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1) Upgraded “Screen Time”

Social Media Vs UNCOM Telegram & Zoom calls…

All screen time is NOT equal.

In 2018-19 I built a connection with Ben Patrick online sharing each others content, doing podcasts and trading ideas.

In 2020 we met face-to-face and trained together for a month. Our trust and relationship was already built through thousands of messages, zoom calls and podcasts.

In 2021 I started ATG For Coaches a business that’s now worth multiple millions and is barely getting started.

In 2022 we went into business together and we’re always discussing our next moves together.

All screen-time is NOT equal.

In UNCOM you have the opportunity to form life-changing partnerships.

Get on zoom.

Do podcasts, instagram lives and stream together.

Share each others content.

Your UNCOM score, your leaderboard positions, your call log and you contribution to the UNCOM groups show other players who you are and what value you have to add to their lives.


2) Your Trade Value

Unfortunately, most men feel they have nothing to trade.

Most of the time they’re wrong about that.

Unfortunately, sometimes they’re right!

Work hard to get an offer in the UNCOM Marketplace.

If you are new initially your call / service will be free or for UNCOM tokens.

You could be offering handstand lessons, boxing classes, sales coaching or anything!

Once you’ve had a series of positive reviews you can apply to join the Elite Marketplace to sell to UNCOM players and commoners.

Offering a sale outside of these two options is not permitted and will not be tolerated.


3) Live Calls

Those who do calls grow fastest.

I have thousands of messages everyday with my network but txt is not enough.

The calls build deeper connection.

I have 20+ hours of live calls for mentoring, expanding my network and podcasts through Telegram or Zoom each week.

Have a calendly link.

Connect with people who you can add value to or who you’d love to learn from.

Log your calls to receive UNCOM Token rewards


4) Real Life Events

The UNCOM Game is now well proven to change lives…

Do the freedoms, get on calls, climb the leaderboards…

Life gets better… BUT

It will never replace the experiences of getting together face to face.

Get to a training camp, summit or other official events.


5) Real Life Connections

Connect with the closest players.

Travel to meet others by car or flight.

You won’t regret the connections you build when you meet players in the Uncommon Game.

Have a meal / coffee…

Do some leaderboard tests…

Voice your bigger picture…

Discuss your next steps.

Face & Name

People trust faces and names faster.

Adding your face and name to your Telegram as you have in the app will help your progression in the UNCOM game.

Subject Groups

Use the groups that serve you.

Learn to organise Telegram groups in folders.

Put your high priority groups in one folder.

High-priority DM conversations with UNCOM players in another.

Put those you are less interested in into a second folder.

Location Groups

Connect with the local group for your location and call out for visitors or to find people close to you. If you travel connect to the group in the place you’re going.

Find the Telegram groups list in the UNCOM App hamburger menu.

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$500 FREE
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