Dec 29th - 30th 2023

Event Recordings

Session #1

"Natural Posture, Movement Patterns and Optimising Gait Mechanics."

Bryan Michelson

I’ll expand on the principles of improving posture, alignment and movement patterns. With the benefits if preventing injury, reducing wear/tear as we age and improved performance.

"How any busy dad can reclaim his health in just 30mins per day."

Jordan Potts

It’s obvious that means health is the worst its ever been. 60% of men are also fathers. Children look to their dads for how to perceive the world, what to value and how to navigate life. If we want greater health children the men raising them must raise their standard. No doubt keeping healthier is harder once you become a dad however it’s no excuse. Tune in to hear the signature system ive developed thats helping busy dads in business reclaim their health and set better examples for their kids in just 30mins per day. If you’re a dad or aiming to be one in the future you don’t want to miss this. Bring your notepad!

PRO Player Presentations

Session #2


Sebastian Kovacs

How I made a 1/4 million in 18 months using just my cellphone and an instagram account

29th Dec

"Product Mastery: From Coaching to Software"

Zach Mobius

Frameworks to build and scale winning products.

29th Dec

"Turning a Labor of Love into a Business"

Taylor Davidson

How to be an Industry Pioneer and Create your own Tribe.

29th Dec

"Mastering the 2024 Crypto Surge for Uncommon Success!"


Ever wonder what sets apart those who merely follow trends from those who foresee and capitalize on groundbreaking shifts? Today, we're unlocking uncommon secrets behind identifying not just a 10X, not just a 30X, but a staggering 100X crypto move before it unfolds.

29th Dec

"The new way of testing athletic performance and return to performance using AI"

Ryan Talbot

In this seasion, Ryan Talbot, CEO of VueMotion will talk about the advancements of Artificial Intelligence in sport and how video has become the new standard in how we measure athletic performance for acceleration, running, deceleration, change of direction and jumping in an athetes natural training and playing environment.

29th Dec

"Tech in 2024: how to dominate your market and get an unfair advantage"

Jack Zuvelek

If optimising your tech in 2024 is not a top priortiy, you’re going to be left behihd. Join us for a conversation about 3 areas where you deploy tech to turn clicks into clients without paying an agency to do it for you. As a speical thank you, everyone that joins live there’s a gift valued at $10,000

29th Dec

Session #3

Range Library

Keegan Smith

Understanding Range will change the way you look at programming, training, injuries, plyometrics & hypertrophy training.

Learn to classify movements to get results that were previously unachievable.

29th Dec

The Alchemy Of World Class

Dylan Fowler

How to become world class at anything in 12 months

30th Dec

Session #4

“The Psychology of Change… Especially When It Comes To Financial Freedom"

Paul Counsel

What prevents financial freedom and how you can make it happen."

30th Dec

Success Secrets

Keegan Smith

The Uncommon Blueprint: How to become an objectively top a top 0.1% man.

30th Dec

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$500 FREE
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