It’s uncommon to live life on your terms

What if you upgraded yourself to join the uncommon few?

Uncommon Success began with a few blog posts and a private podcast.

The goal of helping others achieve at least the freedom that I’ve achieved was the foundation.

Today we have come much further than could have been imagined 18 months ago.

Many lives have changed for the better…

from weakness to strength.

From alone to connect.

From hopeless to driven.

From procrastination to accountability & action.

Minds have been expanded, never to return to their original enclosures.

Since September '21 the $97 / year offer was launched last year we’ve grown to:

Building 2 Athletic Villages for UNCOM events and stays in Vanuatu and Montenegro. We’re also connected to villages in Colombia, Bali, France, Ghana and more projects are coming.

These are custom locations for events run by UNCOM and also UNCOM Players. They are the ultimate “co-working or digital nomad” solution with all 4 elements of the M.A.R.S model optimised.

These locations also create a PLAN B for all UNCOM players. The world is changing quickly and having locations with food and personal security well managed may become priceless.

50% of your upgraded membership will support the development of the UNCOM villages.

These villages will be the places of some of your most heightened human experiences and greatest connections.



There are 3 pre-requisites for success that most people are unaware of.

  1. Connection to role models, team-mates and students
  2. Action with accountability and feedback
  3. New knowledge specific to the goals of the individual.

What we have built for you meets these needs and guarantees the success of all serious players.

On the app you will find:

  • Leaderboards
  • UNCOM25
  • Players index
  • Learning management software
  • Marketplace of mentors
  • Consistent upgrades to the logic and experience

Community Value

500+ Members increases the network effect and reach

Every great player adds value

All members are potential investors or advisors in your project

New Courses

We’ve launched new courses including: 

  • Muscle Club ($150)
  • Authentic Social Growth ($250)
  • Muscle Basics ($97)
  • Sell By Heart ($250)
  • Stretch Strength ($250)
  • Fluency Fastlane ($97)
  • Specialist Archive ($250)
  • Dense Strength ($250)
  • Athletic Essentials ($970)

These courses are included in your Uncommon Upgrade along with those you already have access to.

There are more on the way including: 

Specialist Body Part Guides and much more.



Follow training programs for individual goals like juggling and handstands or combined abilities

The integration of these programs into the app is a big upgrade we have planned for 2023.


Live and face to face events are locked in for 2023. These events accelerate the development of our culture and take years off the already improved M.A.R.S journey.


The team at UNCOM have invested many thousands of hours to upgrade the UNCOM experience and we have even more planned for 2023!

So here is the Upgraded UNCOM Deal…​


Months extra remaining...

What if I just joined but want to take this offer?

Say you joined in November your membership will be due again in November 2024. This means you get the $97 you’ve paid for and then another 12 months.

Is there a payment plan option?

Yes. Contact support for options.

What if I’m not ready to upgrade?

This offer is available for a limited time for those who are ready to take the next step. If that’s not you continue using UNCOM as you have been.

Does The UNCOM88 NFT Apply?

Yes it does. Your membership is $445 per year with the UNCOM88 NFT. You also have the option for $25k, $50k or $100k discount on a cabin on the beach in Vanuatu with the UNCOM88 NFT.

Uncom is for anyone who wants to be...

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