves started and they can’t actually find a, a, a solution that the market really needs. What we do with uncommon success.


You have this, the smoothest start into entrepreneurship that you could possibly imagine. So I’m gonna explain the story of Josh Whitlock. Josh was working as a personal trainer, not making much money excited about atg. So he is in ATG for coaches. And he was working as a personal trainer and he is working hard. He’s a good man. He had a lot of injuries. It’s a very common story. He was on a path to play elite rugby, but he didn’t get to play and so he didn’t get to get there at the top level. And so when we worked together I was challenging the ATG coaches of, Hey, don’t just be a fan of Ben Patrick. Like go and get after it and be, you know, be your own version of that. If you admire what he’s done, if you admire what I’ve done, then don’t sit back and just wanna be students of us.


Like be colleagues. Be be equals. You know, rise, rise to the level, not equals from the spiritual sense cause we’re all equals in that way, but equals from the production sense, from the value sense of what you, what value you add to the world, the quantified value that you’ve added to the world. And so Josh decided to, to be mentored also by my money mentor. And so when I put the video out, I remember Josh was the first one or the second one that messaged me when he saw the video. He said, I hope I’m not too late, I need to do this. And I knew Josh was planning to travel around the world. He had $6,000 saved and he was planning a trip and what he did was he invested that whole 6,000 pounds, dollars, whichever they were about the same at the time I think into that program.


He had literally no money left. He wasn’t making much money as a personal trainer and he put all of his money into that program, but because he put all of his money into that program and it was a significant amount of money to him, he came in and he studied really hard and I saw he was working hard. He was being an apprentice to money mentor Paul. He was being an apprentice to me. He was being an apprentice to Ben Patrick. And at some point he realized there’s probably a better way than personal training. I saw the energy that he was putting out there, I saw the work that he was putting into the, the course and the enthusiasm. And like Diego, who I’ve just brought onto our team, I offered Josh to join our team and I offered Josh to join our team working in the inbox for ATG for coaches.


So we get a lot of people following you, message people who are following, say, thanks for following really appreciate your support. Would you like to understand more about what we are doing? Some people say no, some people don’t reply. And some people say yes. Some people say, yep, I’d like to understand what it is you are doing. How does this thing work? There’s a percentage of those people who understand how it works, who go, yep, I’ll do that. Josh got a percentage of the income for every person who decided that they wanted to understand how it works. And so we built ATG for coaches up to a community of 550, 600 people, which is around about where it’s at right now. And that was, that was, you know, a path forward for Josh where he could make money doing something else. What he did then was he moved to France to be able to experience life in France.


He didn’t need to be in England anymore. And so he was living life on his own terms. He was thinking about building rebuilding barns in, in France. Now he lives in Croatia and he’s completely location independent. He can work anywhere in the world. I also encourage Josh all along the way, Hey, you’re able to make these sales. It’s very easy to sell ATG for coaches because Ben Patrick has such a big following. The brand is so strong. ATG for coaches is a really, really good offer. So it was a super easy thing to sell. But Josh was making sales, Josh was having conversations with people and people were saying yes. And I said, why don’t you start teaching other people how to do what you’re doing because you’ll actually learn it much better. I wanted him to become the master and he rejected the call.


He rejected the call, he didn’t wanna become the master. Eventually I was able to convince him to start being the teacher, start being the master and he was gonna offer it $50. I said, mate, $50 for a sales product. It’s, it’s pretty embarrassing if you’re gonna work with people one to one, it tells people that you have no confidence at all in what you’re doing. And so he offered it for a bit more. I think it might have been $200 or $500 or something like that, and still very small money, but he had five students and he got his opportunity to be a master. Now the good thing is Josh actually cares about results. And so I had no fear that Josh wasn’t gonna deliver value because all of those people who’ve bought his stuff, he’s gonna continue to care about them. He’s gonna continue to support them, he’s gonna answer their DMs, he’s going to, if someone was unhappy he would refund them.


He will continue to improve the things that he’s doing. You are that kind of person as well. You’re programmed to be fearful of creating a program that’s not good enough. That programming is installed so that you are poor, the program to not have, you’re programmed to not become rich. You’re programed to pay your mortgage and that guarantees that you are never gonna be rich when your paradigm is to continue to pay mortgages. You pay one mortgage and then you start paying your second and you think you’re doing well. This is the programming program to have fear of public speaking. You’re programed not to make audios just like this because if you can’t speak then you can’t think. If you can’t speak, you can’t influence others. If you can’t speak, you can’t organize. And so we, our schooling system is designed to stop us from wanting to speak.


Our schooling system is designed to stop us from feeling comfortable about selling things. If when you go to Bali, my children Maya was joking, well, Maya was talking about, oh, the people love selling stuff here, don’t they dad <laugh> because the woman’s the women was enthusiastic about selling us a t-shirt or selling us a dress. And my mother-in-law is Polish and she was happy to haggle with them and she kind of would get in the game with them. And, and Maya was watching and she was a little bit horrified cuz she hadn’t seen people be so aggressive with trying to sell a t-shirt and, and my mother-in-law wanting to get a fair price for the t-shirt, you know, they start offering it at $50 and it’s a $2 t-shirt, right? And you end up buying it for five or 10 bucks and they pretend like you’ve you know, you’ve done a massive deal and they’ve, they’ve done you a massive favor.


But Josh has gone through that journey from being an average personal trainer who’s just getting quiet, could have been an elite athlete, didn’t make it to now living life on his own terms. And he went through that self-development of building his own course, of making the sales. Everyone feels terror when they do that. There’s a terror barrier, there’s a comfort zone. But when you push through that terror barrier, when you expand that comfort zone, that then becomes something that you are comfortable with. And it’s good to have things that you’re comfortable with, but if you are not feeling discomfort on a regular basis, you are not successing. Josh was successing by going through that process. I literally walked him from being a personal trainer who wasn’t really getting great results, who didn’t have that much confidence in what he was doing as a personal trainer to being an elite personal trainer and then having confidence that he was eventually one day gonna become wealthy, to then being able to make sales, to then mentoring other people with making sales to then living in a geographically independent to living life on his own terms.


Now he has multiple incomes and the journey is just beginning. The journey is just beginning. If Josh decides that he’s gonna be one of these 1000 players, his future will be very, very bright. I’m sharing this story as an example because these are the things that I treasure most. Some people collect Rolexs, some people love to have sports cars. They can show off to me. I like to show off what Josh did. I like to show off what Ben Patrick did. I like to show off what Nico de Paoli did. I like to show off what Patrick Lane did as the strength coach of the Sydney Roosters for back to back premierships when I was consulting with them. He was the strength coach. He was my intern in 2014. He coached back to back premierships. He was the strength coach during the 2018 and 2019 premierships.


He was like 25 or 26 at that time. These are the the things that I’m most proud of. I didn’t control these people. I don’t own them, but I am very, very proud of the squeeze of lime as Ito would put it, that I’ve had on their lives. Maybe I’ve had a little bit more effect than a squeeze of lime on sparkling water. But when you come to think about that, the squeeze of lime really does change the water, doesn’t it? And so that is, that is what I see myself as. I’m a squeeze of lime in the lives of hundreds of men who I’m, I’m very proud of that. I, I collect them like Rolexs. I’m probably need to have them up and, and display them better to make that clearer. Dan Pena has photos up on the wall of all his students.


I am very, very proud. I’m very, very proud and I learn from all these students as well. When one person teaches, two people learn. I’ve learned from Ben Patrick a lot. I’ve learned from Patrick Lane a lot. I will continue to learn from the people that I mentor. That’s also what’s exciting because I get to keep getting better through all of this as well. But I hope it’s becoming very, very clear that this is a model that works. This is an extremely unique model. We are buying lands, we’re buying farmland. We’re buying hotels. I want you to have a share in the land, in the hotels. I want you to have your own business. I want you to have your own village. I hope this is clear. There’s nothing else out there like this. There never will be anything out there like this. It’s very difficult to replicate something like this. I hope there are other things out there like this. I’ll correct. If you can create something like this and you can do it better than me, please do. I’ll join and I’ll fight to stay in the top 1000 in your group or whatever number that you work off.


But we need, we need things like this. We need solutions like this. I don’t see anyone, I see a lot of business coaching out there. I see a lot of, you know, you can get all the certifications you want. You get certification after certification. These are tools, certifications are tools. You don’t worship the tools. What you worship is the person holding the tool who builds the, the great art. You don’t worship the paintbrush of Michelangelo. You worship the the result. What’s important is not the result. What’s important is not the tool. What’s important is who you become in the process. The evolution of your being. Maybe what you become in this lifetime is yours forever. Maybe you actually get to keep this soul journey and you’re gonna have multiple soul journeys. Or maybe you only get one life, whichever way it is. I don’t know for sure.


I have an inkling, I have a strong feeling about how this works and I’ve researched it a lot and I’ve had experiences. That’s a conversation for another time. Whichever way it is. When you do things that you are proud of, you get rewarded internally, spiritually, you get paid by the universe. When you put great things into the universe, you get great things back. This is the equal and opposite reaction. Just do great things. Do great things. Don’t feel bad about being great. Don’t feel bad about going after excellence. You, you know, your wife might not understand, your girlfriend might not understand. She might, friends and family might not understand. Don’t feel bad about being excellent. Don’t feel bad about setting a new standard for yourself.


What’s important is who you become and the identity shift. We use the CrossFit, we use the power lifting, we use the sales training. They’re all tools that allow us to experience more of ourselves. Luke Carter said, Luke Carter’s now achieved geographical freedom. We’ve been working together for just over a year. When we started together, Luke was frustrated that he was working at he’d, he’d done high end jobs filming things for big companies, but he was getting no fulfillment from filming their commercials and, and doing his videography work. He, he wasn’t feeling fulfilled. He wanted more. I said to him, as I said to him in 2020 when we first met before Covid, we, we, he came to the four day training camp, five day training camp in Marbella, Spain at the farm g at the farm gym at Mike’s gym. I said to him at that event, Hey, you could teach coaches how to use their phones to make better content cuz you’re a videographer.


Why don’t you do that as a business? If he’d have started that business at that time and he went all in on it right now, he would have that eight figure wealth that I’m talking about. It’s okay. It took him longer. He had resistance. He didn’t see the path. Mostly he just didn’t believe in himself, right? Like that’s the biggest barrier that you have. You don’t understand who you are. You don’t have self knowledge to know that you can actually do all the things that you want to do because no one’s ever told you about who you are. I’m gonna share with you exactly who you are from my understanding. You’ll explore that for yourself. We’ll explore that together. But when you understand more about who you are, then you understand that the joy of life is in unwrapping the gifts that you’ve been given.


You’ve been given massive powerful gifts. You’ve been given more gifts than you’ll ever have time to unwrap in your lifetime. Your gift to whoever gave you that to the divine, to the creator, to the universe, is to unwrap as many gifts as you can, is to use the potential that you’ve been given. And so I encouraged Luke to, to start that business. He didn’t do it, but then we circled back a year ago and he said, okay, I’m ready. I’m ready to do this. And the first offer that we put out there, it was like 50 bucks and it was cash back. So he had to pay a bit of money. And then if you did the course, if you actually made some videos, then you got your money back. It was literally for free. Luke did the course for free, but was it really for free?


What happened was it was a catalyst and it got his wheels in motion. He got his product, his minimum viable product. There are tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of millions of people who want to make better content at the moment. So he doesn’t lose anything by working with 10 people and testing the pilot concept of his product. This month, Luke is working with five, six people in a very small intimate group. It’s $500 to work with him very closely. A professional videographer who charges thousands of dollars to make many documentaries that transform people’s businesses. He’s doing that program at the moment with six people. He knows each of those people intimately. He can work directly with their content for five thou, $500. That is an extremely good offer. I was gonna say $5,000. It’s a $5,000 offer, a hundred percent that he’s offering at $500 already.


Just with the transition that Luke has made, he’s taken on other jobs. He’s worked with Sam Markovic, who’s, who’s in uncommon success. He’s done jobs for me. He now has life on his own terms because he’s about to go to Bali and he’s, I said to him, you know, if you’re gonna go to Bali, you need to put it out there that you’re going to Bali. People will come to Bali just to film with you while you’re there. And there are thousands of people in Bali who consistently make content. Some of them will want you to make content with them. To be honest, Luke needs a sales team. Luke’s service is infinitely ahead of his marketing and his sales systems. He’s getting better at it. He’s doing fine. He’s got freedom, but he’s not really on the path to that eight figure wealth in terms of, I would like to see the accelerate, the trajectory accelerate.


I want the trajectory to accelerate with what he’s creating. And it will accelerate. He is getting better. It is going further, but how do we get there faster? I’m always gonna be looking for that solution, for that progression. And Luke’s gonna come here in Vanuatu every time we get together. Last time we got together, we squatted really hard. We did that 10 squat, 10 sets of 10 squats for 10 days in a row. Luke didn’t do all the sessions with me, but the sessions he did with me were the best sessions. It’s better having someone else to train with when you’re training that dense 10 by 10 for 10 days. Luke got it at 90 kilo. Luke did it six sets I think at 90 kilos. He got the full thing at 80 kilos, 10 D 10 on the minute, and I was able to get seven sets at 80 kilos for the, and I got the, the 10 D 10 at 70 kilos.


Working with Luke helped me to get that, that mastermind thing really does work when it comes to training. It’s exactly the same when it comes to business if you let it be like that. Okay? So Luke had this super gentle progression into life on his own terms, into leveraging the skills that he already had. All of you have this opportunity. When I have a call with you, I can just see acres of diamonds around you. I can see gold everywhere. Often you can’t see it yet. You don’t know how to dig because you’ve been instructed. It’s in intentional blindness. You’ve actually been given a frame of reference that doesn’t allow you to see your own capacity. It doesn’t allow you to see what you’re really capable of. And so that is the game. That is the game. I’ve been speaking for nearly an hour here about what we are creating.


We’ve got the villages, we’ve got the success system. We’ve upgraded things massively. It started out as a blog and a podcast. It was a little side project. It’s not a little side project anymore. The big thing that I haven’t told you about yet is that when you pay the education cost, it’s not like when you pay the education cost at the university, where that goes to the government, that goes to the institutions and you never see it again. It’s not like when you go and buy a private course out there, you pay $10,000 for mentoring or you pay $10,000 for access to something and then it’s good luck. Do your best, see you later. This is not like that. We’ve built an extremely inter intimate system of accountability and support what we are also doing, which takes it to another level beyond anything. By so far that from what I’ve seen is that when you complete your four years, you can convert that to actual shares in the company.


That’s what we’re doing with this. You actually get shares in what we are creating in the income, the company that’s creating the app, and in the villages, you being able to convert your investment is already well worth it. It’s already who you become in the process is already well worth it. Who, what you get in terms of education, the connections that you get, what you can do with your body, all of that is worth way more than $50,000 because you’re gonna increase your lifetime earning potential. You’re gonna double triple 10 x a hundred x your lifetime earning potential if you apply these things. A lot of the men that I’ve worked with, they were 50 to a hundred thousand dollars operators when we started working together. Now they’re half million dollar operators, or they’re seven figure operators. That’s what’s gonna happen to you. So the value is already there, but we want to take it even further.


I want you to have ownership as well. If you can get through this four years, and you can be in the top 10%. If you can be in out of the bottom 10%, then you’re gonna get these shares. You don’t have to be in the top 10% to get the shares. Maybe we will make it that you have to graduate at a certain standard, but you to make it through the four years basically means you’re an A grade student because the bottom 10% are gonna continue to be removed. And if you’re not doing well, then you, you’re just not gonna make it. The standards are gonna be high enough that 90 being in the top, 90% is, is gonna be a challenge. And this starts from today. This starts from today. These new standards, you need to be on the leaderboards. You need to be in that top 20 on the leaderboards, and you need to get after this thing like a professional athlete.


That’s what we are creating here. People train, like professional athletes to do CrossFit and CrossFit, change the way the world trains. Y some of you won’t remember, I saw CrossFit start when CrossFit started snatchers and clean and jerks. They were something that, it was almost the thought that you had to have a PhD to be able to even consider them. I was actively discouraged not to learn to snatch and clean and jerk when I was at university because it was seen as such a technical thing that it was, it was, you know, leave it to the, leave it to the experts. A lot of people feel like that about business and entrepreneurship, right? Like, leave it to the experts. You’re not made for that jam. That what we are gonna do for the world is like what CrossFit did, but for entrepreneurship, for athletic, rich off smarter, for the real mission to Mars.


That’s what Mars is. Elon Musk is talking about living on Mars. Mars looks like a terrible place to live. Why would anyone want to live on Mars? I don’t think it’s even, you know, I don’t, I don’t actually believe that it’s a real project. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Whatever the real mission to Mars, the real thing that humanity should aspire to is mentorship and masterminding to athletic, richer, smarter. I need you to be a master so that you can have apprentices and we can become athletic, richer and smarter together. And so when you actually own part of that company as well, you’re buying shares. You’re buying these shares now for $2,000. You’re buying $2,000 worth of shares. I think they’re about dollar 12 a share for the, for the holding shares. Lennon’s gonna get exactly all of those details to you about exactly how it works.


For those of you that are very details oriented around the numbers and structures and things like that, those shares are going to increase in value. As people are investing $4,000 to do the same program, or $8,000 to do the program, it’s not gonna be the same program because every day the program gets better. It gets better by you doing the things that you said you were going to do. That’s what’s, that’s what’s built here. We are gonna be able to get people, like the best people in the world, are gonna want to come and visit us, visit our villages, and have experiences with us because of the extreme standards we set for ourselves. So we’ll be able to invite any high achiever in the world, and when they understand the project, and we can, when we can show them the metrics and the numbers of how much transformation we’ve had in the areas of athletic, rich, and smarter people, performing memory feats, people playing high level chess, high level business, elite physical capacities, great music, great food, we will be able to attract anyone.


We want to come and have a look at this stuff to come and be a part of it, and therefore, we have access to infinite, infinite amount of influence. This is a somewhat revolutionary idea, right? You might be listening to this and thinking, wow, this is gonna get shut down. Like, this is way too good. Some of you wouldn’t think like that. Some of you think the world is mostly good and out for good. There’s obviously a balance to me, there’s obviously a balance there. To me, it’s quite obvious that they’ve been telling us a vision television for quite a long time, and the vision that they’re telling us isn’t actually a vision that I’m interested in. It’s not necessarily, it’s, it’s not necessarily anything close to what’s possible. Someone’s been telling us a vision that I don’t really like. Some of you might also have a feeling that not everything that you’ve been told is true and valuable, but what’s cool about this is it doesn’t rely on me.


It’s a system. It’s got a simple app. Anyone could recreate this. It’s a system of living. It’s a system of thinking. It’s a philosophy. You can’t damage. You can’t destroy a philosophy, a mind once stretch, can never regain its original dimensions. If you’ve listened to this thing, maybe consider if you’ve got two or three friends who need to hear this message, because it’s a philosophy, it’s a life philosophy. I know that this life philosophy is much better than other philosophies. I’ve tested other philosophies. I’ve experimented with things, and I haven’t been able to find a better philosophy than this one that’s more enjoyable or more fulfilling to live. This is the philosophy that I enjoy living. And if it’s good for you, it’s gonna definitely be good for a thousand people on a world scale. There will be a thousand people, and there are definitely thousands of men at the moment who are looking for this kind of opportunity.


They’ve never heard or seen what I’m up to. Or if they have, they think I’m in, into handstands and juggling. They have no idea who I am, what I’ve done, what I’m creating. What’s cool is that this is a living philosophy that doesn’t depend on me. My goal with Li Uncommon success initially was that people wouldn’t even know I was the founder of it. That I wouldn’t even, you know, be, be seen. It would just be a system that would work. What I found was I couldn’t get the kind of people that I wanted into the system at the start without being the face of it. And so I’m the face of it now. I will continue to, to step back from being the face of it. Doesn’t mean you won’t see me, doesn’t mean I won’t be there on the inside, but this needs to be about you.


The Instagram is gonna be all about actual players. It’s gonna be advertising your product. It’s gonna be showing your results. It’s not about me. And therefore, this is something that will not be stopped if we, when people understand this concept, understanding this concept, players playing the game. You can’t stop someone playing this game. You <laugh>. You can’t stop someone playing this game. So this is a solution. I don’t see many solutions out there. This is a solution. I don’t see how it can be stopped. How do you stop it? A mind once stretched, cannot regain its original dimensions. Oliver, Wendell Holmes. I’ve memorized hundreds of quotes. They’re things that I want in my brain. Most people have remembered hum, hundreds of quotes, but they’re quotes like, finger licking good or, mm, I’m, I’m loving it. Enjoy Coca-Cola, et cetera. These are the quotes that people have in their brains.


They can quote things from movies and, and sitcoms, things that don’t make you better. I’ve burnt into my brain things that make me better. I’m encouraging you to do the same. Listen to this again. Send it to someone else. Explain it to someone else who you think has the capacity to explore. Send me some questions. There are only a hundred places a daresay with this audio. Those a hundred places may well be filled in the next 48 hours, might be a week, might be a month. It won’t be more than a month. It will go to $4,000. At that point, it’s time to make a decision. Are you becoming an uncommon success? Are you a player in the game of uncommon success? Or will you be a spectator? Will you be a non-playing character? There is no place for non-playing characters in this game anymore.


Step into the game full on. If you’re on the $97, you can retain access and gain access to everything. If you can get yourself in the top 25, if you can get yourself in the top a hundred, you can continue to play on at $97 until you can get some money together and you can join at the next level. It’s not about the money. It’s about the way you live. It’s about your direction in life. It’s about your heart, it’s about your soul. I want you to express yourself fully. The universe is for expansion and fuller expression. $2,000 means nothing. Zero. It’s, it’s literally nothing. I would take $2,000 out of the cash machine every time I would walk past the cash machine, just because it makes no difference to the bank account. It’s literally nothing to me, $2,000 to you is that means you’ve given me a handshake that you’re gonna play the game.


That’s what I value. I value. If you, if you say, yep, I’m in. I’m playing this game. This makes sense to me. I’m gonna go full on. I’m gonna expand myself. It’s not gonna be perfect. Some days I’m gonna miss. Some days I’m gonna be lazy. But a rocket fails it’s way to the moon. It’s not on course the whole way. It autocorrects it. It autocorrects the whole way. That’s what we do. We course correct every day. I fail. Every day. I miss exactly what I wanted. I drop the balls. My handstand doesn’t. I miss a rep, but accumulatively, by aiming, I’ve done something that no other man has actually ever done. No, no man has ever done what I’m doing at the moment. I’m not doing it alone. I’m doing it because I’ve got great men around me. I work with Lyndon every day.


I work with Ben Ruane every day, who believes deeply in me and in this project, I worked with Anthony, who was able to believe in this thing before anyone else really believed in it. He was willing to do whatever, whatever he could. He was willing to work for me for $500 a month as a graduate engineer. He worked for me for $500 a month. If you can believe in yourself, if you can believe in this organization, then there’s an opportunity here within four years, you’ll own shares in it. If you can retain your place in the game, it’s a challenge that you shouldn’t accept lightly. It’s like going to a professional sporting organization or deciding to become a black belt. Ine jujitsu or karate or something. It’s gonna be tough having a professional fight. That’s the kind of decision that you’re making here. If you become a professional fighter, you get up every day and you think someone, you know, you’re preparing for that next fight.


Even if, even if the fight’s six months off, mentally, you know, there’s a fight coming up. That’s how we live. Some people don’t wanna live like that, right? The pressure, oh, there’s a fight coming up. Oh, I wish I wasn’t a fighter. Okay, don’t be a fighter. Don’t be a player if you don’t wanna be a player. If you don’t wanna be an uncommon success, don’t be an uncommon success. Don’t be a player in this game. Your dec, your decision, your choice, you decide. Lubo always says it to me. The man who I’m building the village with in Montenegro, he’s a fantastic man, spiritual giant. He says, you decide. So you decide.

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