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Nov 23rd - 26th 2023

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"A Journey from Corporate London to Island Freedom"

Luke Carter

From the depths of corporate London city life where I traded my time for money, to achieving time and location freedom in two years. This is my story of how UNCOM helped me get here.

1pm UTC ~ 23rd Nov

"How to leverage the skillsets you already have to solve wealthy peoples problems"

Lyndon Holzheimer

The journey of how you can repurpose the skillsets you have already spent 10,000 hours developing and apply them to different markets and industries.

9pm UTC ~ 23rd Nov

"Leaders Of The New World - Paid To Play"

Sebastian Kovacs

How to become ruthlessly competitive in The New World by mastering your MIND and eradicating fear to join the 1% in every area of life.

10pm UTC ~ 23rd Nov

"Why Your Business Needs AI: Exposing the Invisible Edge"

Jack Zuvelek

Delve into real-world examples of AI-driven success and uncover the unseen advantages that AI offers, and how you can implement them into your business today..

11pm ~ 23th Nov

"10X in 10 weeks"

Conor O Shea

Lessons from growing my IG followers from 6k to 85k this year and what I'd do differently.

10am UTC ~ 24th Nov

"Navigating the 3 phases of a 500k a year online fitness business"

Adam Innes

If Speed, Power and Strength are essential components of your sport then the Triphasic method could be a game changer for you as a coach. This is a system I’ve used to take a team from the domestic to Super league.

1pm UTC ~ 24th Nov

"Navigating the 3 phases of a 500k a year online fitness business"

Dylan Fowler

Each phase of an online fitness business has different challenges

Start up > $10-30k > $40-60k+ a month

In this presentation I will break down the critical components that you need to master to break through your current plateau

11pm UTC ~ 24th Nov

"Optimal Body Composition"

Keegan Smith

Achieving your optimal body composition through strength training and diet.

9pm ~ 24th Nov

"The Million Dollar Mistake: Helping Every Man And His Dog"

Jordan Potts

If you want to save yourself years of effort and hopefully a fat stack of smart earned cash then do not miss this 60 minute gold mine.

Join me to learn the lessons that cost me millions of dollars in revenue and 10 years of business headaches! I’ve spent the better part of a decade trying to help every man and his dog, good chance you are too! In this interactive workshop I’ll show you how focusing on 'one guy in the crowd' turned out to be the golden ticket I wish I'd found sooner.

10pm UTC ~ 24th Nov

"How To Raise a Baby Unicorn"


How to raise your business into far more than you can imagine… using cutting edge blockchain technology and cryptocurrency!

11pm UTC ~ 24th Nov

"Velocity Based Training"

Fred Marcérou

Instant feedback and auto-regulation lead to better results and less fatigue in strength, power and hypertrophy training. Master VBT for more quality in your training.

10am UTC ~ 25th Nov

"Neurodense Training Method"

Fabien Loaec

Revolutionary new training system combining Neurological Profiling with the Dense Strength Training Method.

Used by Fabien himself to complete 1000 handstand pushups in a single day, among other uncommon training feats.

11am UTC ~ 25th Nov

"Financial Independence to provide & serve your family & clients at the highest level!"

Matthew Petruso

The importance of Financial Independence to be able to provide and serve your family and clients at the highest level!

12pm UTC ~ 25th Nov

"Niche fitness brand & ACL Return to Sport"

Zak Woodward

M.S. Kinesiology Former Collegiate Soccer Player & DI Strength Coach Helping Athletes Come Back Stronger From Injury

1pm UTC ~ 25th Nov

"The Fourth Turning… Solutions for Uncertain Times"

Paul Counsel

The Mind Money Mentor returns to bend your mind about personal money codes.

10:30pm ~ 25th Nov

"From Brick & Mortar To Successful Online Business"

Graham Tuttle

Graham has built as strong personal brand and business that allowed him to move on from his gym and build a new life in California. He's helped thousands to run better and with less pain!

11pm UTC ~ 25th Nov

"Natural Movement Patterns for Performance and Longevity"

Bryan Michelson

How have we evolved to move? How did we move as children? And how can we return to this default to get in shape, out of pain and perform well?

11am UTC ~ 26th Nov

"Scaling Your Coaching Business"

Justin Devonshire

The strategy, systems and mindset required to scale to a 7-figure coaching business.

1pm UTC ~ 26th Nov

"Chainlink & DeFi"

Ben Watson

As the strong men within our community, we strive to Optimise the Human Experience. As a coach a commonality I see, are men feeling weak with-in their bodies when presented with pressure.

How we can solve this?

Join me as I shine light on 3 pillars that Wild Potential has set out as a mission to enhance your human experience. Giving you the ability to remain Calm Under Pressure, exploring Martial Intent in all Movement and all aspects of life. As men we strive to be the strong protectors of our families and community.

How are you optimising your human experience, to gain the confidence to know you will provide and defend?

8pm UTC ~ 26th Nov

"Chainlink & DeFi"

Nicolas Dutcher

A brief overview of chainlink, how it works, how it retains value, and what it means for the future of smart contracts/DeFi.

9pm UTC ~ 26th Nov

"Building Athletic Evolution"

Rob Anderson

The why, how and what of my journey to building a successful kids coaching program, overcoming the widely held myths of coaching kids.

10pm UTC ~ 26th Nov

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