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Your Journey to being uncommon begins here

The aim of the Uncommon Man app is to build the type of men who can build life on their own terms.


Leave behind self-harm and self-limiting beliefs.


Build a strong will and the habit of consistently thinking bigger and following those thoughts with strong energy & actions.


This program will turn you into a renaissance man who cultivates himself daily and is surrounded by others doing the same.


Uncommon Man is about men Masterminding to Athletic, Richer & ultimately Smarter (MARS).

MastermindAthletic Richer Smarter

Step 1: Download and sign up to the messaging app Telegram on your device.

Telegram is used for our daily chats.

Make sure you join the “Uncommon Man ( Gentlemen’s Club )” group chat.

Please introduce yourself with the following:
1. Location
2. Age
3. Proudest achievements
4. What value you have to offer to the community. 

Step 2: Install the UM App on your devices.

The UM App is a web app that works across both mobile (Android and iOS) and desktop. Web apps can be added to the home screen of your phone so it appears as a native app downloaded from an app store:


To get started, please click on the type of device you use below and follow the guide:

Step 3: Check your email for a welcome message and some more important info.

Please close this page and continue in the app. (link to the app is in the email)

DISCIPLINE Wins Freedom​


$500 FREE for the first 1000 Players

$500 FREE
for the first 1000 Players

Learn Discipline.

Become Better.

Challenges & Courses to make you Athletic, Richer & Smarter!