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You Get Paid according to 3 certain known variables...

1. The demand for what you do
2. Your ability to do it
3. The difficulty in replacing you

(This is the same for business owners as it is for employees)

You can also make money owning assets, in which case it’s mostly based on the demand and the difficulty replacing it… you don’t have to do anything.

Most haven’t decided to be excellent at anything that has market demand.

Most men dream small about the use case for their abilities and fail to make the market aware.

My ability is in guiding men to a place of extreme value.

When you fulfil 1-2 & 3 then the game becomes: “how do I make more people aware of it?”

And they happen together.

As you become excellent it’s easier to connect with more people… As you connect with more people you have more feedback loops and leverage to become great. Uncommon Success is the ultimate university for excellence. It works very differently to traditional university & to modern online education. We’ve gamified excellence to make increasing your FREEDOM a sport. It’s working.

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Build your best body & know how to stay there

An Uncommon man is in great shape

Learn business, investing & wealth creation

An Uncommon man always has money

Be guided by mentors, have friends around the world & teach others

An Uncommon man is connected

Be accountable, creative & productive

An Uncommon man advances daily

Follow our systems, choose your path & bring value

Become an Uncommon Made Man


Commit 2hrs per day to building an excellent life & in 85 days you will have one.


85-day challenge among men who want to TRANSFORM their future.

We provide the tools to freedom.

Main Components:

Daily Minimums:


#1 MASTERMIND – Attend 1 daily meeting in discord

#2 ATHLETIC – Complete prescribed / agreed training

#2 ATHLETIC – Eat to your plan >> no cheat days, no processed foods for 6 months.

#3 RICHER – 1 thing daily to increase income

#3 RICHER – Publish Daily

#3 SMARTER – Actions to improve relationship with yourself and others (meditation, dog, wife, mom, siblings…)
#3 SMARTER – Train brain abilities you are proud of (chess, language, rubik’s cube…)

>> Attend weekly meeting. Embrace the brotherhood and you’ll win.



TRAINING – Muscle Club 

(Build the volume as we go, 4 week template to start each month)

FOOD – Lean Countdown Diet / Eat no processed foods



2-hours to Freedom daily

🚨 75% off for the first 100 men

DREAM Outcome

Choose the path of excellence…

Probability Of Success

By 27 I was financially, mentally and physically down.

6 yeas on the road.

No solution.

No big wins.

2010 – I got work in Rugby League again with a job in France.

For the next 4 years my teams won (Catalans Dragons & Sydney Rooster) and I got better.

2014 – Winning momentum + small savings + fatherhood pushed me into entrepreneurship…

Real MOVEMENT Project was a winner… $3k, $5k, $10k per year and a few dozen serious men.

Winning with Real Movement set men up for life in a way that winning Rugby League never could.

Uncommon Success is by far the best thing I’ve ever built. This is why you will win.

Your body composition will transform – These are the results we’re having

🚨 75% off for the first 100 men

Who is it for?

Men who know they can’t settle for their current level of development and who are willing to do much more to get much more.

Men who have good work ethic but need new knowledge or accountability to get to the next level.

Men who want to travel, learn, progress athletically and make a contribution to the lives of other men for the rest of their days.


Who is it not for?

Men who want to play victim to the system.

Men who are waiting for their luck to change.

Men who think discipline & hard work are enough to achieve their best.

When does it start?

It starts on Feb 1 of 2024 and restarts every month afterwards. If you join beforehand, you’ll have access to the challenge and all our contents from the moment you buy, but Feb 1 is when the group-challenge begins.

How is this different from Uncommon PRO?

Uncommon PRO is a four year program for men who are committed to building a solution that makes a difference. PRO players have at least one 1-1 call each week and have weekly and monthly events. Pro players also have 25%+ off UNCOM village stays.

Courses included in PRO include Uncommon Athletic Coach and Freedom Business. These courses deliver the foundations that have allowed Keegan to coach world champions in various fields.

🚨 75% off for the first 100 men

  • Designed For...
  • Personal Trainers,
  • Physios,
  • Massage Therapists
  • Nutritionists,
  • Holistic Health Coaches,
  • Breath Coaches,
  • Osteopaths,
  • Athletes,
  • Fitness Professionals,
  • Uncommon Men.

DISCIPLINE Wins Freedom​


$500 FREE for the first 1000 Players

$500 FREE
for the first 1000 Players

Learn Discipline.

Become Better.

Challenges & Courses to make you Athletic, Richer & Smarter!